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Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode 15 Recap

Chant of the hour: Don't do it!!! Se Na!

After some hugging and heartfelt confession from Hyun Wook that he really missed her, Se Na orders Hyun Wook to bed... and leaves after he falls asleep. (sigh, that sentence had a promising start.) 
The next morning, Se Na goes to visit her sister and with a sense of acceptance but also hopelessness tells So Eun that "I really like ajusshi. I am sorry, unni. Can you forgive me?"
Finally made up their mind to be with one another no matter what, Hyun Wook calls Se Na from the front of her house only to find out that Se Na is also waiting for him at his house.

Running to meet each other, Hyun Wook tells Se Na "I can't let you go" and in reply Se Na also admits "I don't think I can let you go as well."
Group hug! 
All sweet again, Hyun Wook and Se Na fights over steam buns ... (drool!) and Se Na buys Hyun Wook a puppy stuff animal to help Hyun Wook when he misses Dal Bong.
Se Na meets with Shi Woo and gives back the present he gave her and gently tells him that she can't reciprocate his feelings.
Se Na offers to cook for Hyun Wook to which he emphatically tells her she really should concentrate on composing.

Se Na "Is my cooking really so bad?"
Hyun Wook "Well, not everyone can be great at everything..."
President Lee pays his son a surprise visit and ends up meeting Se Na. Happy to see his son finally dating, President Lee asks all the questions a busybody parent would of Se Na.

Shi Woo treats Se Na to a meal of ... Ramen and over this impressive meal of instant noodle Shi Woo tells Se Na that "I am not going to give up liking you. No matter how I think about it, your relationship with President Lee (Hyun Wook) is going to have more pain than happiness."
True to Shi Woo's words, President Lee finds out from Jae Young (who's surprised?) that Se Na is actually So Eun's sister.

President Lee meets with Se Na and tells her that even though he has sworn off interfering in his son's love affairs, but Se Na will simply not do. President Lee pleads with Se Na to leave Hyun Wook, because with her around, Hyun Wook will never truly forget what happened with So Eun. Moreover, President Lee asks one important question "If Hyun Wook keep dating you, can't you imagine already what kind of talk he will face?"
After talking to Se Na, President Lee marches into Hyun Wook's office and the father and son has a big argument which ended with President Lee passing out.

Se Na finds out from Hae Yoon about President Lee and rushes to the hospital only to hide in the corner and watches Hyun Wook waiting anxiously with his family.
President Lee's "mistress" shows up to visit him, and finally explains that as a greedy trainee she slept with a man in high power hoping to make her path to stardom easier. President Lee has always felt guilty for putting her in that situation and has taken upon himself to help her and her son.
Hyun Wook goes back home to find Se Na and her roommates waiting for him with all of Se Na's music equipment. Using a variety of trumped up reason, Se Na's friends moves her stuff into Hyun Wook's living room.
Se Na showing off that she gets to touch Hyun Wook as much as she wants.

The next day, Se Na takes Hyun Wook on a shopping spree to buy couple outfits. The two love birds swears to not spend a single second apart for the rest of the day, but that plan soon changed when a phone call takes Hyun Wook away to see his dad.
President Lee feebly waves Hyun Wook to his side when he arrives, and Hyun Wook can hardly contain his emotion as he holds his father's hand.
Shi Woo calls Se Na out to tell her that he is leaving on a tour for six month and wanted say goodbye. Strangely, instead of keeping a careful distance from Shi Woo as she has done so far, Se Na asks Shi Woo to take a picture together. Not one to miss any opportunity, Shi Woo plants a kiss on Se Na's face just when the camera goes off.
Se Na treats her friends to a nice cafe with strange words such as "You guys needs to be well and stay together."

Lying in bed together (with nothing happening... WHY?! HOW?!), Se Na asks Hyun Wook "Did you come back to Seoul for me? And AnA too?"

When Hyun Wook answered in affirmative, Se Na tells him "I want you to stop doing things for me now. I want you to listen to music, compose again. I want ajusshi to turn back to the person before those things happened. Turn back to the real you."
When Se Na is falls asleep, Hyun Wook falteringly tries to put his fingers to the keyboard. Eventually, what has failed so many time before finally succeeded. Hyun Wook begins to play a few notes.
Se Na wakes up to see the thrilling sight of Hyun Wook composing. When Hyun Wook would've stopped, Se Na encourages he to continue.

Hyun Wook turns to Se Na and tells her "For you, I wanted to write a song for you. I didn't think I would ever compose again."

Hyun Wook kisses Se Na. Looking at Hyun Wook, Se Na tells him "I love you."
Hyun Wook "I love you. More than you do."


Sigh... I was REALLY hoping we weren't going to go with Se Na doing her disappearing act. I can't tell you how excited I was when Se Na's friends moved her stuff into Hyun Wook's house. I thought "Wow, didn't see that coming. A new way of handling crisis in K-drama, who would've thought!" Of course, I was wrong. Apparently, there are no new way of handling crisis in K-drama land. 

I was really happy to see Hae Yoon has FINALLY given up on Hyun Wook for real and is even careful not to do things that will make Hyun Wook think she is still hanging her hopes on him. A true cool second female lead! 


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