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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birth of a Beauty Episode 9-10 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: No question... too busy swooning.
Episode 9
While Chae Yeon figures out Sara's big secret, Tae Hee is busy taking Sara's "high school" picture in order to fabricate a whole new life for her.
Chae Yeon's decision to quickly reveal Sara's true identity changes when Kang Joon asks for a divorce from and tries to get all the assets he gave her (Sara's land) back. 

Laughing wildly at Kang Joon's declaration of love towards Sara, Chae Yeon tells Sara to enjoy her recent new found fame and to keep climbing to the top. With a snicker, Chae Yeon imagines the sweet revenge she will get when she reveals Sara's secret. 
Sara finds out from her friend that her mom is being held against her will in the mental hospital. Tae Hee arrives at the hospital in time to see Kang Joon getting out of his car and rushes in to hide Sara before Kang Joon sees her. 

Tae Hee yells at Sara for rushing to the hospital without using caution. Sara yells back that she can't keep relying on Tae Hee since they are going to part ways one of these days. Tae Hee grudgingly agrees that while things has been a bit fuzzy between them lately, in the end they are just strangers. Completely irritated with one another, both of them fumes in their respective bedrooms after agreeing to stop meddling in each other's matters anymore. 

The next morning, Sara finds Tae Hee's room empty and a note "I have gone to save your mother... ps. Don't glare at me." Ha ha!

While Tae Hee is off saving Sara's mom, Sara herself visits Madam Park (Tae Hee's grandma) in the prison to let her know that someone out there is working hard for her release. 
Tae Hee meets with Min Hyeok (his cousin) to tell him that if he sets Madam Park free then he will continue to stay in hiding. Instead of setting his grandma free, Min Hyeok calls an emergency board meeting to name himself as the new chairman. 

Realizing Min Hyeok is essentially forcing him to expose himself, Tae Hee decides to finally claim his true identity. Before Tae Hee attends the board meeting, he and Sara made sure Kang Joon is hauled away by the police for an investigation on the murder of his wife. 

Thanks to lots of pep talk and hand holding by Sara, Tae Hee presents himself in front of Shinwa's board members as Han Dong Geul much to everyone's surprise. 
Exhilarated to finally take back his true identity, Tae Hee runs to meet Sara. With a rush of courage, Tae Hee confesses "I can't be without you anymore. Let's not be apart anymore," and pulls Sara in for a hug. 

Episode 10
Filled with the desire to celebrate Sara's birthday in grand style, Tae Hee take Sara on a dream date the best money can buy... except Sara not only sleeps through the show but refuses to let Tae Hee buy her an expensive necklace. 

Once Sara realizes Tae Hee wanted to celebrate her birthday, she drags him to the grocery market to teach him the proper way of getting a free meal from all the market samples. (Not sure how that associates with birthday celebration but ok... ) 

When a two for one sale came up for toilet paper, Sara gets right into her ajumma role and sprints towards her goal.
Upset that all his grandiose plan went to waste, Tae Hee complains to Sara about her ajumma ways. Seeing nothing wrong with the way she acted, Sara asks the all important question "Who do you like? Sara or Sa Geum Nam?" 
Not surprised that Tae Hee couldn't answer her, Sara tells him that while she has changed in the outside she is still an ajumma in the inside. 
Brief run down on all our baddies. Much to the dismay of Min Hyeok and his mother, they find out from Chae Yeon that Tae Hee is properly the real deal. Now that Chae Yeon knows Tae Hee's identity, it all the sudden matters very much that Tae Hee might be in love with Sara. 

Gang Joon doesn't t end up spending much time in jail since he has a secret file on the judge and uses it to his advantage. 

Gang Joon's dad finds out about his possible involvement with Geum Ran's death, and even the false imprisonment of Sara's mom. Gang Joon hears about Sara visiting her mom in the hospital and gets suspicious right away. 
Determined to find out once and for all if he could still like Sara even if she is Sa Geum Ran, Tae Hee uses a machine to undergo a self hypnosis that causes him to see Sara as her old self. The self hypnosis worked and what follows is a cat and mouse game between Sara (as Geum Ran) and Tae Hee. Doing everything that used to unsettle Tae Hee while she was beautiful, Sara does all those things again as Geum Ran. Completely flustered and maybe even a bit scared, Tae Hee ends up running away from Sara. 

Once Tae Hee mustered up his courage to make bread with Sara, she comforts him by saying "Doctor, your illusion is gone right? It's okay. It really is. I have never been attractive to men."

As Sara talks, Tae Hee starts to see past Sara's outer appearance and he realizes he likes Sara even if she looked like Geum Ran. 

Ready for the big commitment, Tae Hee tells Sara to meet him at a certain bridge if she is ready to commit to him as well. Sara makes the decision to take control of her own happiness and rushes to the bridge... only to find it empty AND receives a text from Chae Yeon "Don't wait anymore. Tae Hee Oppa is with me." 

Chae Yeon wasn't exactly lying since she did lie about getting into a car accident to get Tae Hee to rush to her side. However, once Tae Hee's secretary shows up to drive Chae Yeon home, Tae Hee himself beelines for the bridge. 

Our almost star crossed lovers finally sees each other and... 
We end with a kiss! 


I really liked these two episodes. It really show cased how much Sara and Tae Hee need each other. What's more lovely is the fact they might fight but when it comes down to it they will always stand by the other person. 
That relationship of mutual support seems to transcend what ever conflict they might find themselves in. For example, while Sara was convinced that there is no way Tae Hee could still like her if she still looks like Geum Ran she was still there a hundred and ten percent when Tae Hee needed her support to finally meet with his grandma.  

I'll admit though that I am a bit worried that we still have 10 more episodes to go. I find the villains in this show so tiresome that I cringe every time they show up, so now that our two leads has admitted their feelings are we left with villain plots? 


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