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Friday, November 7, 2014

Mr. Back Episode 1 & 2 Mini Recaps and First Impression

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Mr. Back: A wealthy old man who has only known work and money gets a second chance at life when he suddenly turns back to his 30's.

Airs: Wed & Thur
Episode: 16

Character Description:

Choi Go Bong/ Choi Shin Hyung (Shin Ha Kyoon)
CEO of a large conglomerate in his 70's suddenly turns back into a young man. A bit violent, rude to everyone, and frustrated with                                   his good for nothing son.

Eun Ha Soon (Jang Na Ra)
A hard working girl who tries hard to keep her very first regular paying job with Chairman Choi's company.

Choi Dae Han (Lee Joon)
Choi Go Bong's son who has no interest in working and spends his father's money like water.
Interestingly, Dae Han actually doesn't put too much importance on money and believes he can be happy with just an adequate amount of money. 

Episode One

It's Chairman Choi's birthday and every member of his family is eager to ingratiate themselves with the Chairman, except his son who arrives late after having racked up an enormous amount of debt just the night before, along with a potential scandal of getting a woman pregnant.
To try to combat the scandal his son caused, Chairman Choi goes to an elderly home (built by him) to garner some positive publicity. Unfortunately, Chairman Choi takes a fall, loses his glasses while being pounded on by the pouring rain. Eun Ha Soon (our heroine), a volunteer at the elderly home stops to offer her help but Chairman Choi gruffly pushes her away. Ha Soon almost walked away but she ends up feeling bad after stepping on Chairman Choi's glasses and comes back to force him to accept her help.  

Ha Soon's relentless effort in helping Chairman Choi makes an impression on him and he takes note of her name.  
Chairman Choi soon has a even deeper impression of Ha Soon when he finds her in bed with his son, Choi Dae Han in his own hotel. Assuming Ha Soon is just another gold digger, Chairman Choi orders his secretary to fire Ha Soon. 

Feeling completely wronged and misunderstood, Ha Soon tries to explain that Dae Han is the one who suddenly burst into the hotel room she was cleaning in and dragged her onto the bed to try to avoid the Chairman. But the chairman refuses to listen to reason. 

Dejected to think she probably lost her job, Ha Soon is all the sudden hopeful again when Dae Han promises that as long as she finds his necklace he lost during their struggle in bed, then he will explain the whole misunderstanding to his dad. 

Ha Soon finds the necklace and is on her way to the Dae Han's house when a big gaping hole suddenly appears out of no where on the road.  
The hole in the road ends up swallowing both Ha Soon's and the Chairman's car. Struggling out of the car, Chairman Choi starts to gasp for breath and grab his chest in pain. In his pain, Chairman Choi fumbles his pills on the ground and ends up mistakenly picking up a meteorite instead of his pill. 

After swallowing the meteorite, the Chairman passes out and sees a vision of himself being dragged towards the death door by expressionless men. The Chairman pleads with the men to let him go, crying "I have only known work and to earn money. I have not live yet. Please let me go back!" 
The man ignores the Chairman's pleas and continues to haul him away. 
Just when things seems hopeless for the Chairman, a hand all the sudden grabs onto his hand and this gesture stops the progression of the expressionless men. 

Episode 2
Chairman Choi, his driver and Ha Soon are rescued. The oil from the cars causes an explosion and all the sudden the sky is filled with burning money. 
Miraculously, everyone involved in the accident only suffered minor scrapes and the Chairman Choi is released home. 

That night, laying the bath tub, Chairman Choi slowly sinks into the tub and an astonishing transformation comes over him and changes him. When the Chairman comes out of the tub, instead of a man in his 70's, a man that looks more like he is in his 30's walks out.   
Chairman Choi finds out from the television that everyone, including the police thinks the money that was in his trunk was for unsavory purposes and is preparing an investigation. 

While dodging his family and staff, Chairman Choi finds his son's necklace. (A side note, the necklace's strangely resembles the meteorite the Chairman ingested.)
A man makes a call from the site of the accident "We were waiting for him at the next intersection, but the accident took care of everything for us."

The next morning, the same man who made the call before shows up at Chairman's Choi's house to take him in for questioning. 

Chairman Choi loiters in front of his hotel and ends up dragging So Ha away when she gets besieged by reporters. 

Chairman Choi eagerly asks So Ha if she feels strange at all after the accident but finds out that he is the only way that has undergo the strange transformation. 

With no way of explaining himself, Chairman Choi suffers in silence when he runs into his son Dae Han and can only hope his son can somehow change his trouble making ways. 
Chairman Choi confides in his driver about who he really is. Stunned, Driver Sung can only accept the truth of Chairman Choi's words when he starts to rattle of embarrassing details of their past.  
Driver Sung helps Chairman Choi to find surveillance tape of the parking garage at their hotel in hopes to find out who framed the Chairman by putting large amount of money in their car trunk. Unfortunately, Dae Han starts to be suspicious of the Chairman when he keep seeing the same guy loitering around their premise. In his hurry to escape, Chairman Choi ends up dragging Ha Soon away with him on a laundry truck. 

Completely bewildered, Ha Soon demands to know who Chairman Choi is.
With a somber tone, Chairman Choi introduces himself "I am Choi Shin Hyung" (The name implies a brand new him)


Is going to take another two episode for me to judge if we have a winner on our hands or not. The first two hours were certainly entertaining to watch our hero turning from a grumpy old man to a stapling young lad but I am a bit uncertain how much interest I'll have once we are over the "Wow, he is young now" shock. 

I do hope this show will turn out well since I have always liked Shin Ha Kyoon and I just find him intriguing to watch. 

It looks like the show is going to go with plenty of intrigue and villain plotting. I don't necessary have a problem with that, but I am actually a lot more interested to see how this once powerful Chairman adjust to everyday life and realize his vow of finally taking his time to really live. 

Oh, I guess I should be fair and say something about the heroine... um... she is a hardworking candy type girl? So far, Jang Na Ra's character is a bit blend and she'll need some definite depth that hopefully will come in the future episodes. 


  1. I stopped reading about halfway through so I could give the drama a go too. It looks really interesting. Thanks for introducing it to me!

    1. Your welcome. Let me know how you liked it!