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Monday, October 27, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 21 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Dear writer'nim, this is not going where I think is going right?? 

Shocked to see the ex she thought has disappeared from her life all the sudden showing up, Kang Shim manages to eek out a refusal when Oh Taek asks to speaks with her then quickly walks away all the while ignoring Tae Joo's call. 

Tae Joo confonts Oh Taek but the only response he got was a quick apology for the punch and a business card from Oh Taek. With questions swirling in his head, Tae Joo can't help but wonder what Oh Taek's relationship with Kang Shim is.
Short of Kang Shim and Kang Jae, the rest of the Cha family (plus Seo Wool) rushes to the police station to figure out what landed Dal Bong in the police station. 

Wailing and hitting Dal Bong at the same time, Auntie Cha laments why Dal Bong is back to his wild way of getting into trouble. Even the police detective that is handling Dal Bong's case is a familiar face to the Cha family from Dal Bong's wild days. 

Eun Ho watches from the sideline as Seo Wool joins in with the rest of the Cha family to chew Dal Bong out for the trouble he created and strangely an expression of envy appears on Eun Ho's face. Poor kid, he doesn't need a girlfriend. What he really wants is a family.
Kang Shim joins in on the chorus of "When are you going to stop making trouble!" when she finds out Dal Bong's trip to the police station. Not impressed, Auntie Cha turns around and gets on Kang Shim's case for not being available when her own father is in the hospital and not taking the time to make sure how badly her dad is hurt once she found out. 

Things at Eun Ho's house is not going much better. Madam Baek greets Eun Ho at the door after the family lawyer gets him out of the police station. With image of Dal Bong's family gathering around him at the police station fresh on his mind, Eun Ho asks his mom "Why didn't you come down to the police station yourself? Oh, that right. You are too famous to do something so embarrassing." 

Noticing how strange Kang Shim is behaving, Young Sul checks on her and is furious when she finds out that Oh Taek has shown his face in front of Kang Shim. 

Taking Kang Shim's face in her hands, Young Sul tells Kang Shim to tell Oh Taek to get lost and just focus on Tae Joo, but Kang Shim seems doubtful of her ability to accomplish what Young Sul is asking her to do. 
With the Cha family in an uproar over the various crisis that has been thrown in their way, Daddy Cha is left to fend for himself at the hospital. A forlorn Daddy Cha watches with envy as all the other patients are being taken care of by someone. 

Daddy Cha is over joyed when Kang Shim calls him to apologize for sleeping in late so she couldn't make it to the hospital before going to work. Telling Kang Shim to not worry about him, Daddy Cha hangs up the phone and happily shows off to his neighboring patient that his daughter called him. 
So sad... btw, in Asian countries there is a real expectation that family members will take care of the patients. Hospital nurses administer drugs and shots but is not involved in the direct care of the patients to make them comfortable. (ie. getting them water, changing the patients position in the bed or helping them to the bathroom.) 
Not mincing words, Tae Joo confronts Kang Shim about Oh Taek and asks "Is he the man from 14 years ago?" Seeing Kang Shim's stunned expression Tae Joo tells her that he understands the situation now and sends Kang Shim out of his office. 
The feeling of isolation intensifies when Daddy Cha keeps getting waken up by calls of "Father" from the son/daughter of other patients in his hospital room. 

Daddy Cha convinces the doctor to tell him the test result since none of his family member can come see him until late at night. 
Kang Jae and Kang Shim meets with Dal Bong to figure out how to come up with the large sum of money the gangsters has demanded for their car damage. However, the siblings' discussion turns into an argument and ends with Dal Bong insisting that he can come up with the money on his own. 

Madam Baek has refused Eun Ho's request for her to pay his compensation money to the gangsters and tells him that independence means he has to take care of his own money problem. However, President Moon comes through and lends Eun Ho the compensation money .
Seo Wool feels terrible watching Dal Bong worrying about the compensation money but she is stuck because Dal Bong has refused to take her money.

Seo Wool pleas with Eun Ho to pretend he is giving Dal Bong a salary advance using her money. Eun Ho agrees but extracts a promise from Seo Wool that she'll have dinner with him in exchange for the favor.  

Seo Wool heaves a sigh "These two guys are so troublesome." 
I so understand your feeling Seo Wool... oh, wait, that was only in my dream when I had trouble of having two good looking guys chasing after me. 
President Moon runs into Tae Joo outside of the company elevator. Telling his two secretaries to turn around and cover their ears, (does that really work?) President Moon asks Tae Joo "Can you take responsibility for Chief secretary Cha until the very end? Have you changed your mind about not ever getting married because you don't want to end up like me?"

Surprised by the question, Tae Joo hesitantly answers "I haven't thought that far. But liking each other doesn't mean we have to get married." 

Furious over Tae Joo's attitude, President Moon yells "I knew you were this kind of man. So selfish. Chief secretary Cha is your secretary, have you thought of how other people will see her and what kind of pressure she will have to face? If you can't take responsibility then don't start. I won't forgive you if you hurt her."  

Hiding on the other side of the elevator wall, Kang Shim seems thought after listening to President Moon's speech. 

President Moon! You didn't let us down. You are still cool after all. 
Kang Shim approaches Tae Joo in his office and confesses to him about Oh Taek. 

Kang Shim "The man from last night, he is the man from 14 years ago. But in my mind, he is a man that died 14 years ago and so did my love die then. You can't get married and I can't love. No matter how you look at it, there seems no possibility for us. So..."

Tae Joo "So what?"

Kang Shim "So, don't worry about those questions anymore."
Tae Joo "What if I can't and it continues to bother me?"
Kang Shim "Then it will make staying in this position very hard."

