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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mr. Back Episode Summary Up To Ep 16 (the end)

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Synopsis: A wealthy old man who has only known work and money gets a second chance at life when he suddenly turns back to his 30's.

Airs: Wed & Thur
Episode: 16

Character Description:

Choi Go Bong/ Choi Shin Hyung (Shin Ha Kyoon)
CEO of a large conglomerate in his 70's suddenly turns back into a young man. A bit violent, rude to everyone, and frustrated with his good for nothing son.

Eun Ha Soon (Jang Na Ra)
A hard working girl who tries hard to keep her very first regular paying job with Chairman Choi's company.

Choi Dae Han (Lee Joon)
Choi Go Bong's son who has no interest in working and spends his father's money like water.
Interestingly, Dae Han actually doesn't put too much importance on money and believes he can be happy with just an adequate amount of money. 

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Episode 3

With the help of Ha Soon, Shin Hyung finds out that someone has indeed framed him by putting money into his car trunk. Shin Hyung and Ha Soon has a drink together and Shin Hyung ends up piggy back a drunken Ha Soon back to her house. 
With his appearance completely changed, Shin Hyung finally realizes that none of his family truly cared for him (well, not counting his son, but he has some serious resentment issues). 

Through various "evidences" Shin Hyung's son Dae Han comes to the conclusion that Shin Hyung must have kidnapped his father and calls in the police.
Looking at his arrest posters and thinking back to how his family has only been concerned about his money, Shin Hyung comes to a decision. 

Episode 4

With the help of his driver and doctor, Shin Hyung fakes his own death in order to convince his family that he committed suicide. 

Completely uncaring about who becomes the president of his father's company, Dae Han was about to toss the company to the wolves (ie. his uncle) when a sudden video of his father is shown. 

In the video, President Choi announces to the company that he has chosen Choi Shin Hyung - his other son to take over his company. With DNA test result in hand, Shin Hyung assures that no one has to doubt his identity. 
Shocked and upset by how Shin Hyung has been lying to her all this time, Ha Soon is still angry when Shin Hyung shows up at her family's tailor store. Ha Soon anger is appeased a bit when Shin Hyung apologizes to her and tells her "Thank you. Treating me with sincerity, you are the first one." (It was disguised as thanks from Pre. Choi but I think she realizes it was from Shin Hyung.)

The next morning, Shin Hyung looks stunned when he sees Ha Soon in an intimate gesture with none other than his own son, Dae Han. 


I like where this show is going. I was afraid Shin Hyung was going to spend most of his time outside of his company, but now things is going to get interesting with him back in the Chairman seat. I was a bit surprise how quickly the romance is going, but I guess having one's son liking the same girl you like might throw a wrench in the romance department.

 Episode 5
Back on his rightful throne, Shin Hyeong's first official act is to order his employees to track down all of the money various citizens picked up during the car explosion and also to ask the government for compensation. Shin Hyeong's order throws the whole company into chaos as the employees are all busy either calling to track down the money or receiving complaint calls.
Shin Hyeong hunts his son Dae Han down when he finds out he has been on a spending spree. A bit stunned to find Ha Soo with Dae Han, Shin Hyeong yells at her "Didn't I tell you to be careful of him?!"

The father and son's battles continues on at home when Dae Han tells Shin Hyeong that having his father as a parent is the most tragic thing about his life. Dae Han obviously doesn't realize he is actually telling this to his dad and not his "older brother". 
Shin Hyeong receives a series of texts from Ha Soon who tersely explaines that she was only with Dae Han for work purposes and not whatever Shin Hyeong had in his mind. Fumbling with his new cell phone, Shin Hyeong can only stump with frustration when he sends the wrong text back and causes Ha Soon to end their conversation.
Shin Hyeong sends lawyer Jung to formally submit his inheritance paper, but lawyer Jung is attacked and had all the paper work taken away from him. Madam Lee (Shin Hyeong's sister-in-law) looks at the paper work her people got from lawyer Jung and burns it.

