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Monday, November 17, 2014

Birth of A Beauty Episode 5-6 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: What happens when the once beautiful mistress becomes the very wife she ousted? Time for the next beautiful mistress to come along? 

  Episode 5
Tae Hee finds an opportunity to try to convince Chae Yeon that Lee Kang Joo is not a good person, but Chae Yeon just assumes Kang Joo is only being jealous because of his crush on her.

In the mean time, Sara's mom and best friend gets in trouble with two guards for causing a disturbance. Like a superhero, Sara shows up and karate chops the two guards to give her mom time to get away. Let's just all agree to suspend our belief for the rest of this show okay... Sara looks really cool if you just don't think too deeply about it. 
Faced with the set back of Kang Joon and Chae Yeon's marriage, the two partners in crime decide to press forward with their joint goal of taking Kang Joon down.
Sara, realizing beauty is not a super tool, decides to use her talent in homemaking to gain a foot hold in the Lee family. Using her knowledge of the dirty secrets of each of the family members, Sara puts the Lee family in a chaos.

While Sara works from the inside, Tae Hee goes to the Winners company and hacks into Kang Joon's e-mail and prepares some very unpleasant surprises for him.
Coming out of the company, Tae Hee sees the huge banner that his grandma has put up in search of him. Standing right across from Tae Hee is his cousin Han Sang Jin, who stares at the sign with fury. Sang Jin decides to stop his good grandson pretense and moves up his company meeting to kick his grandmom out of power.
Sara and Tae Hee spies on the Lee family and are rewarded by knowing how much chaos they have causes in every single member of Kang Joon's family.

Kang Joo himself is facing complaints from everyone he knows for sending malicious e-mail that killed their computer and more importantly he also lost all the vital documents Sang Jin needed for the company take over.
Sitting across from each other, Sara tells Tae Hee "Sir, I am worried about you. You loving Gyo Chae Yeon, is similar to how I loved my husband. Sir, I am afraid you will feel the same pain as I did. I hope you don't go through that kind of pain."

After listening to Sara's heartfelt words, instead of worrying about his unrequited love with Chae Yeon all Tae Hee can think of is "Why does she look pretty? Why am I like this? Why do I think this ahjumma look pretty?"
Umm... because you made her pretty? The boy is so gone. Poor kid. 

Episode 6
Determined to work off his "biological response" to Sara, Tae Hee tries to distract himself with exercise. Of course, Sara doesn't help his cause by showing up with food and offering to wipe his sweat.

Tae Hee's resolve to avoid Sara at all cost breaks down when he finds Sara throwing all cautions to the wind by stuffing herself with food now that she has seen Kang Joon's true nature. Tae Hee convinces Sara if she is going to carry out the revenge then she should do it spectacularly as a femme fatale.
Finding her resolve again, Sara dresses up to visit Kang Joon at his company. Sara primps herself using Sang Jin's car window without any idea that she has attracted Sang Jin's full attention.
Ewe, I don't like where this is going...

Any reluctance Kang Joon had of seeing Sara quickly melts away when Sara presents him with the key to solve the computer virus Kang Joon's team has been battling. Sara strikes home run when she sits Kang Joon down with a meticulous made lunch box and even a new shirt for him to change into since Kang Joon has been working through the night because of the virus.
Now that Chae Yeon's honeymoon is over, she is presented with the true state of how lazy the women in Kang Joon's family are. Speechless at the mess her sister-in-law created, or the piles of dishes her mother-in-law expects her to do on top of making dinner preparation Chae Yeon is fast realizing what being Kang Joon's wife is going to be like.
Chae Yeon shows up at Kang Joon's company only to find Sara is on her way out of her husband's office. The two women meets once again to discuss Kang Joon's cheating ways, except this time Sara is the beautiful mistress while Chae Yeon has been relegated to the disgruntled wife.
A really satisfying scene to watch Sara dishing out everything she got from Chae Yeon before. 
Ready to show their true color, Sang Jin and his mom host a company party without informing Madam Park (Jae Hee's grandma).

Using the party as the perfect gateway, Tae Hee and Sara showers the whole party with picture of Kang Joon kissing Sara.
Life is going quite badly for Kang Joon. Faced with trouble from all side and finding no comfort at all from Chae Yeon, Kang Joo shows up at Sara's house ready to play the Casanova to Sara... only to find his sister, and mother are already using Sara's house as a hiding place from Daddy Lee. (Who is really upset because he found out Kang Jae was cheating on his wife before Sara died."
Temper aside, Daddy Lee seems like the only one that is a decent human being in that family.

Tae Hee watches Kang Joon hugging Sara from the second floor of the house and mutters the physiological result he just read on his e-mail: "Han Tae Hee is... in love with Sara."

This is probably the first hero I have ever seen in a drama who seems so in tune with his own feelings. I thought for sure the denial would go much longer but nope, Tae Hee is fairly quick in trying to figure out his own feelings.

I love the scene where Tae Hee watches Chae Yeon being upset over Kang Joon and Sara's kissing pictures and with one hand on over his heart Tae Hee wonders to himself "Shouldn't I be hurting more than this? It hardly hurts at all?" 

Is just so awesome that despite his unwillingness to admit that he likes Sara, Tae Hee is still willing to face his own feelings honestly...albeit with some scientific help. 

As far as the revenge plot is concerned... I am a bit worried where we are heading. I wonder if the whole thing with Sang Jin is going to become that main focus after Kang Joon gets kick to the curb. Inheritance plot is not my favorite, but so far this show has been enjoyable enough for me to stick with it and hope that it won't spiral into melo territory. 

ps. Sara's lunch box she packed for Kang Joon. Is that two apples right next to the oranges? Are there apples really that small? 


  1. I love that you are recapping this, Hope you continue!!!

    1. Is surprisingly good isn't? I wasn't quite ready for it to go all serious revenge plot on me but so far I am still quite interest in it. Hey, I stuck with Iron Man so I probably will stick with this. :)

  2. I think that those are actually plums in the lunchbox with the oranges! :D

    Thanks for your recaps! They keep me in tune with the show in case I misunderstand some things.