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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dr. Frost Episode 1 First Impression

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Dr. Frost Synopsis: Based on a webcomic. Dr. Frost is a brilliant psychologist who seems to have difficulty sympathizing with the very people he find so easy to read. A University campus counselor by day and a bartender by night, Dr. Frost and his teaching assistant solve their clients' problems.

Brief Background on Episode One: 

The story opens with two bartenders trying to inject their own interpretation of a lovers' quarrel. With one glance, Dr. Frost easily summarize the situation and tells his co-workers the exact reason for the fight. 

At his professor's request, Dr. Frost decides to start working at the University counseling center. Shortly after Dr. Frost step on the campus ground though, a girl stops him and in a familiar tone welcomes him back. When someone rushes past the two we see that the girl was only Dr. Frost imagination.    
Dr. Frost new appointment at the counseling center is met with fervent opposition by another faculty. The woman accuses Dr. Frost of having no empathy and a killer. As the woman walks out into a hallway we see a flash back of her sobbing in agony after finding a girl laying in a tub with a slit wrist. 
Despite Dr. Frost's objection he is settled with a teaching assistant who puts up with his strange personality due to her desire to keep her scholarship. One thing worth noting is that the teaching assistant is quite good at fighting ... well, at least in flipping people over her shoulder so she does come in handy. 
Dr. Frost's first client is a well known actress who seems to be deathly afraid of something or someone. Dr. Frost and his assistant was able to catch a stalker who has been following the actress around and even hid in her home but is that all the actress is afraid of?? Dr. Frost doesn't think so. 


Hmm... I kinda liked it. The show didn't bother too much with the back story and jumps right into Dr.Frost solving cases, which I like. As far as Dr. Frost's character though I am not sure I find him too intriguing right off the bat. The whole brilliant mad scientist that has problem connecting to other human beings seems old. Granted, a typical character set up doesn't mean the show is not interesting. I am actually one of those who is always drawn to your good old stereotype heroes, I just need either a different spin or some really good story to back them up. 

This show is only suppose to be 10 episode long, so maybe by the second episode we might see some more character development that would draw me in. 


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