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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Surplus Princess Ep 10 (The End) Recap

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Question of the hour: This is not really goodbye is it?
Overwhelmed with his feelings, Hyun Myung pulls Ha Ni into a hug. Shi Kyung shows up just in time to witness the hug and to see the silent electricity that passes between the two.
Ha Ni and her group is chosen as the winner of the contest and moreover, JK has offered them the opportunity to become interns at the company.
Ha Ni is in a big crisis. Just when she finally gets hired by JH and things are going awesome with Shi Kyung her little heart is suddenly pounding over Hyun Myung. Ha Ni can't believe she is actually feeling something for Hyun Myung but there is no denying what her heart is telling her.

Hye Young convinces Ha Ni she has no time to waffle back and forth between the two guys. With her time almost up she needs to just focus on Shi Kyung and not think about anything else. Resigned, Ha Ni agrees.
Ha Ni heads out for a date with Shi Kyung but gets caught in the rain. In a panic, Ha Ni hides underneath a tree, trying as hard as she can to to protect her legs from the rain.
Trapped, Ha Ni looks at the rain hopelessly when an umbrella all the sudden shows up to shelter her. Hyun Myung makes the excuse that he is just passing by to meet a friend and just happens to see her.

Hyun Myung tries to escort Ha Ni by sharing an umbralla with her but when that didn't work, Hyun Myung ends up giving Ha Ni a piggy back ride.
Shi Kyung's happy smile slowly wanes when he sees the cozy picture of Ha Ni and Hyun Myung laughing in the rain. Hyun Myung sends Ha Ni off to her date with his umbrella while he walks away in the pouring rain.

Shi Kyung tries to be upbeat and pretend nothing is wrong during dinner, but it's obvious Ha Ni is distracted and her smile is not as bright as before.
Finally rid of their jobless status, Min Kyo asks Hye Young to introduce pretty girls to him, since Big already has girls lining up for dates. 

Hye Young's firm decision to treat Big as a little brother starts to shake when she overhears him talking on the phone about a possible date with a girl.  Making up her mind, Hye Young resolutely walks up to Big and tells him not to go out on a date with other girls. 

Gearing up all her courage, Hye Young says "Let's date."
Looking at her with a blank expression Big replies "I have changed my mind" and walks away.

Frozen by Big's rejection, Hye Young doesn't have much time to dwell on her disappointment since the next moment Big comes back and hugs her from behind. Apparently he didn't want to appear too easy.
Our foursome makes a grand entrance into JH, each holding their employee pass with triumph

Jin Ah finds out from HR that there is another person who had the same exact information as Ha Ni and Jin Ah even manages to talk to a coworker who knew the previous Ha Ni. Jin Ah confronts Ha Ni with the information and the two girls gets into a fight that ended with Jin Ah smearing cake all over Ha Nis face. Ha Ni runs off to the shower room when Shi Kyung's appearance interrupts the fight.  
Ha Ni fumbles around in the show room and ends up getting her leg wet. Ji Ah of course chooses that perfect moment to discover Ha Ni's secret. 
Realizing she can expose Ha Ni's secret if she can just get Ha Ni's leg wet, Jin Ah pushes an employee towards Ha Ni in order to spill water on her. Hyun Myung with his quick observation finds out about Jin Ah's intention and pushes Ha Ni out of the way. The fall causes the lighting equipment to fall but Hyun Myung uses his body to shield Ha Ni from harm. 
Sitting outside of the Hyun Myung's operation room, Ha Ni realizes he must have known the truth all the times he rescued her. Witch Ahn sits down besides Ha Ni and asks "Hyun Myung seems to love you Princess. Willingness to sacrifice is the best evidence of love. But what does your heart tell you Princess?" 

Standing just on the other side of the wall, Shi Kyung hears the whole conversation between Ha Ni and Witch Ahn.

A smiling Shi Kyung greets Ha Ni and thanks her for helping him gain back the ability to laugh when life has made him forgotten it for so long. Both Shi Kyung and Ha Ni starts to cry when Shi Kyung apologizes to Ha Ni for not recognizing her sooner, thus missing his opportunity. Wiping away Ha Ni's tears, Shi Kyung smiles and sends Ha Ni off to Hyun Myung's side. 

But Shi Kyung needs his mermaid!!!! Sob... 
Breathing a big sigh of relieve to see Hyun Myung regain consciousness, Jin Ah's expression turns stiff quickly when Hyun Myung gently pleas with her to turn back to the softhearted Jin Ah he knows her to be. Excusing herself, Jin Ah can't help but cries when she walks out of Hyun Myung's hospital room. 

