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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Message from the Writer of Apple In Your Eye about the Ending

5:05 PM Posted by ninja , 16 comments
The cast watching the last episode together. The fans online has been laughing at where Yao Qi has his hands. 

In case the title made you have false hope, nope, the writer didn't actually explain the ending but maybe there are some crumbs to be found.

When I finish the script for the last episode, I knew you (the viewer) would be angry at me. I made this confession once in a presentation "A script writer is like a god in some way, and god is not easy to be. Because people will always ask "Why did you do this to me God?"" 
Until the finishing of the editing at 10 pm on Oct 31,2014, every second I had the urge to race to the editing room and changed the ending. I am sorry, in the end I still didn't do it. 
As long as Zhou Zi Wei exists, Dai Yao Qi exists then there is no end to this story. Their story is always being edited. In fact we are all editing our own story's ending.
Dear mei mei (sister) and ge ge (brother), let's all strive to be more beautiful and more vibrant on our life's journey. So, the he/she who loved us once will smile and be proud of us.
This is what I wanted to tell you.

Well, there you go. I am still a bit miffed (okay, a lot) mainly due to the fact I still feel like the writer wrote the ending for artistic sake and was not faithful to the characters she actually created. However, I will respect that she thought she was doing the best for her story. Sigh, not matter what, I am just sad this show will not be one I could recommend without major warning on the ending. 


  1. I think this drama was going well until the yuan fang became stalker and downright creepy.... afterwards the writing was kind of just sloppy

    1. The funny thing about Yuan Fang's character is that I think the writer really was going for a dreamy second lead. I really wonder if she doesn't understand the whole kidnapping part really sours the "dreamy" part.

    2. yeah i could see that and there's noooooooo way he could be da ren. it was really problematic for me to watch.. it was so in bad taste but I thought maybe they could spin it in a way showing that stalking=/= romantic and crack down on the social issues but nope. It's creepy that yuan fang probably pulled off something shady with his ex-gf and the fact that they seem to be still friends??

  2. I was like going crazy when I read your recap for the last episode...By the way thank you so much for the recaps! Too bad no one is subbing this series and my country is showing it 3 episodes late... I've been watching the raw vids and my Mandarin isn't that awesome so your recaps help a lot! Do you know who is the actor for Yuanfang? Been trying to find his biodata...

    1. His name is Ahn Zhe. In real life he is a well known visual artist who has won several award internationally. Here is his website, in English no less. http://www.ahnzhe.com

      I just hope next time he would play a less creepy character.

  3. What utter balderdesh!
    "As long as Zhou Zi Wei exists, Dai Yao Qi exists then there is no end to this story. Their story is always being edited. In fact we are all editing our own story's ending."
    The only way this makes any sense is if the writer is hinting at a sequel to the show.
    "let's all strive to be to be more beautiful and more vibrant on our life's journey. So, the he/she who loved us once will smile and be proud of us."
    Yeah, right! As General Patton once said, "no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You win it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his." What the writer made Yao Qi do is to "kill" himself and Ji Wei ... for what? She just wants to stir controversy and court notoriety to be remembered.
    All she achieved, as far as I am concerned, is my contempt at her low blow.

  4. Ha ha!!! I love that quote by General Patton. So awesome! I actually woke up this morning thinking about Ji Wei's character and really no matter how I slice it, I still think to be true to Ji Wei's character she would be moving heaven and earth to find Yao Qi or at the very least working hard to pay off the debt together. It just seems so weird to emphasize through the WHOLE show how one track minded (the exact wording used by many people around Ji Wei and herself) your heroine is and all the sudden she is not at the very last second?

    1. That is my thought as well. In what way can Yao Qi do better being in hiding and isolation? How is he going to get the money to repay the debt and take care of the special needs girl? Why is repaying the debt of that worm of a father such an overwhelming driving force that he should give up his life and love for? What high moral message is the writer trying to deliver with this story and, specifically, the ending? To give up on one's life and love, cut off from all friends and family, is to "strive to be more vibrant and beautiful"? And "he/she who once loved us will smile and be proud of us"? That is the biggest load of BULLSHIT I have ever heard. What really makes me mad is the writer insulting our intelligence and yet, has the audacity to justify herself and lecture us from some purportedly moral high ground!

    2. This ending will make sense and the writer's justifications applies IF, and only IF, Yuan Fang was a better man than Yao Qi (better character and loves Ji Wei more, etc) and Yao Qi has a terminal disease and only has a few months to live and wants to break the love bond with Ji Wei so she can forget him and have a better with Yuan Fang. Then her justifications and moral lecture applies. As it is, the ending sucks big time and the writer screwed up big time.

  5. Have to agree the ending does not match the characters at all. YQ and JW love grew from childhood and matured into something very beautiful. The show should have ended when mother agreed to them get married in a few months. The rest of 12 should have been the wedding and them kissing in there old hide out then them playing with their children.

  6. This doesn't really help me at all to accept the ending lol but well, everyone has their own "good ending" point of view.

  7. BTW, for those who are holding onto any hope that there will be a special, sequel, movie to tie up the lose end, the director has said he doesn't like to do things he has done before, so no plans at all for any of the above.

    1. nope so done. the writer sucks.

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    4. All I can say is the writer has done a "Yuan Fang" on us - she led us on thinking she is sophisticated, astute, erudite and her stories are such. However, her true ugly face emerged when she imprisoned us on the story - we are "captured" and hope to escape to a beautiful end to the story, just like Ji Wei's reunion with Yao Qi and Mrs Zhou's going to set a date for the wedding. Then the writer did the ugly thing of getting rid of Yao Qi and have Yuan Fang re-enter Ji Wei's life and secured having her by thumbing her (the writer's) nose at us with the overt display of that wedding ring. The writer arrogantly declares to us that, just like the coin Yuan Fang sealed in the bottle, the ending is captured forever by me and there is nothing anyone can do to change it. Come to think of it, Yuan Fang's character is a personification of the writer.