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Monday, October 20, 2014

X Lies/The Game of Lies Episode 1 First Impression

This is a fairly new Taiwanese drama. The story centers around the web of lies a down on her luck aspiring writer Sun Zhen (Ella Chen) spins around herself when she accidentally finds herself in a position to take over a famous mysterious writer's identity.
Sun Zhen who just got unjustly fired from her teaching position gets pulled along with her friend on a temp cleaning job at an eccentric man's residence. The two girls gets the shock of their life when they finds the man dead in his tub. 
Sun Zhen's boyfriend of two years, You Liang (Chris Wu) is a reporter who thinks Sun Zhen embodies everything he ever wanted in a girl. 
Like Sun Zhen,You Liang is struggling in his career doing insipid news pieces, but the beautiful news anchor of his agency (Li Wei Wei) doesn't seem to mind his low position in the company and is very interested in getting to know him. 
In their hurry to get out of the dead man's house, Sun Zhen accidentally takes the man's brief case and finds out he is none other than the famous writer X that has swept the news headline with speculation of his true identity. 

Sun Zhen's friend convinces Sun Zhen to pretend to be writer X's secretary in order to deliver his remaining manuscript and also collect the remaining script money from the publisher so Sun Zhen could have enough money to bail her brother out of jail.  

Sun Zhen finds her lie snowballs bigger and bigger. Eventually, Sun Zhen finds herself holding a press conference to announce that she is the real writer X. 
No one is more shocked by Sun Zhen's announcement more than You Liang, who cannot believe the girl he loved and thought he knew so well could be hiding so much from him. 


I really wished Ella Chen and Chris Wu are together in something other than this drama. This is no way an opinion on the quality of this show... just that I really am not interested in this kind of genre. But I guess this was probably a good way of expending their acting chops... so good for them.

Back to the story. Episode one really held no surprises for anyone that watched the trailers but I was surprised at how fast the pace was. By the end of episode one, Sun Zhen is already presenting herself as writer X, and suffering the overwhelming guilt that comes with it. On top of all that, Sun Zhen's nice and smooth romance with her boyfriend You Liang has also hit the rocks with her lies. 
So all that accomplish in one episode when I really expected at least four episodes to get to this point of the story. 

The fast pacing means there is room for some great character development and perhaps the story line is not going to be as predicable as I feared. Still... I am not sure if I am going to watch it since this is really not my cup of tea. However, I think this is a great one to try for those who likes drama that dives into the human psyche. 

The Game of Lies Trailer 


  1. Where can I find this online with english subtitles?

  2. Where can I find this online with eng sub ?(2)
    I do really appreciate if you can share about the eng sub, thank you

    1. I only checked out the first few episodes of this one back when it aired and I don't believe it has since been picked up by any major websites for subs...at least not that I am aware of. Sorry I can't be more help!

  3. where can i find this online w/ eng sub? (3)
    i do really appreciate if you have