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Saturday, October 25, 2014

What Happens To My Family Episode 20 Drive By Recap

Chant of the hour: Nope, don't feel anything. Nope. Not even a little bit. Okay, let's all just repeat that 100 times. 

The tension between Madam Kwon and Kang Jae escalate with harsh words exchanged on both sides. Seeing no other alternative, Seo Wool pours a bucket of water on Kang Jae and uses that as an excuse to hurry Kang Jae back into the house.

Calming down, Madam Kwon talks to Daddy Cha and the two agrees to solve the issue peacefully.
Dal Bong gets an unexpected visit from his "friends" back in his hoodlum days. The gangster man invites Dal Bong to come work as his subordinate and hands Dal Bong an envelope of money. Dal Bong tries to give the money back, but the men leaves before he can do so.
Tae Joo can't stop thinking about Young Sul's words and finally gives in and calls her to get tips on how to "progress faster" with Kang Shim.
The next morning our ever obedient student Tae Joo follows ever one of Young Sul's suggestions.
1. Buy Kang Shim morning coffee.
2. Be sensitive to her needs. Tae Joo noticing Kang Shim's leg being tired from standing in her high heels, tells her in front of all the other managers to go back to the office so she can rest.
3. Tae Joo shows up in the break room and gives Kang Shim the spicy dubkbokki she likes so much. Oh, Tae Joo also gives Kang Shim three movie tickets for her to enjoy with the other secretaries plus he has reserved a restaurant for them as well.

All this of course is not lost on the other employees and the gossip soon falls on Madam Baek's ears and she takes upon herself to warn both Kang Shim and Tae Joo to not go any further on their relationship.
Once Madam Kwon decides to "take care" of things, she quickly moves into action. The next morning the whole hospital is gossiping about the fact Hee Jin's husband actually showed up the night before and the man/the real father of the In Woo is also friends with Kang Jae. The doctors chides themselves for doubting Kang Jae when he obviously was just suffering for the sake of his friend.

At the same time, Kang Jae also finds out that Hee Jin's "husband" has moved her to a different hospital. Madam Kwon tells Kang Jae that she has paid for all of Hee Jin's medical expenses and Hee Jin has also accepted "relief money" from her without a single protest.

Handing Kang Jae a credit card to use at his discretion, Madam Kwon smilingly leaves Kang Jae and Hyo Jin to enjoy their couple time together. Once alone, Madam Kwon gives an arrogant toss of her head and mutters "There is not a single person who doesn't like money."
I hope the writer have someone slap this lady soon. 
The Cha family sends In Woo off but not before In Woo tells Seo Wool that if she ends up not marrying Dal Bong then he will marry her instead. Ha! The power of Seo Wool's charm. Poor Dal Bong. 
Just when the Cha family takes a deep breath to have Kang Jae's crisis averted, Auntie Cha quickly finds the next one. Auntie Cha shows Daddy Cha the cash envelop in Kang Jae's drawer and both of them wonder "is he back with those bad friends??"

In the mean time, Young Sul also finds out that Kang Shim's ex, Oh Taek has been coming to Daddy Cha's tofu store frequently. Pulling Oh Taek into an ally, Young Sul tries to warn him off again, but Oh Taek just tells Young Sul to come find him for any legal services... like divorce cases. (This guy really comes off like a jerk.) Young Sul's husband, Joong Baek sees the whole scene and wonders if Young Sul is cheating on him.
Eun Ho gets an unpleasant surprise at work when both his restaurant manager and head chef quits at the same time. At Eun Ho's questioning, the chef honestly tells him Eun Ho's mom is the one that paid them large sum of money to quit. Realizing his mom just trying to make him struggle now that he has asserted his own independence (he gave his mom money saved from his idol days to buy his mom out of the management right to the restaurant), Eun Ho is determined to keep the restaurant open.

