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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Iron Man Episode 15-16 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: What happens when your first true love comes back to life and your second true love decides to become best friends with her?

Episode 15-16 Mini Recap
Hearing Hong Bin's call right outside of the door, Tae Hee bags Se Dong to not open the door. With luck the two girls avoids being discovered by Hong Bin.

Hong Bin finds out from Hong Joo about the letter he left with the gardener that would have notified him about Tae Hee's whereabouts a long time ago. However, standing on shaking legs, the gardener can only lie about losing Hong Joo's letter since Madam Yoon has already threatened him first.
Se Dong takes Tae Hee to see her son Chang, and Tae Hee ends up saving Chang from a fall that would have caused him severe harm. Watching the mother and son together, Se Dong finally makes up her mind and takes Hong Bin to see Tae Hee.

Tae Hee meets with Hong Bin and gives him a string of lies about being sick of his dad and wanting a normal romance with other men. Not believing Tae Hee, Hong Bin reaches up a hand to touch her face...
and finds that he can't seems to make himself touch her.

Turning around, Tae Hee tells Hong Bin "I have moved on and it seems you have too."
That night, Hong Bin waits for Se Dong outside of her house. While Se Dong goes off on how Tae Hee is Chang's mother and he is Chang's dad, Hong Bin only has one reply "Se Dong, I found out you are the one I love... when I met Tae Hee today."
Madam Yoon realizing Tae Hee is so alive after all sends more man after her but fortunately Hong Bin finds her in time with his super human power and stops the kidnappers. Walking away with Tae Hee in his arm, Secretary Ko shows up with a snicker as he looks at the three kidnappers that Hong Bin left behind for him.

Episode 16
Tae Hee being in danger triggers Se Dong's anxiety again that she passes out. As Seung Hwan carries Se Dong towards the hospital, Hong Bin is doing the same thing with Tae Hee.
And it results in an awkward meeting when Se Dong gets ushered into the same hospital room as Tae Hee is in.
Hong Bin tries to get Tae Hee to go get a check up at a bigger hospital but Tae Hee tells him that she has tried everything and there is really nothing Hong Bin can do anymore.

Tae Hee tells Hong Bin to leave, but Hong Bin ends up staying and falling asleep by Tae Hee's hospital bed. Watching Hong Bin sleep, Tae Hee mutters "How can I still like you so much. Kim Tae Hee, you are crazy." Se Dong bringing food to Tae Hee overhears Tae Hee's confession and leaves without interrupting her.
The whole world suddenly ends... oh, it doesn't but secretary Ko does end up missing and that in my book is almost like the world ending. Searching everywhere in vain for secretary Ko, Hong Bin goes to his dad for clues but President Joo has no answer for him since he insists that Tae Hee's kidnapping has nothing to do with him.

Just when Hong Bin is out of ideas of where to search for Secretary Ko, he shows up right in Hong Bin's office. Apparently, one look of a certain beautiful lady made Secretary Ko completely forgets his precious boss and had him standing right outside of the lady's house this whole time he has been missing. Looking at a speechless Hong Bin, Secretary Ko proudly shows him a piece of paper with the lady's number on it.
After a girl's day out with Se Dong, Tae Hee tries to pull another disappearance act again but gets caught by Se Dong who laughs at Tae Hee's poor penmanship in her goodbye letter to Se Dong. Se Dong asks Tae Hee about how she injured her head in the first place and in a flash back we see the fateful blow to Tae Hee's head as she suffered a beating under Madam Yoon's direct order.
Hong Bin asks Tae Hee to move in to his house to live with him and Chang and surprisingly Tae Hee agrees.

Seung Hwan sits outside with Se Dong who drank way too much in order to drown her fear of losing Hong Bin and asks the vital question "What do you want Se Dong? You take care of everyone around you, but what do you want out of life?" Poor Seung Hwan, I almost would rather Se Dong magically falls in love with him instead. 
President Joo catch Madam Yoon right in front of Tae Hee's house and give chase as Madam Yoon runs away from him. When caught, Madam Yoon insists that she only wanted to ask Tae Hee if she would like a chance to see her son.

The day is not going well for Madam Yoon, because when she gets home she finds Hong Bin waiting for her with one single question "Why did you hide Hong Joo's letter about Tae Hee?"


Well, the show has certainly picked up and I am fairly interested in how Tae Hee, Se Dong and Hong Bin's will solve their conundrum. I am however still not interested at all in the mysteries of Madam Yoon. I feel like I should... but I just don't.

I will admit I was on pins and needles wondering where secretary Ko has gone and fearing the worst. It was kinda anticlimactic that Secretary Ko just all the sudden popped up and instead of being in danger was just off being a Romeo.

Is anyone else feeling as bad as I am for Tae Hee? In fact I feel bad enough that I would be entirely okay if she is magically cured and Hong Bin somehow falls back in love with her. Se Dong is cool and all, but I almost think Seung Hwan is a better fit. Boy, this is probably the first drama where I almost wish the two leads end up with the second leads. Unless I count Princess Aurora where I want the female lead to end up with neither the hero or the second lead but to go off into the sunset with her dog. (Don't watch that show btw. Words cannot describe how terrible it was.)


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