Without the inheritance paper, the will reverts back to the previous will written by President Choi naming Dae Han as his successor. In the last scene, we see Shin Hyeong barred from his own house in the rain.

Episode 6
Ha Soon sees Shin Hyeong by chance and ends up rushing into the diner to check on him when Shin Hyeong starts to grab his chest in pain. Miraculously, Shin Hyeong's chest pains stops as soon as Ha Soon touches him. 

With no where to go, Shin Hyeong ends up making friends with a group of homeless men. The next morning, the homeless group happily goes to get some free food with Shin Hyeong.

Shin Hyeong go through the food line and comes face to face with his son Dae Han. 
Shin Hyeong has another pain attack but is saved again by Ha Soo's touch. 

The very first thing Dae Han does as the president of the hotel is to turn over his position to his uncle. 
With some really pitiful puppy eyes, Shin Hyeong moves himself into Ha Soo's house. 

On the night when Ha Soo is out working late with Dae Han, Shin Hyeong paces back and forth waiting for her. When Dae Han calls Ha Soo later, Shin Hyeong loudly tries to disrupt their conversation. 

Looking in the mirror, Shin Hyeong wonders why he is acting so childish and suddenly the mirror shows Shin Hyeong aging. 

What does that mean?? Is Shin Hyeong aging or is it just his imagination? I feel pretty bad for Shin Hyeong that all his family (not counting Dae Han) is only after his money and cares so little for him. However, I guess even Shin Hyeong himself realizes that he is responsible for most of it since he paid so little attention to the people around him. 

Episode 7

After seeing how close Shin Hyung and Ha Soo act with one another, Dae Hang uses the excuse of brotherly love to get Shin Hyung to move back to the house in order to get him to move out of Ha Soo's house. Thinking Shin Hyung as his half brother, Dae Hang tells him things he has never told his father. 1. He is going to pursue dance (ballet) again now that his father is not around to stop him. 2. He is not the playboy his father thought he was. In fact, some of the woman problem was only his way of helping other women get money from his dad.

Shin Hyung is finally realizing how much anger issue his son has towards him. To make matter worse, Dae Hang also tells Shin Hyung that he likes Ha Soo. Despite Shin Hyung's worry that he shouldn't like Ha Soo but when he sees her with Dae Hang he couldn't help but get irritated. His obvious irritation causes Ha Soon to ask him if he like her. Just when Shin Hyung seems ready to confess to Ha Soo, the two sees the news that Dae Hang has been caught with a sex scandal.

Shin Hyung rushes to Dae Hang who is surrounded by all the press and loudly declares it is he and not Dae Hang that is the man involved in the sex scandal.

Episode 8
Knowing full well the sex scandal was a set up by Lawyer Jung and his younger sister to frame his son, Shin Hyung steps forward to take all the blame for the sex scandal. Totally confused why Shin Hyung would go to such an extent for him, Dae Han's animosity towards Shin Hyung starts to melt away. 

Thanks to Dae Han's quick thinking, the persecutor has no choice but to drop the charges when the surveillance tape proves the scandal was all a set up.  
The rest of Shin Hyung's family is just as confused as Dae Han about why he would sacrifice himself for a half brother. Hilariously, Shin Hyung's siblings starts to wonder if maybe all the fighting between Shin Hyung and Dae Han has evolved into ... "something more." 
Ready to face his feelings, Shin Hyung confesses to Ha Soo who seems quiet happy to reciprocate his feelings. 
Shin Hyung's doctor figures out that meteorites was what caused the miracle transformation in Shin Hyung... unfortunately the doctor also finds out that the transformation is only temporary and Shin Hyung doesn't have much time left before his body will die and goes right back to his real age. 
Dae Han tells Ha Soo to leave Shin Hyung's side since he is someone who is going to leave anyway. Angered by Dan Han's words, Shin Hyung asks what gives him the right to say such things.
Dan Han "Because I know who you are. President Choi Go Bong."
Dan Han continues after seeing Shin Hyung's shocked face "Father."


