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Monday, October 6, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 14 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: I wonder if Seo Wool is the third wheel after all? 

We pick up from where Daddy Cha rips up the $200,000 check in front of everyone and storms back into his room. Young Sul stares at the ripped up check and wonders if they can be taped back together.

Tae Joo is enjoying himself immensely in his new apartment. Lying back in his ultra fancy chair, Tae Joo laments over the one single imperfection - Kang Shim is his landlord. 

That first picture is Tae Joo unique form of "dancing". 

Dal Bong and Seo Wool sits on the balcony together. Dal Bong thinks back to grandpa's words and finally gets the courage to tell Seo Wool the truth... only Eun Ho choses that very second to call. Seo Wool and Dal Bong finds Eun Ho at uncle's fried chicken restaurant, completely wasted. The two drags Eun Ho to Seo Wool's balcony room and Seo Wool ends up sleeping in Dal Bongs room while Dal Bong stayed with Eun Ho in hers.

Young Sul catches Seo Wool sneaking up to Dal Bong's room. Young Sul eavesdrop and hears Seo Wool saying " Dal Bong, can I really sleep on your bed?" Utterly shocked, Young Sul tells her mom her discovery. 

The next morning, Seo Wool goes to wake Dal Bong up, only to have Eun Ho taking the opportunity to put his arm around her by pretending to be asleep. Extracting herself with force, Seo Wool goes to breakfast with Dal Bong and finds out about Daddy Cha being angry over the $200,000 check. 

While everyone else is giving Daddy Cha a wide berth to stew in his anger but Seo Wool follows Daddy Cha right into his room and manages to cheer him up.

Tae Joo is in a mountain of trouble with President Moon, since he managed to ticked off one of the company's big client so badly that the client has refused to continue their contract. President Moon warns Tae Joo that if he doesn't want to get fired, then he better find the client and beg for forgiveness. 

Kang Shim finds out from the other secretaries that Tae Joo blew up at the client due to the fact the man was saying rude comments about his dad and his new wife, moreover, Tae Joo is currently having trouble finding a way to meet the client in order to patch things up. 

Hyo Jin and Madam Kwon meets with Kang Jae. When the topic of honeymoon surfaced, Madam Kwon took over like she did everything else and told the couple where to go. Hyo Jin smilingly followed her mom's lead, as she did in picking out the new bed, and everything else.

Kang Jae in keeping with his blasé attitude, left all decisions to the two women.

Daddy Cha takes the now taped up check (thanks to Dal Bong and Seo Wool) to the bank and was able to exchange for two new $200,000 checks. 

Kang Jae and Professor Kwon are surprised to see Daddy Cha waiting right outside of Professor Kwon's office. Despite Kang Jae's attempt to take Daddy Cha away, Daddy Cha meets with Professor Kwon in his office. 

Daddy Cha hands Professor Kwon the groom's side's gift envelope containing the $200,000 check even though the professor tries to refuse them. Daddy Cha insists the gift is only appropriate and ends the visit with a sincere request that Professor Kwon treats Kang Jae as his own. 

A nervous Kang Jae asks Daddy Cha what he talked to the professor about but Daddy Cha just avoids the question. Frustrated, Kang Jae asks Daddy Cha to come to him instead of the professor in the future. With a strangely calm attitude, Daddy Cha agrees to Kang Jae's request and walks away. Outside of the hospital, Daddy Cha looks at the towering building and said "Okay, that's it." 
Poor Daddy Cha, I think he is letting Kang Jae go to his "bright future."

Tae Joo's team of people fails in their attempts to connect with the angry client. Just when Tae Joo decides to just blindly go searching for the client, Kang Shim shows up and takes Tae Joo straight to him. 

The client, obviously a lot more pleased to see Kang Shim than Tae Joo, asks her to pur him drinks. Trying to keep the mood happy, Kang Shim hesitantly agrees to pour drinks for the man. Tae Joo, starts to frown when the man tries to get Kang Shim to drink as well. The frown on Tae Joo's face finally exploded into a yell when the man begins to put his hand all over Kang Shim's leg and shoulder. 

Despite Kang Shim's protests, Tae Joo drags her out of the room, vowing he will not do business with such a lecherous man.  

Outside of the restaurant, Kang Shim pleas with Tae Joo to go back in but instead Tae Joo asks if she is so used to using her body for work and maybe that is how she got her chief secretary position. Pushed to her limit, Kang Shim slaps Tae Joo hard across the face. Tae Joo, furious over being slapped, starts to yell at Kang Shim only to have his anger wane the moment he realize Kang Shim is crying. 

