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Monday, October 13, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep16 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Can being born to the "right parents" really solve all your problems?

Quite unceremoniously Kang Jae dumps Hyo Jin in the car and prepares to leave. Madam Kwon stops Kang Jae and an argument ensues ending with Kang Jae declaring that he is not so desperate for this marriage as to throw away his self respect.

Professor Kwon is furious when his wife resolutely tells him that she has informed Kang Jae the marriage is a no go. Angrily, Professor Kwon throws a vase at the wall and demands his wife to right things with Kang Jae.  
A tearful Eun Ho turns to Seo Wool and begs her to save him once again. Completely freaked out by how strange Eun Ho is acting Seo Wool tries to leave, but is stopped by Eun Ho. 

Eun Ho is forced to come back to his senses when Seo Wool asks him "What do you mean by stole your fate? Who did? My Dal Bong?" Realizing how close he is to telling Seo Wool the truth, Eun Ho blames his words on being too emotional. 

Seo Wool goes back to the restaurant and hugs Dal Bong when she thinks back to what Eun Ho's words could possibly mean.  
Happily, Tae Joo wakes a sleeping Kang Shim to inform her that he is ready to go to sleep and his plans for the next morning. 

Content after reporting to Kang Shim, Tae Joo muses "This reporting everything business is not as bad as I thought." 
Ha, I guess he has the makings of an obedient husband. 
Daddy and Auntie Cha gets waken up by Seo Wool blending juice in preparation to be a good daughter in law. Not sure how to break the news that the whole marriage fiasco was a giant misunderstanding, Daddy Cha rushes to wake Dal Bong up. 

Dal Bong watches Seo Wool taking careful notes as Auntie Cha goes through dishes Dal Bong likes. Dal Bong wonders outside deep in thought. 
Dal Bong surprises Seo Wool by taking a day off and whisks her away on a date. 
Madam Kwon, admitting defeat to her husband's will, goes to see Kang Jae but ends up in another tiff with him. Completely out of ideas, Madam Kwon sends Hyo Jin to figure out how to put the marriage back on track. 

Hyo Jin goes to Kang Jae's house to deliver the wedding invitations. Daddy Cha takes the opportunity to give Hyo Jin baby pictures of Kang Jae and asks her give Kang Jae her support. Moved by Daddy Cha's words, Hyo Jin rushes to the hospital and gives Kang Jae a big hug. At first surprised, Kang Jae hesitates but then hugs Hyo Jin back. 
Kang Shim shows up at Tae Joo's house to do her duty as the landlord and take care of a noise problem from Tae Joo's neighbors. Tae Joo surprises Kang Shim with a candle light steak dinner all prepared with two settings. According to Tae Joo he always eat candle light dinners by himself but since Kang Shim is dropping by he has just set out an extra plate today. 

A bit speechless, Kang Shim wonders out loud about Tae Joo's rule of not eating with other people, but Tae Joo scoffs by saying "Tonkatsu, fish stew, and fried chicken. We ate together already." 

The candle light dinner gets rudely interrupted when Madam Baek shows up unannounced. Kang Shim volunteers to go open the door for Tae Joo, but Tae Joo vetoes that idea and quickly hides Kang Shim in his closet citing the possibility of being misunderstood by Madam Baek. 

Madam Baek shamelessly go through each of Tae Joo's room looking for Kang Shim. Madam Baek quietly closes the closet door when she spies Kang Shim's high heel behind the door through the mirror, confirming her suspicion once and for all. 
Relived to finally send Madam Baek on her way, Tae Joo rushes to the closet and finds Kang Shim asleep. 

Tae Joo catches Kang Shim in his arm when she starts to fall. Heart pounding from their close proximity, Tae Joo finds himself starting to lean towards Kang Shim's lips. Inches from his target, Tae Joo wakes up from his trance and drops Kang Shim on the ground.  
Dal Bong and Seo Wool gets caught in the rain and it reminds Seo Wool their other "fateful" meeting when they first met again after 12 years. 

Bolstering up courage, Dal Bong finally tells Seo Wool the truth that he is not the boy she rescued. 
Seo Wool "Then who are you?"
Dal Bong "The kid that took the picture, the one you don't remember at all." 
Shocked and hurt Seo Wool runs into the rain after telling Dal Bong she doesn't want to see him again. 

Stewing in his pain, Dal Bong asks Daddy Cha "Why was I born?" 

Abruptly we cut to Kang Jae's wedding day. Seo Wool rushes in at the very last minute to join in the family picture.  


Well... color me surprised. I thought for sure Kang Jae's wedding would drag on for another 10 episodes. I have a feeling the rest of Kang Jae's marriage life is not going to be one of bliss. Of course I might be the first one to cheer since he is in my naughty book after telling Daddy Cha he will only have a joyful life if he can be reborn into a different family. A total jerk thing to say to your dad who has bent back ward all his life for you. Plus, a total disappointment to realize this guy REALLY has no other issue than moaning about his unlucky state of not being born into a rich family. 

Poor Seo Wool, to have all her dream dashed to pieces. Of course she does need a wake up call. For someone so wise most of the time she does seem unusually silly in her readiness to marry herself off to some boy she met briefly 12 years ago. Now she has to face the reality that the boy didn't turn out to be Dal Bong, the one she loves but ends up being Eun Ho. So the question that naturally follows is: Will Seo Wool now just transplant all her feelings onto Eun Ho since he is the rightful "fated one"?

I am loving the development between Tae Joo and Kang Shim. Tae Joo is obviously in love and I think it'll be hilarious when he finally admits to himself. 


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