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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joe Chen Starts Shooting on A New C Drama "Destined to Love You"

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I really kinda like this poster. Certainly has a rather cool vibe to it. Joe Chen (陈乔恩, T-Drama Fated to Love You) starts shooting for a C-Drama "Destined to Love You."

The story centers around Joe Chen's character who meets a female professor on her way to accept a position with a military school. The female professor ends up "dying" by being pushed off the train by an assassination attempt. Joe Chen's character, decides to assume the professor's identity so her sick mother can receive medical help.

 Joe Chen's character assumes she could just leave once her mother gets better, but soon she is embroiled into a conspiracy and of course romantic trouble as well.
Male Lead

The heroine will be caught between two man. The male lead, a good looking rich boy whose only goal is to have a good time. However, underneath his facade he has passion and loyalty. The other man will be the fiancee of the professor whose identity the heroine stolen. 

ps. Most of you that watch C-Drama knows that they usually film all of their shows way before the air date. In fact I don't think they even look at an air date until the show is completed filming. So I have no idea when this one will air. 


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