Hmm... it seems a bit unrealistic to me if Dan Han really figured out Shin Hyung's true identity because the truth should just be too fantastical to even consider...but hey, I am watching a show about a guy becoming young again by ingesting a stone from space so I will just cut the show some slack. 

I am curious to find out how Ha Soo will react to Shin Hyung's real identity. No matter how you slice it, it would seem a bit weird to be dating a grandpa, especially one she knew before. 

Episode 9

Stuttering to deny Dan Han's accusation that Shin Hyung is really his dad, Shin Hyung confess to Driver Sung that he is too scared to admit his real identity in fear that he will become some science test project.

Shin Hyung and Dan Han ends up meeting in the same drinking stall and starts a round of drinking competition. A completely drunk Dan Han throws himself on Shin Hyung while calling "Father! father!"
With no good news from his doctor on how to stop his impending demise, Shin Hyeong's old cell phone reminds him with a constant count down of how many days he has left to live.
What's up with the cell phone?? Is there an after life accounting department? 
In the mean time, Shin Hyung and Ha Soo's romance is going extremely well except for one little catch... well, just one more if we ignore the giant death count down.
The one little catch being Dae Han also likes Ha Soo as well. Shin Hyung confronts his son "Are you sincere in your intention towards Eun Ha Soo?"
Dae Han "As one who never received love, I am starting to really care about Eun Ha Soo. I guess this must be what people call liking someone."

Silently, Shin Hyung turns on his heel and leaves but before he can take more than a few steps, Shin Hyung collapses with pain.

Episode 10
Shin Hyung is rushed to the hospital right into the operating room while Driver Sung frantically tries to convince Dae Han to stop the operation and allow Ha Soo to touch Shin Hyung so he will get better. Completely confused by Driver Sung's words and behavior, Dae Han stops him from disrupting the operation. 

Fortunately, Shin Hyung's operation had to be stopped when he went into cardiac arrest and then miraculously recovers on his own.  
Refusing to see anyone after his recent encounter with death, Shin Hyung sneaks out of the hospital and cut off all contact with everyone. 

While sitting in a Chinese restaurant Shin Hyung remember back to all the things he didn't do for his son and sobs in regret. 
Shin Hyung finally meets with Ha Soo who has been worried sick about him. Shin Hyung tells Ha Soo "I will be really busy for a while so tell me five things you would like to do with me and we will do them."

Sitting in the lobby of his own hotel, Shin Hyung pulls out a notepad and starts to think about all the things he wants to accomplish in the short amount of time he has left. 
Shin Hyung, Ha Soo and a bunch of other volunteer employees goes to a resort to help Dae Han make it profitable again so Dan Han's position as the Chairman will finally be accepted by the stock holders. 


Why does it feel like we are winding down?? There was a distinctive slow down in the last half of episode 10 that really caught me kinda by surprise. But I guess that might be appropriate with the whole "I am going to enjoy every minute before I die" sort of vibe. 

I thought for sure Shin Hyung was going to go the route of breaking up with Ha Soo but I am glad that he is trying to fulfill her wishes instead. On the good note, Ha Soo really is becoming quiet forward with her kisses. 

Just for kicks and giggles, let's go over who suspects Shin Hyung's real identity now: Dae Han, Secretary Hong, Shin Hyung's sister, Shin Hyung's brother and his wife. For something so implausible, everyone sure catches on quiet fast.  

I am loving relationship between the father and son though. Dae Han can't help but respond to Shin Hyung's love for him but then Shin Hyung is also his competition for Ha Soo's affection so that poor boy is just in a mess of emotion when it comes to Shin Hyung. 

