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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 15 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Is it okay to chase your future father -in-law around in a drunken state? 

Shocked at Daddy Cha's order that they get married after Kang Jae's wedding, Dal Bong tells Seo Wool there must be a catalyst for Daddy Cha to act the way he did. Instead of being dismayed, Seo Wool is still giddy over Daddy Cha's words that he would love to have her as his daughter in law.
Tae Joo, trying his best to make Kang Shim stay tells her that he needs her by his side. When Kang Shim still looks doubtful, Tae Joo admits that this is his way of kneeling to her in defeat.

President Moon gets the happy news from someone at the company that his son has admitted defeat to Kang Shim. Madam Baek listens to President Moon's conversation with a thoughtful expression.

A bit apprehensive to work together again, Kang Shim and Tae Joo approaches each other with extra care.

Before Kang Shim starts work though, she has a request for Tae Joo. Kang Shim asks Tae Joo to share everything in his life with her. Meaning both his work schedule and his private schedule. Surprisingly, Tae Joo agrees to Kang Shim's request.

As Kang Shim starts to read off that day's schedule, Tae Joo zones out and a sexy Kang Shim with perky glossy lips appears instead. Shaking the lovely vision off, Tae Joo quickly sends Kang Shim away while he tries to calm his beating heart.
I looove it whenever he gets his visions. It's so hilarious. 
Kang Jae sits with a pen posed above the premarital agreement with both Madam Kwon and the family lawyer looking at him expectantly. Kang Jae thinks back to the fact his dad returned all $200,000 of the marriage gift, the way his dad came to visit the professor at the hospital, and most of all the image of his father working hard in his tofu store despite his aching back. 

Resolutely, Kang Jae puts the pen down and tells Madam Kwon that he wants no part of a marriage that begins with divorce as an assumption.

Convinced there must be an outside influence on Daddy Cha's sudden insistence on his marriage Dal Bong goes on a investigation of everyone in his family and comes to the conclusion that everyone must have though Seo Wool was spending the night with him.

Seo Wool wakes a sleeping Eun Ho when she is looking all over for "Dal Bong and her's" childhood picture. Eun Ho reminds Seo Wool that there must have been a third person since someone must have taken the picture in the first place. Assuming Eun Ho must have been the picture taker, Seo Wool happily tells Dal Bong that Eun Ho was there on that "fateful day."

Angered over hearing more lies from Eun Ho, Dal Bong grabs Eun Ho by the collar and tosses him out.

Hearing the commotion, Dal Bong's families gather around the two boys. Frustrated and embarrassed, Dal Bong tells Daddy Cha the apparent mix up was due to the fact Eun Ho was staying in the balcony room.

The truth finally dawns on everyone and an awkward silence quickly descends and everyone scatters when Seo Wool shows up.
Madam Baek shows up at Tae Joo's office when he is out on a meeting to specifically asks Kang Shim to spy on Tae Joo for him. Especially to find out if Tae Joo is dating anyone or not. Coating the spying as her natural concern as Tae Joo's step mom, Madam Baek still can't help it but drip with jealousy that Eun Ho is not the one in Tae Joo's position.
Watching a customer taking a picture with his Polaroid camera finally triggers Seo Wool's memory of the young boy that took her picture so many years ago. Jumping with excitement, Seo Wool tells Dal Bong the glad news that she remembers "Eun Ho" who took their pictures together.

Dal Bong can't help but feel his temper raising when his presence was of so little significance to Seo Wool that she has no other memory of him than the face behind the camera. Dal Bong "How can you not remember any thing else when he followed you and played with you for three days?"

Poor kid, I guess he and Seo Wool are really a match since both of them held onto their crush for so long. 
True to his words that he will let Kang Shim know his every move, Tae Joo calls Kang Shim to ask for her advise on the cut of meat to buy, calls her again to ask her how to season the meat, and calls her yet again to asks her if the horror movie he had chosen was too scary to watch alone. Suffice to say Tae Joo's phone call was not a welcomed sound to Kang Shim's ears.
Hyo Jin waits all day for Kang Jae to get off from work at the hospital. When she finds out Kang Jae is suppose to go for night drinks with his co-workers (including his ex), Hyo Jin strongly demands Kang Jae to spend the night with her instead.