Over drinks, another secretary tells Tae Joo that Kang Shim rarely accompanies President Moon to dinner meetings and as far as he knows has never pour drinks in such circumstances.  

Madam Baek visits Eun Ho at his restaurant and asks "Were you with that girl, Seo Wool last night?"
Eun Ho "Why? I can't do that?"
Madam Baek "That would be like stepping on manure. To ignore all those high class girls for someone like that."
Eun Ho "Be careful of your words. Mother. That's my life saver you are talking about."

At Madam Baek's surprised look, Eun Ho explains that when he was 14, the news of the impending divorce between his parents was too much for him to handle so he attempted to kill himself by jumping into the water. Seo Wool was the girl that saved him then. 

Dal Bong piggy back Seo Wool home and decides to try once again to tell Seo Wool the truth. Yet again, Eun Ho interrupts Dal Bong's confession by having a drunken spell at Uncle's store. The only difference is that this time there are bunch of fan girl (back in Eun Ho's idol days) following Eun Ho's every move. 

Déjà vu happens and once again Eun Ho sleeps with Dal Bong in the balcony room while Seo Wool takes Dal Bong's room again.

Daddy Cha who at first doesn't believe Auntie Cha's words about Seo Wool and Dal Bong's nightly rendezvous can only believe her words when he sees Seo Wool sneaking up to Dal Bong's room.

President Moon meets with the lecherous client and advises him to live his life better than talking badly about other people and trying to feel up women. When President Moon wonder out loud how the man's wife would feel about all this, the man quickly tries to patch things up by offering to sign the contract. 

President Moon happily meets with Kang Shim and tells her that he will respect her decision to either return as the president's secretary or stay as Tae Joo's. 

Waiting for Tae Joo at his office, Kang Shim resolutely hands Tae Joo her resignation. Holding the resignation letter in his hand, Tae Joo finally register with panic that Kang Shim is really leaving. 

Madam Kwon introduces the family lawyer to Kang Jae and presents a premarital agreement to him.

Walking away from the company, Kang Shim tells herself not to turn around when she hears Tae Joo calling after her. Running to catch up to her, Tae Joo spins Kang Shim around and drags her off. 

In the mean time, Dal Bong and Seo Wool receive the shock of their life when Daddy Cha tells them to get married immediately after Kang Jae's marriage.

Tae Joo drags Kang Shim to a private hallway and rips up her resignation letter right in front of her. 
At Kang Shim outrage protests, Tae Joo stops her by saying "Don't go. Secretary Cha is someone that I really need. I will admit that. So, stay by my side."


Tae Joo, that boy is so gone and the funny thing is that he still has no idea. I am not sure about Kang Shim's feeling yet, but I think she has a soft spot for him as well so it should be funny when she starts to realize her feelings as well.

That was so sad watching Daddy Cha finally coming to terms with losing Kang Jae to his materialistic dream. Of course I am STILL confused at what Kang Jae is really after when he is so emotionless about everything. He is saying all the words that would point to greed but his expression is not really showing that. As for Hyo Jin... I really wished they had gone with Kang Jae's ex-girlfriend as the main story line with Kang Jae. Maybe they still have time to change their mind?? I know, it would be a really mean thing to do to Son Dam Bi but come on, her story line is sooo boring. 

It always feels so right whenever I see Eun Ho, Dal Bong and Seo Wool on the screen together. They just look like they should skip off to the sunset together, having fun playing as kids. No romance, just plain enjoyment of friendship. BUT, then I see Dal Bong carrying Seo Wool on his back and I melt over how sweet the scene is. I am so fickle. 


  1. It would be nice if the youngsters could be friends (unlikely, but still a nice thought). They look so cute behind the scenes!

    Tae-joo has been smitten with Kang-shim for such a long time! He's completely head over heels for her but just doesn't know it. Don't blame him; she's capable, awesome, and gorgeous at work!
    I think Kang-shim has a soft spot for him as you mentioned, but there doesn't seem to be any romantic inclinations yet. She sees him positively and you can tell that she notices his good points more than before especially since when other secretaries complain about him she semi-defends him. Can't wait for their relationship to blossom!

    1. I guess Tae Joo has always had a thing about Kang Shim's smiles. I think that happened in the very beginning. So it probably started that long ago.

      I know it's probably a hopeless wish that the kids will become good friends. But hey I believe in the power of Seo Wool ... after she knocks their heads together for lying to her! Go Seo Wool!!!