Episode 11

Over some drinks, Secretary Hong finally confesses her feelings to a stunned Dae Han. Completely embarrassed to accidentally exposed her feelings, Secretary Hong quickly takes off after telling Dae Han to just forget everything he heard that night... but obviously the shock has already set in for Dae Han. 
Ha! I thought for sure he knew all along. Guess he really had no clue.   
Still stuck on Ha Soo, Dae Han starts scaring himself with imagination of what it would be like if he has to put up with watching Shin Hyung and Ha Soo acting all sweetly as newly wed or worse yet, to have Ha Soo calling him "brother-in-law". 

Determined not to let his nightmare become reality, Dae Han follows Shin Hyung and interrupts his fishing date with Ha Soo. 
Thanks to Shin Hyung's help, Dae Han's improvement on the resort is seeing great improvement much to Lawyer Jung and Shin Hyung's siblings' disappointment. 

Using some sly underhand methods, Lawyer Jung is able negate all of Dae Han and the employees' hard work. Furious, Dae Han storms into Lawyer Jung's office but could do nothing since Lawyer Jung had the board of director's support.

Unable to stand seeing Dae Han struggling so hard, Secretary Hong strikes a deal with Lawyer Jung by promising to do whatever he wants if he would help Dae Han out in front of the directors. Poor girl, I sure hope Dae Han will at least give her a chance.
Knowing his time is fast approaching to an end, Shin Hyung does all he can to fulfill Ha Soo's five wishes. 

However, the more Shin Hyung spends time with Ha Soo the more he doesn't want to die, but ruthlessly his cell phone faithfully notifies him of his fleeting time (19 days by ep.10)... even when Shin Hyung takes the batteries out of it. 
Despite being competitors for Ha Soo's affection, Dae Han is still secretly happy when he finds out Shin Hyung had woken up early that morning to make seaweed soup personally for his birthday. Sheepishly, Dae Han goes into Shin Hyung's room still happy about the seaweed soup, and finds Shin Hyung stack of bucket list that includes items such as going on a trip with my son and making my son seaweed soup on his birthday. 
In the mean time, after leaving Dae Han's birthday party thanks to Shin Hyung's sibling's jeering words targeting her lowly status compare to Shin Hyung and Dae Han, Ha Soo realizes that maybe she really should leave Shin Hyung, especially considering the fact that the two "brothers" relationship might be torn apart by her presence. 

Shin Hyung chases after Ha Soo and hugs her from behind "Even if everything about me might be a lie, but my feelings towards you are real." 

Episode 12

A hour of great father and son interaction! With the clock ticking loudly to remind him of his impending demise, Shin Hyung focuses spending time with Dae Han. Via wall climbing (something Shin Hyung was against his son doing before) and shopping together, Shin Hyung and Dae Han's relationship quickly become closer than ever. 

Using some stratagem, Shin Hyung is able to easily destroy all the plans his brother had plotted. Of course, Lawyer Jung's deal with Secretary Hong also helped Shin Hyung's plan along.  
Depressed by his break up with Ha Soo, Shin Hyung loses his appetite and falls ill. A worried Dae Han finds out from Driver Sung that for some strange reason Ha Soo is the only one that seems to make Shin Hyung better when he is in pain. 

Dae Han meets with Ha Soo and asks her to get back together with Shin Hyung. Knowing Ha Soo is worried about how she would affect his relationship with Shin Hyung, Dae Han promises that he will end his crush on her and to keep having a good relationship with Shin Hyung. 
Dae Han storms into Lawyer Jung's office to demand how Secretary Hong has all the sudden moved department without his knowledge. An obviously upset Dae Han walks away with Secretary Hong looking pitifully after him. 

 Thanks to Dae Han's intervention, Shin Hyung is back working on realizing Ha Soo's five wishes. 
However, by chance Ha Soo picks up Shin Hyung's lantern wish paper and reads "I wish I could leave without leaving wounds." 
Shin Hyung's day is sure dwindling fast. I am kinda surprised he keeps dating Ha Soo, I wonder how he thinks he could leave without leaving wounds. Of course, I guess breaking up with Ha Soo would be causing wounds anyway. 