A bit exasperated at being dragged to the bar and to have spent the whole time watching a drunken Hyo Jin rambling on how unfair he is, Kang Jae leaves Hyo Jin alone at the bar while telling the bar tender to text Hyo Jin's mom the pub address. Oh, Kang Jae did this after he picked up Hyo Jin's phone and tells Madam Kwon to come pick up her daughter at the bar then coolly hangs up her.
Kind of a jerky thing to do ... but I like it. 

Except Kang Jae underestimated Hyo Jin's tenacity since the very next thing he knows she has shown up at his house ... still drunk. Hyo Jin manages to go all fan girl on Kang Jae then without any ceremony throws up on him.

Gross but he totally deserved it. 
Eun Ho enters into his office to see his mom going through the restaurant books. When Eun Ho asks Madam Baek what she thinks she is doing, she calmly tells him that since he is just insistent to waste his time on a girl instead of running the restaurant then as the investor she'll have to do a weekly check up on the books.

The mother and son's discussion soon escalates into an argument with Madam Baek insisting that Seo Wool is the cause of Eun Ho's "rebellion" and Eun Ho tells his mom to wake up since the moment she remarried was when he earned the right to start living his own life.

Eun Ho storms out of his office and head straight for Seo Wool who is busily cleaning a table. Grabbing Seo Wool arm by force, Eun Ho drags her to his car and drives away.

Dal Bong's co-worker rushes into the kitchen and tells him "Dal Bong!! The president just took your girlfriend away in his car!"

Dal Bong rushes out and finding only an empty street screams "Seo Wool! Give me back my Eun Ho!" Ha ha, just wanted to see if you guys were actually paying attention. Back to the real show, Dal Bong screams in frustration.
Racing like the very devil is on his heels, Eun Ho swirls in and out of the traffic ignoring the pleas of a terrified Seo Wool. When Eun Ho finally stops the car, Seo Wool gingerly asks him what is wrong. As tears starts to fall, Eun Ho asks Seo Wool "Can't you rescue me again? I feel like I am dying. Can't you rescue me again?"

It took all the girls in the Cha family to settle Hyo Jin down after her puking episode. Daddy Cha tries to figure out what happened between Kang Jae and Hyo Jin but before much can be discussed, Mama bear in the form of Madam Kwon shows up.


Does it seem like Kang Jae is ready to give up on the marriage? I hope so, he sure doesn't like Hyo Jin all that much. Even when she was drunk and crying about how her only fault was liking him, he doesn't seem all that moved. But then I can't blame him for not being moved since what does she really knows about him to even say she likes him? Absolutely nothing, other than the fact he is good looking and her dad likes him. I think there is potential in Kang Jae's character, especially if they can find someone like Seo Wool's character to whip him into shape. But if he really is going to be stuck with a spineless and shallow rich girl... let's just say I can't see myself glued to the screen to see that.

Up to this episode I have kinda have a soft spot for Eun Ho, but his act of dragging Seo Wool off then racing through the street really made me lose all sympathy for him. Sure, I can understand him being upset but to drag a girl he supposedly likes off into a car and puts her in danger by doing whatever he feels like is just so... well, not cool. Even his tears at the end failed to made me feel bad for him. All I could think about was this guy is so self centered he just want someone else to rescue him and takes his trouble away.

According to the preview for next week, it looks like Seo Wool might finally find out the truth and I am really curious about her response.

ps. Here is a bts cute picture of Seo Wool with the two boys.

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  1. With Hyo Jin throwing up everywhere, I'm surprised Kang Jae's dipshit family didn't immediately assume she was pregnant with his bastard child. (Despite the stench of alcohol or her obvious intoxication). And then beat the good doctors ass into the ground. Kang Jae has been wooden the whole time for me. I thought maybe they were setting him up to have some ulterior motive that redeems him or makes his apparent selfishness an act of familial piety. No. There was nothing going on underneath his surface. At this point if they haven't even further addressed or touched upon the siblings' possible grievances with their father, I don't care to know anymore. It just seems like the writers are making it up as they go along. He really is just wooden and 2 dimensional.

    Finally, my eyes rolled back into my skull as my fists rose and body began shaking violently, when Eun Ho drags her off by the arm. The power of boners compels everyone on this drama. I can't with this show. Please keep doing recaps. Thanksss