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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 17 Recap

Question of the hour: If you jokingly gave your fate away, can you still get it back?

Hopeful that Seo Wool showed up for the family picture (at Kang Jae's wedding), Dal Bong cautiously approaches Seo Wool wondering if she is not mad at him anymore. But a distant Seo Wool tells him that she only showed up for Daddy Cha's sake.

Unsettled by Dal Bong touching her face to check her fever, Seo Wool goes back to her room and sighs.
Daddy Cha sits alone in Kang Jae's room and remember all the time he praised little Kang Jae for his exellent school achievements.
What?! He even had a good childhood? What's is this guy's problem?! 
Tae Joo drags Kang Shim with him to his meeting with Madam Baek only to find out it was a marriage meet. The woman turns out to be someone Tae Joo actually knows from his university days. Kang Shim heaves a disbelieving sigh at the sight of a smiling Tae Joo deep in conversation with his university junior. 

Kang Shim had just received a warning from Madam Baek to mind her behavior with Tae Joo since she has seen Kang Shim's high heels at Tae Joo's house. Frustrated that Tae Joo is having the time of his life when she has to suffer all the consequences of keeping secrets on his behalf, Kang Shim decides to ditch Tae Joo and head home. 

Trying to maintain a smiling face, Tae Joo keeps checking his phone in hopes Kang Shim will soon rescue him from the marriage meet. Kang Shim's rescue never came, instead Tae Joo receives a text from her bidding him goodbye. 

Tae Joo reacts with disbelieve at being ditched and his university takes the opportunity to ask "Sunbae, are you in love?" 

Tae Joo "What are you talking about?"

"Well, Sunbae, you are acting like someone who just got ditched by his girlfriend."

Seo Wool goes to see Eun Ho and asks him why he would pull such a prank so many years ago . Eun Ho tells Seo Wool that he honestly can't remember why he did it. The only thing he knows is that he is regreting that decision like crazy and begs Seo Wool to stay with him. 
Madam Baek tells President Moon about Kang Shim and Tae Joo's "relationship". President Moon protests Kang Shim is not someone who would act like that, but still ends up charging over to Tae Joo's place and tells him to just marry his university junior if he has a good impression of her. Understandably shocked at his father's words, Tae Joo declares "I have told you before, I will never get married."

Frustrated, President Moon yells "And you said you are not getting married? Since you don't have any sense of responsibilities, with you as the director I won't have you playing and seducing women!"

Completely confused, Tae Joo watches President Moon storm off. 
I wonder if he is disapproving of Kang Shim because of her background or is he actually really cool and is worrying about his son hurting his precious secretary? 
Young Sul is convinced Kang Shim is dating her boss and ends up convincing Daddy Cha and Auntie Cha to question Kang Shim. The three corners Kang Shim and an argument strats when Young Sul starts to mention Kang Shim's ex-boyfriend who abandoned her. Furious, Kang Shim brings up Young Sul's gambling debts and soon the two women is in a full blown fight.
Dal Bong "just happens" to be in front of his house when Seo Wool comes home. Trying to patch things up, Dal Bong casually offers that he and Seo Wool can at least be friends. Speechless at Dal Bong's friendship suggestion, Seo Wool storms off leaving a confused Seo Wool.
Puzzling over President Moon's reaction of "Whew! I am alive again!" after she explained the whole misunderstanding with Tae Joo to him, Kang Shim mutters "Getting rid of the misunderstanding is a good thing, but why am I in a bad mood?"
Tae Joo glares at Kang Shim and accuses her of abandoning her post when she promised to extract him from the marriage meet. Kang Shim counters since she found out it was a marriage meet and OBVIOUSLY Tae Joo was having such a lovely time with the woman she thought she could head home. 

Smiling, Tae Joo starts to ask Kang Shim if she minded that much that he was having a good time with another woman. Huffing with indigination, Kang Shim strongly refutes the possibility. In the middle of what looks suspiciously like a lovers tiff, Tae Joo remembers his junior's question about him being in love, and Kang Shim remembers Young Sul's accusation of her being in love as well.
Snapping to attention, Kang Shim and Tae Joo quickly revert back to their distant and professional self.
Young Sul, the love guru teaches Dal Bong the important lesson that whenever a man tells a woman he wants to be friends = he wants to end all romantic possibilities. 

Realizing his giant mistake, Dal Bong tries to talk to Seo Wool again, but before he could even get a word out, Seo Wool informs him that being friends is not a bad idea after all. 
Tired of the stalemate between Kang Shim and Young Sul, Daddy and Auntie Cha decides to put on a show for the kids. Daddy Cha starts a yelling match with Auntie Cha in the yard while the kids are stuck in the house listening to the "argument". 

Kang Shim tells Young Sul that it's time for them to shake hands on account of how much effort their parents is putting into their act.
Frenemy once again, Young Sul reminiscences about Kang Shim's jerky ex-boyfriend Byeon Woo Tak who they assume is happily married by now. 

While Young Sul is complaining how Kang Shim's attorney ex can be living so well when he is so bad, the very same ex is buying tofu from Daddy Cha. Apparently, the jerky attorney ex has just opened up a firm right around the corner from Kang Shim's house.
Wow, didn't expect him to show up. This is going to fun for Tae Joo. 
The next morning, Daddy Cha is restlessly wondering if perhaps Kang Jae would be coming home with his new wife. Daddy Cha rushes out to greet the newlywed back from their honeymoon only to find a little kid standing in front of the door.

Little kid "I am Cha In Woo. I am Cha Kang Jae's son."

Daddy Cha faints. 


Wow, so many new elements introduced into the story in such a short amount of time! But I am quite excited. The story was starting to fall into a pattern and nothing jerks everything out of orbit as fast as the appearance of an ex AND surprise posterity. I guess Kang Jae's honeymoon is really over.... You know, for such a stiff guy, Kang Jae sure is popular with the ladies. 

I am really excited to see what Kang Shim's ex is going to do to Tae Joo's self denial. Plus, I think I am going to enjoy watching a jealous Tae Joo... 

I am intrigued by how they will write Seo Wool's character from now on. For a girl who is so stuck on the "fated one" concept it will be interesting to see how she reacts to Eun Ho now that he has the title back. 


  1. I was also curious about the Chairman's behavior. At first, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was worried about Kang-shim and didn't want Tae-joo to be a flirt. However, it seems like he might not see her as daughter-in-law potential because of her (lack of) prestige which, if true, is quite disappointing.
    I'm glad to see the introduction of new characters and look forward to how they'll shake things up! Kang-jae's son will hopefully make Kang-jae appreciate his father more and make him get off his high horse. I can't wait to see a jealous Tae-joo because those two can deny all they want, but they definitely like each other.

    1. Yeah, I would be disappointed too with Tae Joo's dad if he really is so focus on background but I am hoping he really is not since he doesn't seem to actually have a problem with Tae Joo not getting married at all.