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Friday, November 14, 2014

Iron Man Episode 17-18 (End) Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Anyone even reading my recap on this anymore?  

Caught between his old love and new love, Hong Bin tells Secretary Ko "I have to go back to Tae Hee right? If I am even a decent human being, I would do that right? But what if I just want to be with Se Dong?"

Duty wins out and Hong Bin goes to find Tae Hee to move her back into his house. However, Hong Bin arrives to find an empty house with a letter from Tae Hee bidding him farewell.

Se Dong ends up making a trip to Tae Hee's house in order to help Tae Hee's mom. Tae Hee apologizes to Se Dong for making her come all the way to her house, but Se Dong tells her "I didn't come here for you. So you can't tell me to leave."
Smiling, Tae Hee decides to accept Se Dong's presence in her house.
After running around trying to find Tae Hee, Hong Bin finally finds his way to Tae Hee's house. At the river, Hong Bin meets Se Dong and ends up crying his heart out in Se Dong's arm.

Thinking Se Dong has gone missing, Tae Hee rushes around trying to find her and sees Se Dong and Hong Bin together. With a sad smile, Tae Hee calls the village ajusshi to call off the search for Se Dong.

Catching Se Dong sneaking off on a bus to go back to Seoul, Tae Hee drags her back to the house. In front of Hong Bin, Tae Hee tells the two love birds to stop trampling on her self respect. Tae Hee looks at Se Dong right in the eyes and asks "Don't you dislike me? Don't you want to scream at me to get lost? Say what your really feel!"

Se Dong runs away from Tae Hee's forceful questions and as she runs, Se Dong yells "Kim Tae Hee. I dislike you! Kim Tae Hee, get lost!" Hong Bin catches up to Se Dong and holds her in his arm as she cries. Slowly, Hong Bin tells Se Dong "I have never been a grown up to Tae Hee so this time I have to be one for her. I have to stay by her."

With that, Se Dong and Hong Bin part ways leaving Hong Bin behind to be with Tae Hee.

Tae Hee's illness worsens and Hong Bin races home and was able to get Chang to the hospital in time for Chang to say goodbye to his mom.

Tae Hee's death severely affected Se Dong who blames herself for refusing to visit Tae Hee while she was in the hospital.

Desperate to get Se Dong to stop blaming herself, Hong Bin sets up a surprise for her with a slew of employees each giving Se Dong a rose and tells her "It's not your fault." 

Face to face with Se Dong, Hong Bin tells her "Be well where ever you go. But Se Dong, we must meet again..." 

Before we get to the ending, let's go over what happens to the rest of our characters. 
Hong Bin's dad, Chairman Joo sneaks into Tae Hee's hospital room while Hong Bin is gone and in Chairman Joo's own way apologizes to Tae Hee. Tae Hee had her eyes closed the whole time Chairman Joo was there, but judging from the tear that fell from the corner of her eye it seems like Tae Hee heard his apology. 

Chairman Joo calmly signs a divorce agreement with his wife and acknowledges that he has known all along that she has slowly been moving all his assets into her possession. Hong Joo stops his dad from leaving and asks the all important question "If I choose to stay with mom, will you miss me." After hedging his answer a few times, Chairman Joo finally admits "Of course." 

Through a few chance discoveries of some past trinkets, Hong Joo comes to realize his dad is still human after all and starts to see his father without all the previous prejudices.  
We ended episode 16 with Madam Yoon getting caught by Hong Bin that she hid Hong Joo's letter. Unfortunately, with a few sly lies, Madam Yoon was able to get off the hook. 

After Chairman Joo's divorce, Madam Yoon also resigned from her post with Hong Bin to go live with her son. 

Madam Yoon calls Chairman Joo one last time and Chairman Joo finally admits that "Of course I felt bad for you. You who wanted to have a child from me so badly." 
Smiling through her tears, Madam Yoon replies "That's enough then."
Seriously? She gets off completely free from causing Tae Hee's death? 
The coolest ending is probably for Seung Hwan who ends up marrying Tae Hee's doctor. 

Oops, the coolest ending has to belong to Secretary Ko who ends up with his dream girl complete with their own individual light bulb. (Niece with the lady, and Chang with Secretary Ko) 
Se Dong shows up at Seung Hwan's wedding. With a sly smile, Se Dong opens her arms wide and asks Hong Bin "Hold me!" (Like the way Hong Bin used to do to her.) Hong Bin of course immediately complies with the request, and flies with Se Dong right up into the air in the full view of the wedding guests. 


Iron man, iron man... you had potential but ... oh, well, at least you gave me cute Secretary Ko. I really wasn't sure why the writer even bothered with the whole protruding blade bit of the story. Hong Bin's super power only ever seems to come and go according to the writer's mood and was relegated to an afterthought in turn of the story plot. 

As far as the romance part of the story I never quite got why Se Dong all the sudden went from being fearful of Hong Bin to deeply in love with him. Plus, I just feel too bad for Tae Hee. The writer made such an awesome second lead that pretty much wiped away any desire on my part to cheer for the two leads. I cheered when Tae Hee asked "Don't you guys realize you are trampling my self respect right now?" What makes Hong Bin and Se Dong think Tae Hee has to accept Hong Bin to take care of her when she knows perfectly well the one he loves is Se Dong and not her? That seems even more cruel to force a dying woman to look at a man who she loves, but who she knows doesn't love her anymore. 

In the end I just want to throw a temper tantrum on the floor for Tae Hee's sake and screams "someone love this poor lady!" By the way, why didn't it occur to Hong Bin to inject his super hero blood into Tae Hee's body? Come on, the kid the king over all the computer geeks he could at least imagine that much right? 

Sigh. Iron Man you made no sense, but for some reason I still watched from beginning to end so I guess that's something. 


  1. I was searching for a recap after watching thinking surely I misunderstood something, but no. I didn't... Who was the book that Hong bin read from? Where did these blades come?? Whatever rushed things that don't make sense (less than what already didn't) is because it was cut short two episodes... (right?)

    Also thanks!

    1. At first I thought the book was his dad's, but the more I think about it I think it's Hong Bin's. There was probably no reason for Hong Bin's dad to keep his own journal and it showed at the end that in his own way, he did have a desire to understand his son (thus the whole game scene where his dad is complaining not being able to figure the game that Hong Bin loved as a child out.).

      So if you go along with the story in the book, the best I can figure out ... which is not much is that the blades came from all the suppressed feelings Hong Bin had. The feelings had no where to go so they manifested themselves in the form of blades.

      I am assuming the story was cute short, but as a viewer it sure didn't feel short. The director really liked the long pauses and stares that makes me wonder if the story really had a whole lot more of those pauses built in but thanks to the cut we endured less of them. I think the writer really had no more explanation to give on the whole blade business. The blades was such a minor part of the story (begs the question why they named the whole show after them) that the writer apparently see no reason to come up with a coherent back story for them.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting. It comforts me that I wasn't the only one crazy enough to watch it from beginning to the end.

  2. Is it safe to say this drama made no sense. I mean they had an idea but couldn't develop the story. I hav a dozen things I dont understand plus the conflicts didnt seem to be protrayed properly.

  3. I watched until episode 8 and then skipped to this recap. For a show that made no sense I manged to understand the story just by reading your recap. Thank you. Or else I would have beaten myself up for not finishing it.