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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mr. Right Wanted (T-Drama) Trailer and Ep 1 & 2 First Impression

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This is the new show that is to take over the Friday night spot The Apple In Your Eye just vacated.

Story Synopsis

Sonia Sui plays a single woman who because of her job as the editor in chief of a publishing company, decides to publish a marriage ad, even though she has no intention of getting married.  

I usually like Sonia's work but this one is looking like one of those shows that drags out the question of "who is the right one" until the bitter end and I try to avoid those like crazy... OR I watch the ending first before I decide if I want to watch the show. I know, bad habit but I can't help it! 

First Impression after watching Ep 1 & 2

It was quite a bit better than I expected... does that sound bad? I really didn't mean that in a bad way. 

The story flowed and the characters were just dysfunctional enough to be intriguing. The characterization did feel rather grown up and thus a bit more brutal than I am used to in dramaland. 

Case in point, Sonia's character finds out that her boyfriend has been sleeping through most of her female employees and she calmly solves the press scandal for him and bans him from her house for a week before forgiving him. Even more ridiculous, the boyfriend uses the age old excuse "The one I love is you, and if you would just marry me then I wouldn't fool around anymore." 

To give the show some credit, Sonia's character does realize how silly she is if she actually falls for her boyfriend's lines.   

By the second episode, Sonia's character decides to put in a marriage wanted ad in the newspaper in order to gather material for a book. What follows is a parade of really weird men and strange encounters with one of them. 

The good news is that I think we have already met the guy who will win the heroine's heart in the first episode. The bad news is that I think she will have to kiss lots of frogs before she realizes who the prince is.  

I think this show might be a good one for those who likes drama that is not afraid to show the brutal truth of human relationships and a close look at how our own fears could perpetuate the very mistake we want to avoid. 

As for me, I am probably opting out of this one. Not too keen on watching frogs when there are plenty of them in real life. 

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  1. Hey, I recognise that Singaporean actor (the guy with salt and pepper hair)! I didn't realise he was in Taiwanese dramas now; actors from this little island are usually terrible, so it's rare to see them anywhere other than on local TV.

    Moving up in the world, I see. In a sizeable role too, good for him haha. Let me know how he does!