Our two leads' storyline aside, I am actually quite intrigued by Dan Han and Secretary Hong's storyline. Dan Han is certainly a lot more upset by Secretary Hong's "betrayal" than one would expect for someone who has no feelings towards her so maybe there is something more than he realizes? I do wish Secretary Hong would have a bit more fire to her personality though. Her personality seems a bit on the bland side to the extent I am not even sure why Lawyer Jung likes her so much. 

Episode 13
This is the episode where everyone tries to ignore the giant elephant in the room: the impending death of Shin Hyung. 

From the lantern wish, Shin Hyung wanting to fulfill her wishes, the emergency hospital trips and Dae Han worrying about Shin Hyung's health, Ha Soo can't help but be worried sick when Shin Hyung didn't show up to their movie date on time and couldn't be reached on his cell phone. 

Once Shin Hyung comes running to the theater after meeting with Lawyer Jung, he is chides Ha Soo for not going home and instead waited out in the cold for him. A bit desperately, Ha Soo holds Shin Hyung and tells him of her fear of not knowing what happened to him. 
Dae Han meets with Secretary Hong, convinced that she is only there to persuade him to give up his father's cruise ship resort business plan to Lawyer Jung. To Dae Han's surprise, Secretary Hong is only there to give him the secret file she has found while working for Lawyer Jung in order to help Dae Han keep the hotel. 

Dae Han "Why would you go to such length for me?" 
Instead of answering Dae Han's question, Secretary Hong just tells Dae Han to focus on stabalizing the hotel.  
Now that Dae Han realizes Secretary Hong didn't betray him, he can't stand having her keep sacrificing herself. Stopping Secretary Hong and Lawyer Jung in a restaurant, Dae Han drags Secretary Hong away with him. 

Calmly, Secretary Hong tells Dae Han "I am actually thankful to Lawyer Jung. I choose to think he gave me a way settle my heart... away from you."

Dae Han "I am sorry. I am sorry I didn't fall in love with you. And I don't want to lose you now. I will work really hard. Just believe me one more time." 

Bowing to the threat from Lawyer Jung to send everyone in Shin Hyung's family to prison for embezzlement, Shin Hyung decides to hand his cruise resort proposal over to Lawyer Jung. 

Looking after a gleeful Lawyer Jung driving away, Shin Hyung mutters to himself "It's going to be a big fall, Jung Yi Gun. What a waste." 
Worried about Shin Hyung, Dae Han meets with everyone he can think of, namely the hospital doctors and Driver Sung. Unfortunately, everything Dae Han finds seems to point to one thing: Shin Hyung doesn't have much time left. In fact, if his dad's old cell phone is right, Shin Hyung only has 7 days left.

Wanting to make the best of the time they have left, Dae Han and Secretary Hong kidnaps Shin Hyung and Ha Soo to go camping together. 
As the day of his impeding death gets closer and closer, Shin Hyung's body is changing as well. Looking in the mirror, Shin Hyung is shocked to see his veins underneath his skin lights up when he touches it. Dae Han walks in the room to find Shin Hyung in shock over what's happening to his body. In the midst of the chaos, Ha Soo calls and Dae Han picks up Shin Hyung's phone. Before Ha Soo can even get a sentence out, Shin Hyung collapses in pain amidst Dae Han's panic yells. 

Frantically, Dae Han yells "Shin Hyung! Shin Hyung!... Father! Father!" 

Even in his extreme pain, Dae Han's call of father registers with Shin Hyung and looking at Dae Han in earnest Shin Hyung manages through his pain "I am sorry.... my son. My son." 


Gosh, I am tearing up just from recapping that last scene. I am really glad that instead of putting all the focus on Ha Soo, the writer has chosen to spend a lot of time on the father and son relationship. It just seems realistic that while Shin Hyung might go gaga over his sweet love, as a father his biggest worry will forever be his son.