Tae Joo questions Kang Shim if she is threatening him, since what she really is saying is "Don't bother with your feelings since you don't even deserve them. And if you keep insisting on your feelings then I will leave."

Tae Joo "People always say the one who love the most is the weaker one. I guess between me and Chief secretary Cha, I am the weaker one." Melting here...

Tae Joo "Is there not even 1% of possibility that we can be together?"

Kang Shim "Yes, not at all."

Closing Tae Joo's door behind her, Kang Shim tells herself "Good job, Kang Shim. You did a good job."

Seo Wool finds Daddy Cha deep in thought sitting alone on a bench. When Seo Wool inquires after Daddy Cha's health, Daddy Cha causally tells her that everything is good. 

Back at home, Young Sul finds Auntie Cha packing up the special meal she has cooked to take to the hospital. However, before Auntie Cha can leave, Daddy Cha has discharged himself from the hospital and came home. 

Side note: Young Sul remarks again that Auntie Cha is putting way too much salt in her food. That was mentioned during the earlier episode as well. Are they hinting Auntie Cha is sick as well?!
The gangsters shows up at Eun Ho's office and informs Dal Bong that thanks to his dad, the compensation money had been taken care of. Barely controlling himself, Dal Bong lets go of his clutching fist after the man complains of how naggy Daddy Cha was when he pleaded with them not to bother Dal Bong anymore. 

Dal Bong races home and sobbingly tells Daddy Cha "Father, I am sorry" and apologize again for not visiting him at the hospital. 

In a voice over, Daddy Cha thinks to himself "It's okay, it's all okay. The moment you need me, I will always be your father."
Kang Jae, the lost son finally makes his way back home. Standing right in front of the tofu store, Kang Jae thinks back to Madam Kwon's suggestion that she would be willing to invest if the Cha family would be willing to build an apartment on the land where the tofu store is. 

Telling Kang Shim about Madam Kwon's idea, Kang Jae pushes the issue by saying at Daddy Cha's age it would be better for him be a landlord than working at a tofu store. 

Completely unaware that his two oldest kids are eyeing his store, Daddy Cha is overjoyed to have all of his kids home for dinner. 

As Daddy Cha heads home with his three kids in tow, he assures himself again "It will all be alright."


I really don't like where this is going. Are we really going to have both Daddy and Auntie Cha sick?? I guess is one way to give the three kids a giant wake up call... but still...

I know I complain about Kang Jae every episode but I am actually starting to wonder if Kang Jae even have a plot line to his character. You can tell the writer has a definite story trajectory for both Kang Shim and Dal Bong, but when it comes to Kang Jae, he seems to be just the plot tool for the next heart ache for Daddy Cha and the next crisis. 

As a viewer I get both frustrated and happy for Kang Shim and Dal Bong's mistakes (like how they got sidetracked and leaves their dad alone in the hospital) and victories. But at episode 21, I still feel nothing when I see Kang Jae and I am not really sure why he is still around. A strange phenomenal when I feel the writer has been quite capable of writing strong engaging character. Come on! I am even interested in Young Sul now, so why can't the writer do something with Kang Jae's character?

 Can we just take a second to cheer how cool President Moon is?! He is going to be one awesome father in law for Kang Shim to have, especially if he is willing to kick Tae Joo's behind whenever his precious daughter in law gets her feelings hurt. I am super glad that President Moon was willing to call Tae Joo to the carpet, because Tae Joo has been thoughtless in his pursual of Kang Shim and if he can't figure out what to do with Kang Shim once she actually accepts him, then he really doesn't have the right to chase her.  


  1. So happy that President Moon is awesome! I'm very sorry and offer my humble apologies for every doubting you, President Moon! He's a pretty great parent, and the way he treats Eun-ho with respect and gives both his son and stepson personal space is really admirable. I wish his wife could take note and learn. I sound like a broken record, but I'm so glad that President Moon is still the reasonable person he was since the beginning! The writer didn't drop the ball on this one, and it makes me really happy because I was really starting to doubt and think he was going to be another cliche :)

    Also, I really hope Daddy and Aunt Cha aren't both sick! The show keeps hinting that they might be sick, or at least Daddy Cha is sick (cancer?) right now. If one of them dies, I will be a very depressed viewer.

    1. Well, I never doubted President Moon for one second... ha that's a total lie. I was afraid he was going to turn into a cliche too but I was hoping for the best since it seems so weird that he would be okay with Tae Joo not marrying but get all choosy when Tae Joo is finally interested in a woman.

      You think is cancer? I am really hoping is not. They use that one so often (granted it's kinda realistic) I am hoping is something else. I can't quite see them killing off Daddy Cha since the whole show is kinda based on the fact the three kids doesn't appreciate their dad. If you kill him off then they are just left with regret and nothing else to go on. Auntie Cha on the other hand...

    2. You're right. The characterization of the President pointed at him accepting Kang-shim rather than being choosy over who Tae-joo marries. That's why I'm glad the writer was consistent.

      About the cancer thing, I don't think that Daddy Cha necessarily has it, but cancer is relatively common in real life and in dramas so not impossible. I doubt Daddy Cha will die since you aptly stated that the kids still need to appreciate him. However, I really hope Aunt Cha doesn't die either! I really like her, and she's such a good sister to her brother and a wonderful aunt, nagging and all.

  2. President Mun is completely reasonable. Remember the mess up with that corporate guy was harrassing women and he threatened to call the man's wife?

    How on earth can a car full of bullies drop money on someone and then beat them up and then get compensation? They threw the first punch even? And what about the sick friend and her kid? But the guy who sold the secretary the property that wasn't his to sell isn't breaking any laws? And all the forcing fingerprints on contracts? The loan sharks and the pyramid scheme. How is it legal or why isn't it stopped?

    That Seoul girl is awesome.