Jin Ah meets with Ha Ni and hands her the duplicate file she has on her, leaving Ha Ni to destroy them at her will.
Ha Ni cries and throws her arm around Hyun Myung while he gently asks if she is hurt anywhere. 
Time is flying by, but Ha Ni and Hyun Myung does everything dating couples do and puts their faith that their love is true. 
Ha Ni and Hyun Myung assures each other that their love is true so Ha Ni will not turn into bubbles. Unless... Ha Ni "Are you still harboring feeling for that fox?"
Hyun Myung laughs "No, it wouldn't be my fault if you turn into bubbles. My love is true 100%. Unless... do you still have feeling for that Shi Kyung guy?"

What a hilarious conversation to have about such a serious topic.  

Hyun Myung presents a ring to Ha Ni and puts on her finger. The love bird shares a kiss... 
 Ha Ni pulls away from the kiss as she slowly disappears. When Hyun Myung opens his eyes there is no traces of Ha Ni except the ring he just gave her. 

A year later: 
  • Hyun Myung is able put his artist talent in commercial work with Jin Ah's help to sell them for him. 
  • Jin Ah looks radiant and happy. There is a hint maybe she is in love.
  • Min Kyo has become an official employee at JH and has managed to snatch his JH trainer as his girlfriend.
  • President Hong still can't forget Witch Ahn but love is in the air when she meets Witch Ahn via his motor bike transportation service. What?!
  • Shi Kyung is being sent overseas to do a new project and he is finally willing to not hide his facial recognizing illness anymore. Shi Kyung also approaches Jin Ah to help him on his project which she happily agrees. Shi Kyung make it sound like he hasn't seen Jin Ah for a long time, so if she really is in love, then it's not Shi Kyung. I really hope it's not Shi Kyung. 

Big and Hye Young comes back from their traveling food web cast to celebrate with everyone. The mood is happy and festive but everyone feels a emptiness from the lack of Ha Ni's presence. 

Suddenly a fire ball comes from the sky and lands right in the yard just a few feet away from everyone. 
At first surprised, but then everyone starts to smile when they realized Ha Ni is back. 


Not bad... for such a rushed ending. I actually quite like the first part but then the ending completely confused me. 

I thought the writer did a good job in convincing us why Ha Ni would go for Hyun Myung instead of Shi Kyung. I was even happy with Shi Kyung recognizing the writing on the wall and did the mature thing by letting Ha Ni go. However, I wasn't too happy with how the writer all the sudden made Jin Ah "nice" and part of the group. But I guess maybe in the original story line Jin Ah would have had more time to turn back around but I wonder if she just would've had more time to be hateful. 

I sincerely hope the show wasn't hinting that Shi Kyung and Jin Ah would become a couple in the end. If there is such a hint... then I am ignoring it. 

Should we talk about the actual ending? What?! Where did Ha Ni go? For a whole year? Why is that even necessary? She needed to go study abroad at the mermaid land for a year before she could come back? All that aside what does "I'll be back..." mean??? 

As much as I liked this show I really don't think I would want a second season out of it. But I might not be opposed to a special like they do so often in Japanese dramas. A special would be much appreciated if it would cover some mysteries like why did Ha Ni disappeared for a year. 

Anyhow, it was a fun ride. Really wished it wasn't cut but kudos to the writer, filming crew and all the actor and actresses for doing such a bang up job right to the very end. 


  1. Hi! Just happened to 'bump' into your recap for Surplus Princess cos I really wanted to know the plot of this drama (Wanna watch for Song jae rim!) Love ur recap so much but the ending sucks?! I think Shi Kyung's last episode crying will be so heartbreaking to watch :'( However I would like to know where did you watch this drama? Appreciate if you could tell me! Thanks! ^^

    1. I think I watched this one on Viki.com, but I also just found it on youtube as well. The ending is not that bad... actually for the amount of time the writer had, it was pretty decent.

  2. i really felt bad for shi kyung and hani, they're just both so not destined haizz. :( Thanks for this recap, I watch on soompi.tv and found out some cuts are replayed (more than if it were just because of commercial break) so i kinda have to check if i were missing any part lol. If only it had 4 more episodes I think the character development would have been more significant? Anyway, style wise i love this so much <3 thank you for the recap! ^^

  3. I have not watched it yet, but after your recap and the comments posted, I think I will watch it. So thank you for a great recap! Kudos to you!

  4. Have you ever watched a series which starts out great but everything gets ruined in only just one episode? Well, that's what happened here. At first I thought the story was about a mermaid who had a crush on a human just to find out he wasn't the person she imagined him to be and would later find true love, but the more the plot continued, the more it looked like as if the crush really turns out to develop into true love while the second love interest gets friendzoned. Well... You can imagine how dissapoiting the ending was. It had a great start but very bad final.

  5. Ugh, you're so right. I just finished the finale episode, and what the hell? Jin Ah suddenly pops back in and is all nicey nicey?! Really left a bad taste in my mouth. It's fine if they wanted to show her having a happy ending, but I don't see the need of her being put back in the group.

  6. I really don't like the ending they show even a mermaid is not loyal to her feeling and for shi lying I feel bad coz he in love to person who save him in the water that why he still keeping the fish scale .to myung he just worried coz he think the mermaid is dying