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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 9 Recap

Question of the hour: What happens if you have already done what everyone else said you can't do?

She's So Lovable Episode 9 Recap
Hyun Wook gently ends the kiss between him and Se Na. (Ha, that's totally a "Oh, crap! what did I just do!" look.) 
Se Na tells Hyun Wook to sit tight while she go checks on Dal Bong. Se Na apologizes to Dal Bong for feeling so happy while he is sick.
Hyun Wook starts to walk home with Se Na, and finally holds her hands when Se Na awkwardly apologizes for her hand bumping into his. Wow, I was surprised to see that. I thought for sure he would be running the other way. 

The sweet moment doesn't last long though because Hyun Wook receives a sudden phone call that takes him away.
Sung Jin foists a drunken Hae Yoon on Hyun Wook telling him that since she is drunk because of him then Hyun Wook needs to take responsibility.

A somewhat drunken Hae Yoon recounts the pain she suffered for the last 12 years while she has been immersed in her one sided crush on Hyun Wook.
Hae Yoon "This is making me into such a tragic figure."

Hyun Wook "There is not reason for your life to be sad. You just need to kick me out of your life."
Back in their respective homes, the memory of the kiss troubles Hyun Wook while it makes Se Na smile with happiness.
The next day, at AnA Shi Woo surprises Se Na and is flattered when Se Na mistakenly thought the presents (snow glob) in her locker is from him.
Shi Woo drags Se Na to lunch with her and ends up meeting Hyun Wook and Sung Jin at the door. Sung Jin questions if Shi Woo eating alone with Se Na won't cause a scandal, but Hyun Wook allows the lunch telling Shi Woo "Until your solo succeed this is the last time you will eat with Yoon Se Na."

Shi Woo "Are you worried about me or about her?"
Taking a deep breath, Hyun Wook replies "Both."
Sung Jin wonders about the weird atmosphere of two men fighting over a woman he just witnessed and becomes even more worried when Hyun Wook reacts strongly to his questions.

Sung Jin "You know you shouldn't right?"
Hyun Wook "Why?"
Sung Jin "That reason, you know better than anyone else."
Hyun Wook "Thanks, I almost forgot."
Madam Lee goes to meet the "mistress" of her husband and ends up meeting their son as well. The "mistress" calls President Moon and tells him of the visit. Sitting alone at the table with a full table of food he personally prepared for his wife, President Moon tells the lady on the phone to close her store a few days.
I keep hoping the girl actually turns out to not be President Moon's mistress. He seems like he actually cares for his wife so I am hoping that there is some secrets with the whole mistress business.
Hyun Wook spends the night alone and memories come rushing at him when he sees the spot where Se Na slept on his shoulder.

Se Na sends Hyun Wook texts and pictures of him and Dal Bong but Hyun Wook hesitates every time he tries to send a reply to her. Standing right outside of Se Na house, Hyun Wook still ends up not replying Se Na.
The next day at AnA, our ever straight forward Se Na asks Hyun Wook "Are you avoiding me? If you are going to be like this, then why did you treat me like that then?"

Hyun Wook "Are you asking me because you really don't know?"
Hmm... yes, I really don't know. What does he mean by that?? 1. You really don't know I like you? 2. You really don't know that you came onto me so I took advantage of you like any normal guy would? 

Hyun Wook walks away from Se Na who is frozen by his answer. However, Hyun Wook was only able to take a few steps before he had to go right back to Se Na and takes her to meet with Kim Tae Woo who has decided to collaborate with Se Na for his next album. 

Se Na tells Hyun Wook she is too excited from Kim Tae Woo's request but she is choosing to walk the street alone since she figures Hyun Wook can't share that happiness with her.

Unable to leave Se Na alone, Hyun Wook ends up following Se Na. While watching a street band performing the crowd bumps into Se Na who then ends up bumping right up against Hyun Wook. Que intense physical awareness.  

Trapped by the rain that came out of nowhere, Hyun Wook is about to brace the rain by running to go get his car, but Se Na stops him and puts her jacket over him as a rain cover. 
With both of her hands on the jacket, Se Na pulls Hyun Wook towards her and plants a kiss on him.  
Se Na"I like you adjusshi. I thought you liked me as well. Is that not true?"

Hyun Wook "It's true that I was shaken by you but this is as far as it goes. It can't go any further."

Se Na "Why?"

