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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 19 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Maybe everyone needs their own Young Seol who will go work tirelessly to help you set up new romances and warn the jerky ex off? 

Kang Jae finally finds his "son's" mother Hee Jin at the hospital.
Hee Jin "You got married? To whom?"
Kang Jae "To the daughter of this hospital's director."
Hee Jin "Life is sure funny. I wanted it so bad, but lost everything, but you who didn't care, gained it all."
Kang Jae "This could all be thanks to you. The me who is the son of a tofu store owner got abandoned and became a pathetic worthless thing. That was what started me on the path to become the me I am currently."

Kang Jae asks Hee Jin about In Woo but the only thing she would tell him is for not to worry since she'll get him as soon as she is discharged. Pressing on, Kang Jae asks Hee Jin why she didn't comb back to him eight years ago when the guy she was with married someone else, but Hee Jin pushes the question aside.

Hmm... In Woo is seven years old but Kang Jae and Hee Jin broke up at least eight years ago and sounds like she was already in a relationship with someone else... but I guess there still could be a chance In Woo is Kang Jae's son.

Kang Shim meets with the man who scammed all her money but really could not do anything to him legally since their contract was technically legal. However, the man promises to straighten everything out at the bank. 

Understandably, Kang Shim is highly suspicious of the man's promise until the scammer let it slip that Tae Joo is the one behind his sudden change of heart. 
Kang Shim walks home in a daze wondering why Tae Joo would go so far to help her. Watching Kang Shim distracted with her thoughts about Tae Joo, Auntie Cha and Young Seol decides something is really going on between Kang Shim and her boss. 

Professor Kwon calls Kang Jae to a nearby park and questions him about In Woo. Kang Jae promises the Professor that In Woo is not his son but Professor Kwon insists that Yeo Jin be transfer to another hospital in order to avoid anymore gossip. 

Seo Wool wakes up at the hospital and finds Eun Ho by her side. Despite Eun Ho's objections, Seo Wool insists on being discharged and starts to walk home. Taking the chance to set things straight with Eun Ho, Seo Wool tells him that it's too late for her to take her feelings back and Dal Bong is the one for her. Give a little cheer!

Eun Ho pushes Seo Wool to give him a chance to win her back but Seo Wool is convinced her feeling for Dal Bong won't change.

The chef at Eun Ho's restaurant accuses Dal Bong of trying to steal his recipes. Dal Bong claims that all the notes he took are just things he remembers from watching the chef cook. Unconvinced, the chef cooks a tomato sauce right in front of Dal Bong and asks him to reproduce the dish. With one taste of Dal Bong's tomato sauce, the chef yells at Dal Bong to get out of his kitchen. The rest of the kitchen stuff marvel with wonder at how Dal Bong's sauce is exactly the same as the chef's.
Why is this kid still working, he should just go home and watch every cooking show he could find. 

Kang Jae meets with Yeo Jin's doctor and tells the doctor to ignore Professor Kwon's order to transfer Yeo Jin but instead to operate on her as scheduled.

Professor Kwon finds out about Yeo Jin's operation and angrily slaps Kang Jae across the face.

Taking upon herself to help Kang Shim's romance along, Young Seol meets with Tae Joo, tells him Kang Shim's sob story and urges him to speed up their romance.

In the mean time, Kang Shim meets with the other secretaries who assure her that if Tae Joo is willing to pays so much money for a woman then it must be love.

Thinking about Young Seol's wonds, Tae Joo nervously mutters to himself "What if I confess then she rejects me? The two of us would be in such an awkward situation. No! That can't happen. That can ever happen!"

Walking home, still pondering about what the other secretaries said, Kang Shim all the sudden spots her ex, Byun Oh Taek but soon loses sight of him.  

Oh Taek was able to hide from Kang Shim but Young Seol catches him right after Kang Shim leaves and laids into him for being so shameless as to show his face around their neighborhood. Oh Taek tells Young Seol he has been divorced for three years already and is not trying to start anything with Kang Shim but Young Seol is not convinced and warns him to stay away. 

Young Seol might turn out to be cool after all. 