The sous chef informs Eun Ho while he can do all the dishes he cannot reproduce the head chef's sauces. However, the sous chef also suggests that maybe Dal Bong would be able to help them out of the predicament with his super ability to reproduce the head chef's dishes from just watching. 

One taste of Dal Bong's sauces, Eun Ho exclaimed "Crazy jerk, You had this kind of ability?" Right away, Dal Bong becomes the new saucier and gets a raise as well. 
Eun Ho finds Seo Wool asleep in his office and is tempted to steal a kiss but ends up missing his chance when Seo Wool wakes up. Deciding kisses are even better with Seo Wool awake, Eun Ho pulls Seo Wool to him with the tempting words of "Aren't you curious Seo Wool? What it is like to kiss me?" 

Eun Ho does the slowly leaning thing and Seo Wool finally snaps out of her daze and gives a little slap on Eun Ho's face with her hand. Somewhat stunned, Eun Ho protests"What? I didn't do anything?" Umm... you were going to do something... 

Completely flustered, Seo Wool stutters "No! Anyway, No, never... Don't do it." while covering her mouth with her hands and runs away. 
Kang Shim visits Tae Joo at home to gives him back the money he gave to the bank for her sake. Since Taee Joo cleared the lien on the house with two million won, Kang Shim has used the house as collateral to borrow two million won to repay Tae Joo. 

Drawing a clear line between her and Tae Joo, Kang Shim tells him to stop doing confusing acts and to stop worrying about her problems. 

Tae Joo chases Kang Shim all the way to her house and grabs her shoulder to stop her from leaving. Coming out of no where, Oh Taek grabs Taee Joo from behind and punches him in the face. Kang Shim quickly goes to help Tae Jo up and turns around to face Tae Joo's attacker. Stunned and shaken to see Oh Taek, Kang Shim mutters "This can't be..."
Dal Bong waits for Seo Wool after work and wonders at Seo Wool's guilty expression, but Seo Wool quickly laughs Dal Bong's question off. Dal Bong tries to give Seo Wool his first pay check to pay back all the money he owes her, but Seo Wool tells him to give his first pay check to Daddy Cha instead.

Eun Ho surprises Dal Bong and Seo Wool by insisting on tagging along with them for dinner. Just as the two is about to get dragged off by Eun Ho, the threesome is stopped by the sudden appearance of Dal Bong's gangster friends. 
Seo Wool hurries home to find the envelope of money and in his hurry to give the money to Seo Wool, Daddy Cha takes a tumble and seems to be hurting badly. 
The gangster demands that Dal Bong return the money he received from them, except the gangster is saying they gave Dal Bong double the amount of the money they actually gave him. Realizing the whole thing is just a scam and there is not way this will end peacefully, Dal Bong fights the gangster by himself. After watching the gangster taking a few shots at Dal Bong, Eun Ho swears under his breath and gets into the fight as well.

We end this hour with the two boy giving each other a glance before taking the rest of the gangster on. 

Bromance!!! Let's just forget Seo Wool okay? Boys? Girls have cooties after all. 

I guess we still need the girl. I am thinking Dal Bong is the guy for Seo Wool but I have to admit I don't blame Seo Wool at all if her little heart is starting to sway a bit after the up and close contact she had with Eun Ho. Sigh... too many cute boys too few Seo Wool. 

As far as Dal Bong's "special" ability goes, I do think it's a bit of plot convenience but I for one is not complaining since Dal Bong needs all the break he can get. Plus, while it might be difficult to find one's talent but sometimes it just kinda falls into your lap too so I don't find it too hard to believe. 

Kang Jae's little crisis seems to end kinda abruptly. I wish I know why they keep showing his doctor ex-girlfriend in different scenes. At this point I am not sure if I still care about Kang Jae's story... so I guess that's not too important of a question. 

I am a bit scared by the preview of Daddy Cha in the hospital. I really hope is not going to be one of those "I am dying so I need to set everything right" kinda of story line, because that would just be lame. 


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