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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kimichi Jjigae

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Thanks to a reader's comment I decided to try my hand at making Kimichi Jjigae. And boy is it awesome especially on a cold night. From the little research I did, Kimichi Jjigae usually has pork belly and kimichi (obviously) as the main ingredients but it seems like you can really toss anything else you like in as well. 

For this particular dish I used two recipes as bases to come up with my own. The first one is from No Recipes HERE and the second one is from Maangchi HERE

My Kimichi Jjigae had Kimichi (of course), daikon (the white cube to the right of the kimichi), green onion, garlic (not in the picture) and tofu. For the meat I used pork neck bones instead of pork belly. I like using pork neck bones in soup since they have a good amount of meat and the bones makes a good stock base for the soup. 

If you choose to go with the neck bones like I did then you should plan to let your neck bones simmer for a couple hours to get a good stock before you add all the other ingredients. 
I also added Red Chili Paste (gochujang) and Soy Bean Paste (doengjang). To add to the flavor of the soup I also added a few tsp of soy sauce, a pinch of sugar, chicken stock powder and sesame oil. 
Tuna Kimichi Jjigae
From Maangchi's recipe she actually suggest replacing the meat with tuna fish so I whipped another pot in five minutes flat for Mama Ninja (borrowing a bit of stock from my other pot and adding more water and seasonings) with a can of Tuna. 

The soup with tuna for some reason was a bit more sour and sharp to my taste. If I had to take a guess I would think the soup with the neck bones in it had the pork stock to mellow the taste out while the tuna didn't have the same luxury. So borrowing from the advice of the first recipe (No Recipe) I added a dab of butter in it and that did the trick. 
So there you go! Super fast and easy dinner. Finishing off my soup with some chopped green onion I had an awesome dinner and wondered where this dish has been all my life. 

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