Hyun Wook "Because you are Yoon Se Na."
Completely confused by Hyun Wook's answer, Se Na can only assume he is not over his past love and is rejecting her because of it.
Se Na's friends tells her to not give up and that Hyun Wook will surely fall in love with her soon.
Hyun Wook watches from the door way of the practice room as Se Na and Shi Woo is having a good time goofing off on the piano. Se Na stands up in surprise when she catches sight of Hyun Wook's retreating back. 
The long awaited day of Shi Woo's solo debut comes but everything ends in disaster when the fan didn't react positively to his song and Shi Woo takes an embarrassing fall on the stage. Shi Woo barely finishes his performance before he falls again at backstage in pain due to his torn ligaments. 
Hyun Wook meets with Jae Yeong who freely admits that he scouted most of Shi Woo's backup dancer so they would skip out on Shi Woo's performance. 

Jae Yeong taunts Hyun Wook "What do I have to take in order to anger you? AnA? Shin Hae Yoon? Or Yoon Se Na?"

With that, Hyun Wook loses control and punches Jae Yeong right in the face. 
Wipeing away the blood on his lips, Jae Yeong smirks as he watch Hyun Wook leaves. 
Se Na goes to visit Shi Woo in the hospital after he tells her that he is so depressed that the idea of jumping out of the window seems tempting. 

Happy to have Se Na visit him, Shi Woo all but confess his feelings...

Shi Woo "Since I got hurt I have missed you."
Se Na "Why me?"
Shi Woo "I am curious too."

After Se Na signs at well wish on Shi Woo's cast, Shi Woo pulls Se Na right up close to his face and tells her "I think I know now. Why I am like this."

Se Na "Perhaps... do you like me?"
Shi Woo "Perhaps... Why couldn't I like you?"

The next morning, worried about how Hyun Wook is feeling with AnA's in yet another crisis, Se Na finds Hyun Wook on the balcony. Telling Hyun Wook not to turn around to look at her, Se Na expresses how she have always felt lonely before she met Hyun Wook, but his presence has allowed her to not feel lonely.

Se Na "I wish you could gain strength from me. I don't want you to forget there is always someone cheering you on... that's me.

Finished with her declaration, Se Na turns to leave but Hyun Wook turns around and stops her.

Hyun Wook "Count to ten."

Se Na obediently starts to count from one to ten while Hyun Wook silently stares at her. 
Ahh... so sweet. He will only give himself 10 counts to gain strength from the sight of her. So sad... but very sweet at the same time. 

Hae Yoon walks onto the balcony with coffee in her hand, just in time to see Se Na and Hyun Wook staring at each other. 
Hae Yoon takes Se Na to her office and without any warning asks Se Na to leave AnA that very second.

Se Na "What's the reason?"

Hae Yoon "Reason? If I tell you, you might be shocked."
Hae Yoon informs Hyun Wook that she have taken care of Yoon Se Na and hands him a cell phone that contains the picture of when Shi Woo pulled Se Na right up to his face. 

Hyun Wook "Those two. They are not what you are imagining. This is just a misunderstanding."

Hae Yoon " How can you be so sure? Because Yoon Se Na likes you or because you like her?"

Hae Yoon "You can't do this. Even if Yoon Se Na doesn't understand you should. Because she is Yoon So Eun's sister."

Shocked to realize Hae Yoon knows Se Na's identity, all Hyun Wook cared about next was if Hae Yoon told Se Na anything else including the fact he was her sister's boyfriend. 

Hae Yoon "In this situation, that is what you are most worried about? Why? Because if she knew, she won't be able to like you anymore."

Barely controlling his panic, Hyun Wook yells "SHIN HAE YOON! Tell me. Did you tell her?"

Hyun Wook races out the moment he hears Hae Yoon's answer of "What if I did?"

Running all over, Hyun Wook frantically searches for Se Na. Hyun Wook finally finds Se Na but when he takes a step towards her, seemingly involuntary, Se Na takes a step back. 

Standing apart what seems like the distance they are destined to keep, Hyun Wook and Se Na stares at each other.  


Ouch, that step Se Na took must have hurt Hyun Wook. The distance he should've kept but couldn't and now Se Na is doing it for him. 

I actually wonder if Hae Yoon really did tell Se Na or she is just saying that to Hyun Wook in her anger. I have always thought she wouldn't do it unless it really came down to the wire... but I guess this could be the wire for her. 

I do have to admit while Shi Woo is not what I would go for I do wonder if I was in Hyun Wook's shoes I would also ask myself if the right thing to do is to let Se Na go so she would have the "youthful" romance that is appropriate for her age. Because there is no denying that a romance with Hyun Wook comes with a whole bunch of baggage... but then Shi Woo being a idol might not be an easier path as well. Ahhh!!! Why does all good looking man has to come with baggage! 

I am counting down to the hour until the next episode. If Se Na really knows then this is going to be interesting to see what her response is. 


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