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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Birth of A Beauty Episode Mini Recap 3-4

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Question of the hour: Umm...where did my shallow comedy go??

Episode 3 & 4 Drive By Recap
Tae Hee comes up with the idea that since Sara's goal is now to marry Kang Joo again then she should try to have an one night stand with him.

Instead of being shocked like Tae Hee expected, Sara is excited by the prospect to finally sleep with her husband again after 7 years.
That night while Sara is practicing her yoga, Tae Hee has a difficult time concentrating on his dinner and instead can't help himself but stares at her.

Sara makes the matter worse when she asks for Tae Hee's help with some difficult yoga moves. Intensely aware of the close proximity between them, Tae Hee swallows hard trying to ignore his beating heart until he finally just dropped Sara on her back. Why do I always feel like I am writing a trash romance novel... not that there is anything wrong with that.

Rushing back to hide in his room, Tae Hee is besides himself wondering why he is reacting so strongly to Sara's presence. Soon, Tae Hee concludes that he must have been deprived too long and this is all just a simple biological response on his part. After all, he has seen every pound that came off Sara and knows the beauty is all man made. As Tae Hee tries to calm himself down with reason, Sara comes to the door again asking him to finish helping her with yoga. When Sara gets no response, she starts making cat meows. Still getting no response from Tae Hee, Sara starts to silently laugh outside of Tae Hee's door.

Ha! I guess she knew all along what she was doing to Tae Hee. Can't blame her though. If I was in her shoes I would be using my new found female powers any chance I got.

Thanks to Tae Hee's generous use of his restaurant to help set up an romantic scene, Sara gets a kiss from Kang Joon and a trip to the hotel room. 

Everything is going great until Sara tears up over her excitement to finally be with her husband and Kang Joon stops the whole bed scene with "When I came here with you, I thought it was only going to be an one night stand. But now I see your scincerity and I changed my mind. Let me think about it one more day. If our heart is still the same, then we'll meet again tomorrow. At that time, like you, I will be serious about us too." 
The next day before Kang Joon can meet with Sara, Chae Yeon (his girlfriend and Tae Hee's crush) forces Kang Joon to cancel his date with Sara and at the same time meets with Sara to tell her that Kang Joon would never leave her since he was even willing to abandoned his wife for her. Chae Yeon warns Sara to give up on Kang Joon or she'll just end up like Kang Joon's pitiful wife who ended her own life by committing suicide. 

Not ready to give up, Sara tricks Kang Joon to come to her house and the two leaves for a special place to have their romantic tryst. (Where Sara actually had her honeymoon with Kang Joon 7 years ago) 

While driving through the site of Sara's accident, she all the sudden starts having intense flash backs of the incident. Thanks to Kang Joon's advise that she stop avoiding the images but to confront it, Sara realizes her accident might not be an accident after all.

While Kang Joon leaves to buy her medication, Sara takes off and meets with her father-in-law. Her suspicion is confirmed when her father-in-law tells her about the suicide note that Sara supposedly wrote before her death.  
Sara quickly tells Tae Hee of her findings, but instead of being supportive Tae Hee tells her to stop trying to find out the truth and informs her is time their partnership ends. 

Sitting in his room, Tae Hee is overwhelmed by flashes of memories of how his parents died and his father's last words to him "Even if something happens to your mom and I, don't try to figure out what happened. That is the only way you will be safe." 

The pain of the his memories causes Tae Hee to pass out and when he wakes up Sara asks him "Could it be by hiding the truth, it has become an illness? Do you really think is okay to avoid the truth?" Acknowledging the truth of what Sara is saying, Tae Hee decides to help Sara find out the truth of her "death". 
Sara meets with an angry Kang Joon demanding to know why she left him the day before. Sara calms Kang Joon down by telling him that her favorite cat "Pink" has died. Chae Yeon witnesses the intimate scene between the two and decides to show Sara who Kang Joon really belongs to by inviting her to a family party with Kang Joon's family.

When Tae Hee finds out he is invited to the same party, the two partners in crime decides this is a golden opportunity for them to pull out their Sherlock Holmes skills. 
Sara causally asks her sister-in-laws about the suicide note she supposedly left behind and was shown an e-mail sent from Sara's address that not only tells of her intention to kill herself but has left all her possession to her husband.  

Sara quickly tells Tae Hee of her findings, and the two puzzles out that the prime piece of real estate that Sara's father left her is now the same land that houses Chae Yeon's newest building. While Sara and Tae Hee is conferring, one of Sara's sister-in-law shows up. With Sara hiding in his arms, Tae Hee has no choice but make the excuse that he is only squatting in the garden corner thanks to a broken pant zipper. 
Certain now that Sara's "death" was no accident, Tae Hee drags his friend (the doctor who did the surgery on Sara and also Chae Yeon's brother) to perform hypnosis on a completely covered Sara in order to find out more about the accident. 

