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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birth of A Beauty Episode 7-8 Mini-Recap

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Question of the hour: Alian Hand Syndrome? Really? That's the best excuse you can come up with? 

Kang Joon with his brood of family relaxes at Sara's house and sneers at how easy it was to steal all of Geum Ra's estate. With no remorse at all, Kang Joon tells his family that it was a fair exchange since Geum Ra at least got to marry him. 

Shaking with anger over how Kang Joon's family laughs at her timely death, Sara makes a decision. 

Tae Hee comes home to find Kang Joon and his family passed out on Sara's sofa, thanks to the Sara's liberal use of sleeping pill and laxative pills. 
Unable to press down the anger that is bubbling up inside her, Sara goes Kang Joon's house and proceeds to trash everything in sight. 

At first Tae Hee tries to stop Sara, but soon he just tells her to trash to her heart's content. Great boyfriend material. 
However, once Sara leaves, Tae Hee sends in his subordinates to put everything back to the way it was except the writing "I know you killed Sa Geum Ra" Sara has written on Kang Joon's bedroom mirror. Ha, cleaning up after Sara, now he is great husband material. 
To put Sara back into a good mood, Tae Hee takes Sara out for food and orders her to eat as much as she want. Happy to obey Tae Hee's order, Sara happily eats everything in sight while being totally unaware of other customers filming her . 
Kang Joon sees the writing on the mirror and assumes Chae Yeon is the one that wrote it. Through the hidden recorder, Sara hears Chae Yeon's confession that she also took part in Geum Ra's death. 
Shaken to know that Chae Yeon also took part in her "death", Sara quickly breaks the recording machine to prevent Tae Hee from finding out what kind of person his precious Chae Yeon is. 

Suspicious of Sara's behavior, Tae Hee saves the memory chip in the recording machine and finds out the truth about Chae Yeon. Instead of being sad over Chae Yeon, Tae Hee seems more touched by Sara's concern for him.   
Kang Joon receives a letter from Sara written in Geum Ra's name telling him that his wife is still alive. Certain that Sara's mom is the one that is threatening him, Kang Joon forcefully sends Sara's mom to a mental institution. 
Fed up with Sara's effort to take Kang Joon away, Chae Yeon shows up with four men to teach Sara a lesson. Not afraid at all, Sara takes on the four men by herself but starts to fall at a disadvantage. 

Tae Hee arrives in time and jump right into the fight with Sara. Seeing how close Tae Hee and Sara is, Chae Yeon starts to get suspicious.

Episode 8
Back at home after beating Chae Yeon's men off, Sara starts to wonder "Doctor... Do you perhaps like me?" Tae Hee vehemently denies liking Sara at all. Nodding with a somewhat disappointed look, Sara looks down just in time to see the document on Tae Hee's computer and reads "Han Tae Hee is in love with Sara." 

Stunned at this new revelation, Sara looks at Tae Hee who quickly looks away. Mustering up his courage, Tae Hee faces Sara straight on and asks "Have you ever heard of Alien Hand Syndrome?" Tae Hee explains that while he was taking the test his hand shakes uncontrollably thus resulting in the ridiculous result.  
Ticked off with Tae Hee's repeated emphasis that he would never like an ajumma, Sara shows up in a dreamy maid outfit and proceeds to taunts Tae Hee by getting up close and personal. 

Unwilling take Sara's taunting laying down, Tae Hee shows up in Sara's room and rips off his pants right in front of her.

To pay Tae Hee back for his childish stunts, Sara scares him with a ghost mask. 
Ha! I was laughing so hard! 
After their pranks on each other, Tae Hee and Sara ends up having beer together and piling each other with why the other person is attractive. 

Drawn to each other, Tae Hee slowly leans in for a kiss.... but then Kang Joon calls Sara to arrange for a date the next day. 
Ready to end the whole thing with Kang Joon, Tae Hee and Sara sets up a series of things to break Kang Joon's cool and finally gets him to confess that he killed Geum Ra. 

Shaken to finally have Kang Joon's confession, Sara doubles over in pain while Tae Hee comforts her. 
Sara takes a passed out Kang Joon home and pretends to take care of him in front of his parents. Chae Yeon comes home to find Sara by her husband's bedside and starts an argument with Sara. Sara coolly dumps a bowl of water on Chae Yeon and chases her out of the house. 

Chae Yeon overhears Sara urgently asking Gyung Joo (Geum Ra's friend) where her mom is and assuring Gyung Joo that she is doing everything for Geum Ra's sake. 
Tae Hee bids one of his employee to hand over all the evidence they have on Kang Joo to the police and gets ready to leave for good. Before he leaves, Tae Hee goes to see his grandma one last time. 

Thanks to Sang Jin's (Tae Hee's cousin) framing his own grandma for corruption, grandma gets hauled away by the police right in front of Tae Hee's eyes.   

The sight of his grandma being dragged away trigger's Tae Hee's childhood traumatic experiences and he starts to have a panic episode again. 
Just when Tae Hee is about to pass out from the pain, Sara all the sudden shows up and puts her arms around him. 
I love this scene... 
Back at home, Sara and Tae Hee looks at each and with suppressed happiness agrees that they still need hep from each other. Sara needs Tae Hee to find her mom, while Tae Hee needs Sara's help with his grandma since he can't meet with his grandma face to face due to his illness. (Seeing his grandma triggers the childhood trauma and makes him suffer from severe pain.)  
On the day Sara's new restaurant is set to open (is really Tae Hee's restaurant, she's the chef), Sara finds herself in the middle of a media frenzy due to the videos of her heartily ingesting food going viral on the internet. In the mist of the media chaos, Sang Jin who has been searching high and low for the mysterious beauty that has caught his attention arrives in grand fashion with his body guard.  
Thanks to her new found fame, Tae Hee makes a daring proposal "Why don't you just let Sa Geum Ra stay in the past and starts with a brand new you?" 

While Sara is thinking of all the possibilities Tae Hee's proposal brings, Chae Yeon has finally pieced all the puzzles together and realizes Sara and Sa Geum Ra is the same person. 


So great! I will admit I was beginning to be a bit doubtful of this show's ability to hold my attention but the last two episodes swept those doubt away. I loooooved the interaction between the two leads and is actually quite intrigued by how the story is going to develop from now on. 

As long as this show can keep balancing the comedy with all the dark storyline then I am sold. 

Strangely the one person I am actually interested in right now is Kang Joon's dad. Out of that mess of a family who seems to be totally lacking in any human decency, Daddy Lee seems at least the one person that has a sense of right and wrong. Out of all the characters in this show who are all partitioned into bad and good, Daddy Lee is the only one where I am not sure where he will stand once the truth is known. 


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