Episode 14

Fortunately, Shin Hyung's blood coughing pain was not life threatening, but Dae Han still uses the opportunity to feed his father breakfast personally. So awesome! 

The next day, ready to take on the world again, Shin Hyung shows up in front of Ha Soo hoping around to prove his health. 

Right back onto Ha Soo's wish list, Shin Hyung takes her ice skating and fulfills her last wish of watching cherry blossom with him. 

Watching all the paper cherry blossom Shin Hyung had made for her, Ha Soo's heart is heavy when she recounts the day when her father took her brother and her to the amusement park to fulfill their wish and losing her father shortly after. 

After traveling the world, searching for the answer to save Shin Hyung, Shin Hyung's doctor finally shows up with a medicine that just might allow Shin Hyung to keep living. 

Using the cruise ship proposal, Lawyer Jung is quickly racing towards his dream of destroying the Choi family and building up his own empire. However, Lawyer Jung's suspicion is quickly aroused when he over hears a cryptic conversation between Secretary Hong and Dae Han concerning Shin Hyung. Lawyer Jung calls his persecutor friend and asks him to find out if Chairman Choi and Shin Hyung's finger print matches.  

Apparently it's time for everyone to figure out the truth. Linking everything Shin Hyung has said to her in the past, Ha Soo starts to wonder the impossible.

At the same time, Shin Hyung rewatches the black box tape and realizes Ha Soo is the one that grasped his hand while he was dying. Deciding that is way past time for him to confess the truth, Shin Hyung ends up meeting Ha Soo at the exact same spot where they had the accident. 

Shin Hyung "I have something to tell you..."

Episode 15
Shin Hyung finds Ha Soo right at the location where he almost died as Chairman Choi. Ready to confess the whole truth to Ha Soo, Shin Hyung starts to talk but stops abruptly when he sees men in white suits appearing out of nowhere. Recognizing the white suit men as the same one that dragged him away in death, Shin Hyung frantically tries to shoo them away while screaming "I still have time left. Why are you here?!" 

Completely clueless of the reason Shin Hyung is seemingly screaming and waving his hands at empty spaces, Ha Soo allows herself to get dragged to Shin Hyung's car. Convinced that Shin Hyung is now having illusions due to his illness, Ha Soo makes Shin Hyung promises her that he will get the life saving operation. 

Life and death issue aside, Shin Hyung's battle with Lawyer Jung has only started. Lawyer Jung was able to confirm that Chairman Choi and Shin Hyung's finger prints are one and the same, but instead of guessing the truth, Lawyer Jung just thinks Shin Hyung has somehow faked his own identity using Chairman Choi's finger print. 

Hiding plenty of tricks up his sleeves, Shin Hyung starts his own offense by submitting evidences of Lawyer Jung and his persecutor friend's involvement in framing Chairman Choi with the 50 million won found in his car trunk. 
On Christmas Eve, Shin Hyung sets up a little celebration for Ha Soo's birthday and uses a puppet show to tell her goodbye. "Even without me, don't skip your meals. If you eat spicy tteokbokki, then you must, win first place. If you heart hurts, then don't forget to use Kon Kon Da magic words."
Of course a puppet confession always has to end with a kiss. 

Episode 16
With only a few hours left before his time is up, Shin Hyung stands on top of a bridge and takes out the vial his doctor gave him that supposedly contains another meteorite that could save him. Muttering "that you desire desperately you will lose," Shin Hyung tosses the vial off the bridge. 

Wearing the suit Ha Soo personally made for him, Shin Hyung lays on his bed to wait for the inevitable. In the mean time, Ha Soo opens the Christmas present she received from Shin Hyung and soon realizes something is terribly wrong once she reads Shin Hyung's apology for not keeping his promise with her. 

Midnight comes. As Shin Hyung lays on the bed with mysterious petals falling on him, Ha Soo is pounding on his locked door, begging him to come out.  

