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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Loves Relativity (C-Drama)1-6 Episode Summary and Show Review

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Character introduction:
Heroine: Hao Li Ren, nickname Devil Hao, the director of fashion magazine Beauty. Comes from a well off background but has a lot of daddy issue since mom committed suicide over her dad's extramarital affairs. Li Ren still has some lingering feelings towards her ex-boyfriend who is engaged to be married.

Hero: Li Ang (Korean actor Park Hae Jin) An aspiring photographer from a modest family. Our hero will start a noona dongsaeng romance with our heroine.

Episode 1
Thanks to his girlfriend, Xia Huei, our hero gets a temp rob at the fashion magazine Fashion Love. However, the job ends badly when Li Ang calls our heroine her nickname "Devil Hao" right in front of her without knowing who she is AND breaks the magazines' expensive camera while saving Li Ren from a fall.

Not one to forgive easily, Li Ren insists on Li Ang paying Fashion Love the full compensation for the camera. The compensation poses a big problem to Li Ang whose parents only operates a modest noodle shop and funnels all of their money towards their adopted daughter who suffers from heart problem.

Li Ren's cousin tells her about an upcoming class reunion that Li Ren will be expected to attend. Li Ren, who has refused all blind dates her aunt has offered her has no boyfriend to take with her to the class reunion... especially since her exboyfriend will be there with his fiancee.

Episode 2
"Strongly" encouraged by her family to go on a marriage meet, Li Ren is dismayed to find her date is with non other than Li Ang who came as a favor to his friend who works for a dating referral company. The marriage meet obviously didn't end well, but it did allow Li Ren to think of using Li Ang as her fake date for her upcoming class reunion.

With strict condition to keep the class reunion date as a secret from his girlfriend and an agreed upon payment of cutting the amount of camera compensation in half, Li Ang reluctantly agrees to be Li Ren's fake date.
On the day of the class reunion, Li Ang and Li Ren agrees to choose each other's outfit since neither trust the other would choose well enough for the occasion.

Episode 3

Seeing Li Ren in the dress he chose for her from afar, Li Ang is completely speechless from the shock of of how beautiful Li Ren is.
Fumbling with his phone, Li Ang answers a phone call from his girlfriend and ends up ditching Li Ren right in the shopping mall by herself.
Face to face with her ex-boyfriend, Li Ren is caught in a super embarassing situation until Li Ang shows up to play the role of her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Li Ang's girlfriend shows up at the class reunion as well and causes a ruckus. Of course, Li Ren's lies is also exposed.

Episode 4

Li Ren's magazine topic gets stolen by her flighty cousin who works as a magazine editor for Li Ren's father's company. With only a few days to finish her magazine, Li Ren ends up hiring Li Ang to do a story piece on Li Ang's parent's noodle shop. 

Li Ang comes back to Fashion Love as a photographer but ends up getting in trouble again when when Li Ren ends up falling off a stage during an argument with him. 

Li Ren is sent to the hospital with a severe sprain to her ankle and neck. 

This is probably the episode where I starts to be really interested in this show. I love how affected Li Ang is by Li Ren's presence but I don't think he thinks anything of his reactions so far. 

Episode 5

Feeling guilty that Li Ren is hurt because of him, Li Ang decides to hand in his resignation. However, Li Ang changes his mind when Li Ren's best friend A Mao tells him the truth that Li Ren is the one that paid the compensation money for the camera he broke to Fashion Love. Moved by Li Ren's kind gesture, Li Ang races to Li Ren's house and decides to take good care of Li Ren no matter what she says. 
Jerky Ex-Boyfriend
Li Ren's exboyfriend Yu Wei finds out about Li Ren's recent hospital stay and decides to use the opportunity to visit her. Yu Wei's fiancee overhears his plan and starts to become suspicious of him. 

Li Ren falls into the bathtub by accident and calls her best friend A Mao to rescue her. A Mao sends Li Ang to rescue Li Ren instead. Despite some screaming from Li Ren, Li Ang pickes her right up from the bath rub in a princess carry. 

Episode 6

Li Ang talks Li Ren into letting him move in with her as a roommate/cook/chef/pretend-boyfriend and pretty much whatever Li Ren wants him to be. This seems like a win win since Li Ang needs a place to stay and Li Ren needs someone to take care of her. 
The Fiancee/possible half sister
Yu Wei's fiancee finally gives in to her need to lay a claim on her man and shows up at Li Ren's house. Li Ren quickly uses Li Ren to his full capacity as the fake boyfriend to fend off Yu Wei's fiancee, Ri Yin. 

Li Ang goes on a date with his girlfriend who complains about his lack of financial ability to buy her expensive things. 

So much of the story line is set up and it is probably no surprise how most of the story will go. Our two leads will slowly fall in love with each other, with the jerky ex-boyfriend and his fiancee on the side line creating trouble. Although, to add more messiness to the plot, the story is hinting that the fiancee is also Li Ren's half sister.  
At episode 6 I am quite interested in this show. I am a bit worried about how crazy and messy the storyline will be with the possible half sister but the fun chemistry between the two leads is keeping me engaged. 

I will stop at episode 6 for the episode summary but will come back to do a full review once I finish the show. 

Show Review (Will contain spoilers!)
I really enjoyed watching Loves Relativity, especially as a show that allows you to do other stuff while you are watching it. Okay that sounds bad, but that just mean the show is not addicting enough that makes you glue to the screen the whole time but good enough that you will still want to finish it. 

Things I didn't like about the show: 

  • The whole ex-boyfriend plot and half sister/love rival were really getting old. 
  • The romance of the heroine's cousin was just awkward most of the time. 
  • I could use a lot more cute moments between the two leads. 
  • The hero's ex-girlfriend was the cause of almost all things bad so that got tiring really fast. 
Hero's Ex
Things I liked (Contain spoilers!)  

  • The two leads had good chemistry and was cute together.
  • I was really afraid the whole thing with the heroine's half sister was spinning into really predicable conflict territory but the whole amnesia thing actually worked out quiet well in my opinion. 
  • While I didn't like the self forced separation between the two leads I was happy with the fact the show actually went a couple more episodes after the two leads reunited so it showed how the two leads was able to come back and make a new life together. 

  • I was super glad the heroine's cousin ended up with the guy who has stuck by her side the whole time and not the two-timing boyfriend. 


  1. is the actor speak chinese?

    1. I am assuming you are asking about Park Hae Jin. Park's voice is dubbed... actually a lot of mainland Chinese shows dub their voices so you actually don't find a noticeable difference at all. At least with this one it didn't bug me. Some of them do bug me but this one did a pretty good job.

  2. will you be continuing this recaps... i really couldnt find it anywhere but here...

    1. No, sorry. I did a show review at the end of this post because I was only planning on doing summary recap for the first few episodes to let people get a flavor of the show.

  3. please where did you find the eng subtitles of this show

  4. What is the title of the song that were played on the last ep?

    1. I am assuming you are talking about the song that was played during the wedding scene. The song is by 覃桢 and the title is 一点点. Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIfEG5XuEIw

    2. What is the name of the intro song? The one played at the beginning of each episode

  5. where can we watch these episodes with English sub?