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Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 18 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Tae Joo, Why so cute?!
Once the shock of having Kang Jae's son suddenly show up passes, Dal Bong introduces himself as hyung/uncle while Seo Wool introduces herself as Dal Bong's "friend". Dal Bong takes issue with the word friend, but Seo Wool reminds him of their "friend" agreement.

Smiling, In Woo remarks that Dal Bong and Seo Wool must be in love.
Tae Joo gets an unpleasant surprise at home from the bank informing him that Kang Shim's house is about to be auctioned off. Tae Joo breaks the shocking news to Kang Shim who is stunned to realize she did not check the house documents as thoroughly as she should have and has indeed been scammed.
Madam Kwon informs Kang Jae that since all his luggage only contains outdated clothes, she has moved all his stuff into the storage room. Looking at the first suit and tie Daddy Cha bought for him, Kang Jae remembers how proud of his dad was over him becoming a doctor.

Only taking the tie with him, Kang Jae tells the housekeeper to throw the rest of his luggage away.
Knowing Daddy Cha would not be able to bring himself to drop the bomb of the sudden appearance of his son, In Woo, Auntie Cha calls Kang Jae to tell him the news.
Tae Joo can't help it but feel terrible watching a distraught Kang Shim who can think of nothing but that she has not only lost her life's saving but also her dad's money as well. Tae Joo tries to reach out and comfort Kang Shim but ends up just telling her to take the rest of the day off.

Listening to Kang Shim sobbing on the other side of the door, Tae Joo resolutely calls up a private investigator to find the fraud who cheated Kang Shim's savings.
Everyone in the Cha family goes into battle mode when Hyo Jin suddenly decides to pay a visit with gifts. Seo Wool is quickly sent out to hide with In Woo while the rest of the family tries to distract Hyo Jin.

In the mean time, Kang Jae through calling a bunch of acquaintances finally locates In Woo's mom, So Ye Jin's phone number.  So Ye Jin pleas with Kang Jae to take care of In Woo for just one week since he is the only person who she can ask. Just when Kang Jae is about to ask more questions, he hears a hospital nurse calling for Ye Jin's name.

Kang Jae goes to see In Woo and confirms with the child that not only is his mother sick but she is also getting treatment at the hospital Kang Jae works at.
Seo Wool takes In Wool for some ice cream while they wait for Hyo Jin to leave. Seo Wool starts to feel really sick and ends up calling Eun Ho for help when she can't get a hold of Dal Bong. Seo Wool faints while talking on the phone with Eun Ho. Eun Ho runs into Dal Bong while he is racing out of the door. When Dal Bong asks "What's going on with you?" Eun Ho decides to keep mum about Seo Wool being in the hospital and hurries off.
In her delirium, Seo Wool calls Dal Bong's name and Eun Ho pretending to be Dal Bong assures her of his presence.

Luckily, In Woo being suspicious of the strange guy that showed up to take care of Seo Wool calls Dal Bong and tells him about Seo Wool being in the hospital.

Dal Bong sprints all the way from his work to the hospital.  Dal Bong tightens his hand on the hospital bed rail when he sees Eun Ho's hand tightly holding Seo Wool's.

Eun Ho causally tells Dal Bong "Seo Wool called me..."

Obviously depressed, Kang Shim walks home and talks to her dad at the entrance of the tofu store. Kang Shim's ex, standing in the store with his back to her goes on full alert at the sound of her voice.
With the help of the private investigators Tae Joo finds the scammer and tells him to do whatever he says.

Kang Shim is over joyed to receive a call from Tae Joo telling her that he has caught the scammer for her. An ever grateful Kang Shim holds Tae Joo to tell him how thankful she is to him.

Looking at his hand that is being held by Kang Shim, Tae Joo's face quickly turns beet red
Kang Shim marches right into the cafe and proceeds to give the scammer a piece of her mind about what he has done to her.

Watching the whole spectacle from outside of the cafe window, Tae Joo can't help but think Kang Shim is super hot when she is furious.  Ha! That expression on Tae Joo's face. 
Waiting in vain for Eun Ho to show up for dinner, President Moon is careful not to add to Madam Baek's anger.

Eun Ho was suppose to move into President Moon's home that night since his mom threatened to cut him off from any financial support from her if he doesn't comply with her wishes. Madam Baek is dreaming that one day her son, Eun Ho would be the one to take over President Moon's business but neither her son nor her husband likes the idea.
Waiting right outside of the emergency room, In Woo runs into the one person he can't run into - Professor Kwon. The professor at first had some doubts that In Woo is Kang Jae's son, but after In Woo mentions Daddy Cha's tofu buiness, professor Kwon is sure the little boy is telling the truth.
Kang Jae races to the hospital and finally meets So Ye Jin face to face.


Well, I didn't expect the secret about In Woo to be out so soon, but I am not one to complain about fast pacing especially when it comes to K-family show. I was a bit disappointed on how much time we spent on Kang Jae's story since Kang Shim and Tae Joo's story is so much fun to watch. I was surprised how gentle Kang Jae was with In Woo though. I fully expected Kang Jae to be a jerk about this whole thing, but surprisingly he seems to be showing his softer side for the first time. I really wish they would just get rid of the Kwon family all together but I guess that's probably not going to happen.

As for Eun Ho... he was sure a jerk in this episode. He is set on inserting himself between Dal Bong and Seo Wool when he obviously knows who Seo Wool likes. Plus, a guy who can't even cut his apron strings with his mom over the simple fact of living on his own I really don't think he can stand up to his mom when it comes to Seo Wool. Frankly, without his mom, Eun Ho would be in a worse situation than Dal Bong so what gives him the right to chase after Seo Wool when he knows he'll have to abandon her the minute his mom pulls out her trump card of cutting off all her financial support.

I am very excited to see how Tae Joo and Kang Shim's story line will develop. After having his heart raked over the coals just by watching Kang Shim in crisis will hopefully give Tae Joo a hint that he is head over the heel for her. Kang Shim on the other hand might be a bit dicey now that we still have no idea where President Moon stands and even more importantly her ex (who from all appearances seems to really like to take the ex title off) apparently has moved in just right around the corner. Still, I am the first one to jump with excitement over the promise of watching Tae Joo squirm a bit.

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  1. I shall join you in your jumping! I can't wait to see Tae-joo squirm and be jealous once the ex is formally introduced.
    Hyo-jin isn't too horrible, but I agree that it would be nice if the Kwon family suddenly decided to "study abroad" or something. Hyo-jin's parents are delusional and selfish. However, I was glad to see Kang-jae being nice to his (probably) son. Hopefully that kid will make Kang-jae into a better person!