By the time Dae Han finds the key to open the bedroom door for Ha Soo, Shin Hyung is no where to be found. 
Watching Ha Soo frantically searching high and low for him, a now old Shin Hyung avoids meeting with her and texts "Go home, I promise I will be at the company celebration tomorrow." 

Dae Han and Driver Sung rushes home to find Shin Hyung turned back to his original self and tries to convince him to go to the hospital, but Shin Hyung insists on attending the company celebration in honor of Chairman Choi before he checks himself in to the hospital.  
Next day, Shin Hyung uses the perfect opportunity of being back to his former self to stage a "ghost" encounter with his families. Threatening to come back and hunt them on a daily bases if they refuse to change their behavior, Shin Hyung is satisfied when all of his families members quickly assures his "ghost" that they are truly repentant. Ha, that's hilarious. 
Making one last effort to not lose to Dae Han, Lawyer Jung uses his persecutor friend to trump up a charge for Secretary Hong, but the charge is quickly dropped when Shin Hyung comes up with a document signed personally by Chairman Choi to prove Secretary Hong's innocence. 

 Lawyer Jung proves that he is no match to his mentor after all. Surprisingly calm, Lawyer Jung hands Secretary Hong all the files he has been working on and as he is being lead away by the persecutors (not his friend), Lawyer Jung tells Dae Han to cherish Secretary Hong. 
Last to piece all the puzzles together, Ha Soo proves her theory with her own eyes when she finds Shin Hyung sitting on their favorite balcony. Looking at Shin Hyung, as Chairman Choi now, Ha Soo asks"Please explain all this to me in a way I can understand"

Instead of explaining, Shin Hyung apologizes to her for not having the courage to be honest with her. 

Holding Shin Hyung's hand, Ha Soo kisses his forehead and promises to find a solution together. (I have no idea why Shin Hyung turned young again here... I am guessing it's more a visual then what actually happened.)
When Ha Soo looks up from her kiss, Shin Hyung has disappeared. Whispering a promise, Ha Soo says "I will wait for you. I will pray." 

A year later... 
Driver Sung drags Dae Han off to tell him that after a year of ceaseless searching he has finally found Shin Hyung. 

Dae Han finds Shin Hyung at an elderly home... except Shin Hyung has absolutely no memory of who he is. 

Deciding to go forward with the pretense that Shin Hyung is his long lost brother, Dae Han hugs Shin Hyung in relieve. 
Invited by Dae Han to a special event held for her, Ha Soo shows up to find a room completely covered with photos of her and Shin Hyung's time together. 

Ha Soo turns around to find Shin Hyung standing right behind her. Turning around to face Ha Soo, Shin Hyung confesses to her that he has forgotten everything and has only found out his name that very day. 
Stunned to hear that he has forgotten everything about them, Ha Soo's face shows her disappointment. Trying to comfort Ha Soo, Shin Hyung tells her "If you are sad, try saying Kon Kon Da while patting your chest like this." 

Smiling a happy smile, Ha Soo replies "I know, I was the one that taught you that." 

Oh, before we say goodbye, we are rewarded with a scene of Dae Ha planting a kiss on Secretary Hong.


Seriously?!!! Did the writer decide to just toss her whole story to the gutter?? What happened to all the set up the writer did with Dae Han's meteorite. Hmm... I guess Dae Han did give it to Shin Hyung since it was suppose to bring miracles. Was that it?? I thought for sure we will get some explanation of the whole thing about Shin Hyung needing to "pay back" that could be tied to Dae Han's meteorite. 

Oh, well. At least we got a mostly happy ending. Over all, while this show wasn't perfect at all and certainly didn't reach any where near a crack drama for me, but I enjoyed watching Shin Hyung's journey to rediscover himself... of course he did forget everything in the end... I am just going to stop talking now.   

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  1. Yes, I thought it was a cop out to have Shin-hyung lose all his memories and essentially start afresh. However, given the show's track record, I was relatively satisfied with the convenient ending since there were some nice moments and at least all the characters lived. Plus it helps to not have high expectations :)