After 14 hours of hypnosis, Sara was a able to produce a sketch of the car and all of the licence plate number except for the last digit. 
While walking home and arguing with Tae Hee if her husband or Chae Yeon was the real perpetrator, Sara sees Kang Joon arriving with Chae Yeon on the street side. The bright car lights triggers the last of the memory and Sara realizes it was Kang Joon after all who drove that very car to cause her "death".  
The next morning after Sara wakes up from fainting the night before from the shock of knowing her husband tried to kill her, she walks to Kang Joon's house and finds her mom and best friend in an argument with Kang Joon's mother. Without any hesitation, Sara's mother-in-law splashes Sara's mother with a bowl full of water and accuses them of trying to hold onto her perfect son.

Any illusion Sara might have had for Kang Joon finally all disappears when Sara finds out that her mom has been kicked out her house thanks to Kang Joon who bought the house and offered it to his own housekeeper to live in for free. 
Overwhelmed with how ridiculous her love for Kang Joon has been, Sara screams at Kang Joon to get out of her house when he shows up with flowers. 
As Sara finally fully remembered what happened that fateful night, Chae Yeon also takes Kang Joon to the accident site to remind him what he did. 

Turns out, Chae Yeon heard the fight between Kang Joon and Sara (before the plastic surgery) that night and hearing Sara's threat about going to the press with their sordid affair, Chae Yeon followed the two when they took off in their respective cars. 

Chae Yeon saw Kang Joon speeding past Sara in his car on the narrow freeway. Turning back with his car lights off at first then flashing it suddenly on Sara as he speeds towards her with his car and caused her to swivel off the cliff into the sea. 
With a confident smile, Chae Yeon tells Kang Joon her knowledge is what made her so confident even when she knew he was interested in Sara (the new one). Smiling even more brightly, Chae Yeon assures Kang Joon that she is on his side. 

They always say your spouse should be your better half... but what if they are the scarier half? 
Not able to just let her daughter's death go unquestioned, Sara's mom decides to do an one person protest outside of Kang Joon's company. Not wanting a potential scandal to break out, Chae Yeon decides to move up her wedding date with Tae Hee.  
Tee Hee gets the news of Chae Yeon's wedding when he just finished assuring Sara that he will tell Chae Yeon the truth about Kang Joon and protect both of them. Ahh!!! Don't tell her! Chae Yeon and Kang Joon's wedding was the last scene of ep 4 but I am going to go over a few things we found out about Tae Hee's side of story.
Tae Hee rides past the Winner Group and looks with a mixed feeling at what should have been his. 
We meet Tae Hee's cousin Han Sang Jin in this episode and from the very beginning we can tell he is a cruel man by watching him punching one of his subordinate in the gut. Interestingly, Kang Joon works under Sang Jin and even he seems a bit afraid of Sang Jin. 

Sang Jin acts the perfect grandson in from of his grandma, Madam Park, but behind close door we find out he is secretly planning to kick Madam Park out of the Winner Group so his own mother , Madam Son can extract her long awaited vengeance towards his grandmother. 

Sang Jin's perfect plan hits a snag when Madam Park all the sudden starts a nation wide search for her grandson (Tae Hee) who everyone has long thought died. 


Color me surprised. I really thought this was going to be a light comedy show and boy was I wrong. To be fair, the comedy portion of this show is hilarious and had me laughing hard. But, dang, there are a lot of scary people in this show. 

It does bother me the villains (and there are a hoard of them) are just so... well... bad. Every single one of our villains (not counting Kang Joon's air headed family) seems to be without an ounce of single human decency. Kang Joon seems to feel absolutely nothing for killing his wife and he certainly doesn't seem to have real feelings towards Chae Yeon either. Speaking of Chae Yeon, what is wrong with this lady? She finds out her lovers is a killer and her only conclusion is that "oh, good, now he can never leave me because I know his secret?" Hello?! He cheated on his wife, so he is cheating on you now. He killed his wife, so... duh? 

With the way the writers have written the villains, I am having a hard time feeling like they are real, since they just seem so one dimensional. I have a hard time believing (or I guess I would really hope that's not the case) in a world where the villains are just extremely bad without any inner struggle or an ounce of hesitation when they take the life of another human beings. 
I am loving the interaction between the two leads though. Tae Hee is pretty far gone when it comes to Sara but of course he still in the denial stage since he thinks Chae Yeon is the one he loves. The best proof I think comes when the four leads were in Kang Joon's house. Instead of being bothered by the intimacy between Kang Joon and the woman he is supposedly in love with, Tae Hee is instead worrying about how Sara is feeling. 

Oh, a side note. I didn't bring up in the recap, but we do find out that Tae Hee actually has a job after all. He is the "god of restaurants" since he owns a restaurant consulting firm that has been extremely successful. 


  1. 'Sup Ninja! So about Chae Yeon...I agree with you on that. I get the feeling she's like Han Yoo-Ra from "My Love from Another Star". Both are pretty smart, and both know the dirt on their lovers, but Yoo-Ra ended up getting killed and Chae Yeon has a high chance of that if she has issues w/ Kang Joon later on. I wonder if she'll last the entire series??

  2. Thanks for the recap! I absolutely agree with everything you said about the villains in the show.