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Friday, October 3, 2014

Surplus Princess Episode 9 Recap

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Question of the hour: Ahh....!!!! Is there any way to finish all these plot line with so little time left???

We pick up from where we left off last episode where Hyun Myung watches with disbelief how Ha Ni's tail magically turned back into human legs. 

In a daze, Hyun Myung walks back into the bedroom, only to scare himself silly with visions of Ha Ni coming after him with a knife for finding out her secret. 

The next morning, still scared from what he saw and imagined, Hyun Myung refuses to sit beside Ha Ni for breakfast and instead squeezes with his other housemates. 

Suspicious of how Hyun Myung keeps avoiding making eye contact with her, Ha Ni concludes that Hyun Myung must still be blaming her for losing their contest idea.

Hyun Myung and the rest of the housemates tries to come up with new contest ideas but all the ideas they come up with has already been done. 

Sitting in his office, Shi Kyung tries to call Ha Ni at the exact same time Ha Ni is trying to call him. Shi Kyung's call to Ha Ni finally goes through and Ha Ni tells Shi Kyung everything that transpired with their effort to enter into the food contest. 

Hyun Myung stumps past Ha Ni while glaring at her happily chattering to Shi Kyung on the phone. How funny is that his shirt says Now or Never. Like go after the girl now or never?

Shi Kyung hangs up the phone and laughs at Ha Ni's excitement over the food contest, then he pauses when he realizes the contest is the same one that he was asked to be a judge on before.

Going to President Hong, Shi Kyung tells her that after some thinking he decides that he can't possibly turn down being a judge on a contest that will help the future of Korea's food development. A bit puzzled at Shi Kyung's sudden change of mind to be a judge on the contest, President Hong nonetheless welcomes his participation.

Min Kyo is playing with a water hose and having fun blasting everyone with water. Seeing Ha Ni walking towards them, Min Kyo laughingly turns the hose on Ha Ni. Ha Ni screams in fear of what is about to happen... then nothing happened because at the last minute Hyun Myung steps right in front of her and takes the water blast for her. 

Everyone is gathering around the table and doing their bibimbap dance by shaking it in the air. (Mixed rice) As the group is laughing and shaking their bibimbap, Hyun Myung all the suddenly realize this will make a great contest idea.

Hye Young gets the happy news that she has passed the second round of audition for a musical and now she has to prepare for her third audition. Hye Young accepts Big's offer to practice with her and the two lies on Hye Young's bed to practice a simple romantic scene from the musical. 

Hye Young gets right close to Big's face to say her lines but Big is too affected by Hye Young's close proximity to think straight. After several tries, Big finally stutters out his line. Calling it quits, Hye Young starts to get up to leave, but Big all the sudden pulls her to him and plants a kiss on her.

Jin Ah's coworker celebrates her birthday with a cake and wonders what romantic surprises Shi Kyung has in store for her, since he is her boyfriend and all. Keeping up with her lies, Jin Ah doesn't correct her coworkers, but does end up running into Shi Kyung at JH's front lobby. Gearing up her courage, Jin Ah tries to invite Shi Kyung out but he quickly tells her that he already has a previous engagement. 

Feeling kinda tragic to be alone on her birthday, Jin Ah gets a text from Sun Kyu (I think. He is the landlord), inviting her to come to the house for cake if she is free. Feeling ridiculous but still finding herself in front of the "Left Over" house (I have been calling it the boarding house, but I noticed it actually has a name in this episode.), Jin Ah is shocked to find Shi Kyung already there with a bouquet of flower for Ha Ni.  Jin Ah turns on her heel and leaves. 

Giddy to have Shi Kyung visit her at the house, Ha Ni invites Shi Kyung to her room. Hyun Myung eavesdrops outside of Ha Ni's door and when it sounds like Shi Kyung and Ha Ni is getting too cozy, Hyun Myung brusts into Ha Ni's room to remind her about the "urgent" contest meeting they have. 

Shi Kyung leaves Ha Ni's house and goes to find Jin Ah at a bar when he saw her texts on his phone. Pretending to be drunk, Jin Ah gets Shi Kyung to take her home and tries to play the drunken don't leave me card, but Shi Kyung still walks away with much hesitation. 

Big is about to leave with his group for their contest presentation. Before he leaves, Big takes Hye Young aside and asks how she could act so normal after their... um... 

Hye Young "Oh, you mean that? I thought you were acting."
Frustrated, Big yells at Hye Young to stop when she tries to cheer him up by treating him like a little kid again. Pulling Hye Young in for a hug, Big tells Hye Young to wait because he will prove himself to her.

Hyun Myung is all ready to go for his big presentation when Min Kyo offers him a calming pill just in case. Thinking that it couldn't hurt, Hyun Myung pops the pill into his mouth then dropped like a stone on the ground. 

Big, Min Kyo and Ha Ni watch with anxiety as the ambulance take Hyun Myung away.

Not ready to give up, Min Kyo gets ready to step into Hyun Myung's shoes but quickly realize he is too nervous to even read the words on his paper. Big is the next one to step up to bat and quickly strikes out when the mere thought of speaking in front of so many people sends him hyperventilating. With no other choice, Ha Ni is left to do the deed. 

Hyun Myung wakes up in the ambulance and begs to be taken back. When the EMT refused, Hyun Myung jumps off the ambulance and takes off running with two EMT chasing after him. 

An extremely nervous Ha Ni gets up for her presentation and she can hardly get a coherent sentence out. The judges and the audience tire of her stuttering, asks Ha Ni to end her presentation but Ha Ni decides to push through. Forgoing the script, Ha Ni puts on a song and starts to shake her bibimbap to the music. 

Hyun Myung watches from the side with a proud smile as Ha Ni captures everyone with her simple yet very refreshing presentation. 

Still shaking from her presentation Ha Ni starts to tell Hyun Myung all about her nervousness when Hyun Myung pulls her right in for a hug. Surprised, but comforted Ha Ni confides in Hyun Myung how nervous she was. With emotion in his voice, Hyun Myung tells her "You are the best! The best Kim Ha Ni!" 

A smiling Shi Kyung comes out of the contest room to find Ha Ni but his smile slowly dims when he sees Ha Ni and Hyun Myung in an embrace.  


Boy, this hour went so fast for me. I really wish we have a least two more episodes to wrap the story up. At this point I still want to just whine "can't we all be friends? Forget the romance and let's just have fun." But I guess there can only be one... unless Ha Ni can have a prince on land and take one with her to the sea??  A girl can dream right? 

Anyhow, I will begrudgingly admit that Ha Ni probably has developed much deeper feelings for Hyun Myung than she realized. Ha Ni was very upset by the thought that maybe Hyun Myung was still angry at her when in reality he was just too scare of her. But that shows how much she cares about what Hyun Myung thought of her. Also, she is starting to rely on Hyun Myung whenever she feels vulnerable and I don't think Shi Kyung falls in the same category. 

STILL... Shi Kyung's boyish smile of extreme happiness whenever he is around Ha Ni just kills me. The boy is finally coming out of his shell and I am scare of what losing Ha Ni will do to him. 

Last episode next week gang. Let's all pray really hard that the writer can somehow wrap this up... or I had the wild thought today maybe they should not end it but finish the rest of it as a web show?? 


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