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Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode 14 Recap

Whine of the hour: Don't Go Dal Bong!!!! 
We pick back up from last episode where Shi Woo tells Hyun Wook that is time for him to let Se Na go then takes off with her. 

Wanting to cheer Se Na up, Shi Woo takes her to a comedy movie, but it obviously didn't work.  
Hyun Wook meets with Sung Jin and tries to casually asks what Sung Jin thinks of Shi Woo. Hyun Wook listens with a thoughtful look when Sung Jin tells him that Shi Wook is a really good kid with all things considered. 
With all the AnA high level managers urging him to consider changing out Se Na as Shi Woo's composer since Se Na hasn't been able to compose anything yet, Hyun Wook holds onto his ground and asks his people to trust him again. 

Hyun Wook meets with Shi Woo and tells him "If a composer can't let their emotions out, then she will have a hard time composing. You are the only one that can help her right now."

At first Shi Woo seems unwilling to accept any advice about Se Na from Hyun Wook, but perhaps realizing Hyun Wook might be the only one that knows how to help, Shi Woo hesitantly asks Hyun Wook to tell him specific strategies to help Se Na. 
Shi Woo takes Se Na to her favorite river side in hopes she will ease her mind on everything that has been bothering her... plus, he wants Se Na to think of him now when she comes back to the spot again. 

That seems wistful thinking on Shi Woo's part though, since the moment Shi Woo leaves for some drinks, Se Na starts to remember crying in Hyun Wook's embrace by the river side. 
Apparently the walk by the river did help Se Na and she starts working with Shi Woo in earnest. 

Watching Se Na and Shi Wook heads bend together hard at work, Hae Yoon asks Hyun Wook "Are you really okay with this?" 

Looking quite calm, Hyun Wook replies "My job is to help them succeed so why wouldn't I be okay with it?"
Se Na and Shi Woo has an unpleasant run in with Jae Young at the cafe. Without any inquiry from Se Na, Jae Young starts to tell Se Na how her sister would not have died if it wasn't for Hyun Wook's dating rumor with one of the young singer back then. 

Se Na tells Jae Young "Why are you telling me this when I haven't asked you any questions? Hearing things about my sister from you is really unpleasant for me." 

Despite Se Na's anger at Jae Young's uninvited words, the new information she heard does affect her and in frustration she vents towards Hyun Wook "I thought you loved my sister, I thought you helped me because of your love for her. But now I don't know who you are anymore. Why didn't you even come to her funeral?" 

Accepting Se Na's anger towards him, Hyun Wook only confesses that So Eun died because of him. 
Shi Woo and Se Na's new song vaults Shi Woo's stardom to a new height as Shi Woo's song takes the first place in the charts. 

Bursting with excitement, Shi Woo presents Se Na with flowers, a present (in a small jewelry like box) and an invitation to work with him on the rest of his up coming records. 

Hesitantly, Se Na tells Shi Woo that she is not planning to work with AnA anymore, so there is no chance they would work together again.  
Still upset with how Se Na could give up working with him just because of her unwillingness to face Hyun Wook, Shi Woo confesses him feeling towards Se Na on a live interview. 

Even though Shi Woo did not name Se Na on the interview, but by the time the interview has ended the internet is floating with Se Na's name and an intimate picture of two. (The picture is the same one that was taken when Shi Woo hurt his leg and was in the hospital.) 

Se Na meets with Shi Woo and chastise him for causing a scandal when his career is finally back on track. Shi Woo admits that he had no idea that his action would snowball to this extent but he has no regrets for confessing his feelings.  
After a flutter of emergency meetings with high level AnA staffs, Hyun Wook tells Se Na "We think it would be best for everyone if we release the news of you and Shi Woo dating tomorrow and a month from now we will follow up with a break up announcement." 

Mildly but with a slight unbelief in her voice Se Na asks "You think putting me and Shi Woo together is a good idea?"

Looking at Se Na with all the calm of a kind company president, Hyun Wook replies "Shi Woo is a good kid, so if you don't dislike him, then is not a bad idea to accept him."

Stoically, Se Na replies "Okay, I understand" and walks out.

Alone in his office, Hyun Wook's face finally shows the strain of his pretend casualness is causing him. 
Hyun Wook walks out of AnA to see Se Na inundated with questions from reporters. Quickly taking off his coat and putting it over Se Na while pulling her into his arm as a protective measure in one smooth move, Hyun Wook tells the reporters to back off and not to use any of the photos they have taken so far or AnA would pursue legal responsibilities. 

Pressing against Hyun Wook as she listens to him skillfully handles the reporters, Se Na can't help but feel something again. 
Looking at her friend Joo Hong's a bit hopelessly, Se Na mutters "Joo Hong, I think I have to move away from here in order to break off things with adjusshi."
Shi Woo meets with Se Na again to apologize for dragging her into a scandal with him, but asks that she give him a chance so maybe by the time the month is up maybe the breakup report doesn't have to go out after all. 
Sung Jin is speechless after realizing Hyun Wook has choosen to allow Se Na to believe all the lies she was told. Deciding he can't just be a causal bystander anymore, Sung Jin meets with Se Na and tells her the truth that 1. Hyun Wook never cheated on So Eun and 2. Hyun Wook did go to So Eun's funeral but Se Na's mom would not let him in. 
You guys ready for the sad part? 

That night when Se Na is walking home, Dal Bong all the sudden shows up out of nowhere to greet her. Except Se Na only had time to pat Dal Bong on the head before he collapses on the ground. 

Hyun Wook rushes to the pet hospital to find Se Na anxiously waiting in the lobby. 
The vet sends Dal Bong home with the heartbreaking words "Is better for him to die in familiar surroundings than here."

Instead of going home though, Hyun Wook and Se Na takes Dal Bong to the beach since this might be Dal Bong's last day. 

While watching Dal Bong looking out at the ocean, Se Na asks Hyun Wook why he never tried to explain himself to her. 

"Because Se Na did die because of me, so it is only right that you hate me." 

Looking at Hyun Wook struggling with his pain and guilt, Se Na asks "What are you going to do if even Dal Bong is gone?"

Of course, the second she said that, Dal Bong turns to look at them with one last look before he slowly lays down. 

Patting Dal Bong gently, Hyun Wook cries.
That night, Hyun Wook sits in his yard wallowing in his loneliness and sorrow, Se Na shows up again with the puppy head. 

Se Na "Dal Bong wanted me to tell you that he is with So Eun now."
Se Na wipes away Hyun Wook's tears and gently tells him "don't cry anymore."

Turning towards Se Na, Hyun Wook pulls her into an embrace and confesses "I miss you. I miss you so much that I can't take it anymore. I don't know what to do..."


I was sure surprised SBS decided to air all three episodes this week. It was like an early Christmas... except now I have to recap three episodes in two days. 

It was nice to have Hyun Wook confess his true feeling in the last scene since for the most of this hour he has tried so hard to put himself as a real daddy long leg who can send Se Na off to her new romance with a peaceful heart. Of course, I think Hyun Wook has always knew who Se Na likes even if Shi Woo for all intents and purposes is a better choice for Se Na. Unless Hyun Wook does his rescue "damsel in distress" act again, then... Shi Woo? Who?


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