Dal Bong gets called away from his work station to meet a "customer" who would like to see him. Dal Bong walks out to find two gangster like men greeting him with familiarity. Eun Ho walks out of his office in time to watch the meeting with a thoughtful look. 

Kang Jae greets In Woo as warmly as someone like him could and asks Daddy Cha an important question "If it turns out to be the one in a million chance that he is my son, could you take him and raise him for me father?"

Daddy Cha pauses and replies "What can we do? Your kid is my kid." 

Madam Kwon finds out from a nurse in the hospital about the rumor that has been going around. Confirming with her eyes the existence of In Woo, Madam Kwon accuses Kang Jae and his family for pulling a marriage scam on them. 

Coldly, Kang Jae offers up the solution that since his marriage hasn't registered yet, they could pretend the marriage has never happened. 

Vowing to use all her influence to be a stumbling block to Kang Jae's future, Madam Kwon agrees to pretend the marriage never happened. 


Yeah!!! Is my wish really coming true?! I highly doubt it. I don't think the Kwon family is going any where soon. I really blame the writer that out of all the girls that is in Kang Jae's life, Hyo Jin is the least interesting of them all. So as a viewer I really can't be blamed for wishing Kang Jae would have some other love interest. 

So I guess they have given us a reason for the transformation of Kang Jae from someone warm to what he is now. But seriously?! Over a woman who left you to chase after money? I feel REALLY bad for Daddy Cha. 

I am a bit nervous at the appearance of Dal Bong's old friends. They seems to be the gangster kind and I think Dal Bong has enough drama going on in his life to have old gangster friends to be showing up as well. Oh, well, with Seo Wool around I am sure someone will slap some sense into him. 

This episode went a long way of putting Young Seol on my good side. After all, you can't dislike a girl too much when she is willing to beat up her cousin's jerky ex-boyfriend. 


  1. Convenient fainting spell is convenient for love triangle drama. Is she anemic? Brain tumor? What?!

    Still despise Kang Jae. Their attempt at creating viewer empathy for him is laughable. Hate him even more.

    In all that time, pre med, med school, interning, becoming an established genius prodigy doctor, he still had time to fall in love, have unprotected sex, possibly father a bastard child, have a steady gf /f buddy, and get married to a hot, rich, incredibly vacuous girl.

    All the rich female madams in this show are terrible human beings. By all accounts, glorified arm trophy wives. Their main contribution to society was giving birth for their husbands. Their major achievement in life, marrying a rich and successful man. Pathetic animals who have no feasible merits of their own, apart from being able to spread their legs, then having the gall to call another woman from a lower socioeconomic bg a pile of manure and impede in the love affairs of others. Despicable ghouls.

    I know this is par for k dramas but I can't take it anymore. It's terrible garbage, offal in my mouth, and yet I keep coming back for more. I need help. Please keep doing recaps.

    1. Hi, my name is ninja welcome to our help group. :-)

      They did explain Seo Wool's fainting spell. Apparently the fever worsen her asthma and thus the spasm. No idea if that's even medically correct, but that's the reason they gave in the show.

      I too wish they spend less time on Kang Jae and more on the other two couples. But I guess we'll have to take the bad and the good.

  2. I really like this episode, though my favorite couple storyline are Kang Shim and Tae Joo, hehe such dorks.

    About Kang Jae, i really hope he shows more affection to his family now that the marriage seems over, the Cha family it's the only one he have and he needs to realize this, 'cause the moment his in laws found about In Woo being KJ's son they threw him out like he was nothing, they only care about appearances and too bad the girl he married doesn't have a mind of her own and all she can say is "ottokeee?". The writers should have use it this storyline (long lost child and first love girlfriend) sooner so at least we could see he's not a robot but have human emotions.

    The main trio Dal Bong, Eun Ho and Seo Wool, i don't think I'll have to worry about who going to get the girl in the end, I'm sure Seo Wool won't change her feelings about Dal Bong but i just feel a little frustrated that Eun Ho is giving all his best to woo SW but Dal Bong can't open his heart to her and says that he loves her without making circles with his words. I can't wait to see him maturing and working on his future so he can properly ask SW to marry him.

    Thanks for recap!