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Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode 16 (The End) Recap

Question of the hour: Can we make it mandatory that all script writer go to a seminar on "How to write good and satisfying endings?"

Hyun Wook comes home to find a single note on the piano "Ajusshi, I am sorry. I worry that my presence is making your life harder. So I don't have the confidence to be by your side anymore. Why don't we be apart for a while. Just because I am not by your side, it doesn't mean our hearts are finished." 

Hyun Wook chases Se Na to the train station, but arrives just in time to see the train pulling away. 

A Year Later...
Shi Woo, obviously doing really well in his career comes back from another overseas tour and asks Hae Yoon (CEO of AnA now) to not schedule so many overseas tours for him. 
Surprisingly we find Hyun Wook, now once again a successful composer working as a radio DJ. A listener calls in for a song recommendation for his girlfriend who is hiding because she is angry. Without much empathy, Hyun Wook replies "Why do you need to worry about a girl who disappears. You should just take this chance to break up with her."

Omo, does he really think that?! 

Interestingly, when the co-host asks Hyun Wook to write a song for her, Hyun Wook replies "I guess you didn't hear. I don't work with female singers." 
Interesting... is it because he doesn't want what happened with So Eun to happen with Se Na? 
Coming out of the studio, Hyun Wook sees Jae Young begging a producer for an opportunity to put his talents on the show. Obviously not doing well, Jae Young still greets Hyun Wook with a snide remark that things are going well with Hyun Wook's life. 

Feeling sorry to see Jae Young's composing talent going to waste, Hyun Wook tells Jae Young to consider giving up his business dealings and to go back to his roots. 

Hae Yoon calls Hyun Wook in to ask him to be a composer for Shi Woo. Pouting, both boys complains about working with one another. 

Shi Woo taunts Hyun Wook about not knowing where Se Na is and Hyun Wook fires back that he has no reason to know where Se Na is. 
Boy, he sure is acting like everything is in the past.
We finally get to see where Se Na is. Working at a diner, Se Na apologizes to the diner adjumma for taking two days off work to go to Seoul. 

Arriving at Joo Hong's, Se Na greets her friend who is already visibly pregnant. Joo Hong tells Se Na that her boyfriend Gong Chul ended up becoming Shi Woo's manager after Shi Woo tirelessly showed up their house everyday to look for Se Na. In contrast, Hyun Wook has never shown up and has even moved away from his house. 
Thinking Hyun Wook's house is now empty, Se Na goes to the house and walks in when she found the door unlocked. 

Of course, Hyun Wook choose that very moment to come back to the house to compose. (He doesn't live there, but does all his composing there.) Quickly, Se Na hides and waits for Hyun Wook to finish composing. 
Se Na starts to leave the house after watching Hyun Wook takes off but ends up being caught red handed when Hyun Wook runs back in to get something he has forgotten. 
Incredulous to find Se Na standing in his yard, Hyun Wook asks Se Na why she would show up after disappearing a year ago. Se Na apologizes and tell him that she was only passing by and would not have came in if she knew Hyun Wook would be there. Even more furious now to know Se Na was only "passing by", Hyun Wook tells Se Na "I don't even know what I am saying anymore. Leave please." 
Back at Joo Hong's Se Na tells her friend that Hyun Wook acts like a stranger now and wonders if this will really be an end for the two of them. 

Calming down after his initial shock of seeing Se Na, Hyun Wook chides himself for being too harsh on Se Na. 
On the same day Shi Woo is jokingly threatening to fire Gong Chul for not bringing him any information on Se Na, Gong Chul finds out from Joo Hong that Se Na has come to visit. 

Shi Woo charges right to Joo Hong's house and yells at Se Na for leaving without saying anything. 
Gloating, Shi Woo tells Hyun Wook that he has already asked Se Na to be his personal composer again. Seeing Hyun Wook's surprised face, Shi Woo taunts Hyun Wook "from now on, you could come to me to find out what Yoon Se Na is up to." 

Hyun Wook pulls some strings and gets Se Na to come meet him under a pretense. Hyun Wook apologizes to Se Na for his harsh words the day before and asks Se Na how she has been doing. The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Hyun Wook starts to get worked up when he realized Se Na has been working at a diner. "You have gone back to the way you were before you met me!" Hyun Wook yelled. 

Even more angry, Se Na yells back "What's wrong with working at a diner. You call me here to apologize to you for that?" 

Se Na storms off leaving Hyun Wook alone.
Hyun Wook whines to Sung Jin "I don't know what's wrong. I want to hold onto her, I want her to stay but when I see her all the wrong things come out." 

Nodding with understanding, Sung Jin comforts Hyun Wook that he still has one last killer weapon he hasn't used "Your music." 
Conjuring up an excuse that he lost a most precious pen that has been passed down from his ancestors, Hyun Wook gets Se Na to go over to his house to help him find the "lost" pen. 

Just when it looks like Hyun Wook is finally going to tell Se Na how he really feels, a surprise visit from his dad and Hae Yoon scares Se Na off. 
Se Na goes to see Shi Woo to bid him a farewell since she always felt bad for not saying goodbye last time. 

Shi Woo "Next time when you come back, come back to to me." 
The boy has stamina for sure. 
Ready to try out Sung Jin's suggestion, Hyun Wook finishes the song he has been composing for Se Na, buys a big bouquet of flower, and asks Joo Hong to bring Se Na to his house that night for a big surprise. 

However, before Hyun Wook can carry out his plan, he gets a text from Joo Hong in the middle of his radio program that Se Na is already on her way to the train station. 
Stunned to find out that Se Na is leaving once again, Hyun Wook finally snaps to action by taking over the radio program by confessing his feelings live on air. 
A radio in a bakery cart in the train station all the sudden turns on by itself as Se Na walks by the shop. Unni! I knew you would show up! 

Hearing Hyun Wook's voice, Se Na mutters "Ajusshi?" 

On the radio, Hyun Wook confess his true feelings "Se Na, I don't know if you can hear me but I believe if we are meant to be then somehow you will hear this. This past year without you, was really scary to me. So I really wanted to complain. But what I really wanted to say was to hold onto you, I wanted you to say with me." 

And Hyun Wook and Se Na's eyes meet each other's across the crowd... 

Hyun Wook mutters "I am late aren't I. I missed you." 


The end... really? Why don't they ever leave enough time to tell some of the "after" story?! As a viewer after watching the two leads pining after each other for a whole hour I really would like some time to see them together.

Anyhow, the ending was... not bad, not good, but not bad either. I really would have rather if either Hyun Wook or Se Na been the one to purposefully search the other one out. In my view, it should have been Se Na's move since she was the one to leave a note saying they should part temporarily, so it stands to reason she should have been the one to come back and show she is ready to face things together with Hyun Wook. 

Plus what's up with Se Na working at a diner??! Seriously? Her dream is to be a composer and she proved herself with Shi Woo so why would she go back to working at a diner? She could have used a alias if she REALLY didn't want Hyun Wook to find her (not that it sounded like he tried) but the last thing I wanted to see was my heroine not working on her dream for a guy... even if he looks like Rain. 

If you guys can't tell, I chose to skip most of President Lee and his wife's storyline for the simple fact I just don't understand where the writer was going with that. I think it was suppose be for comedian purposes but it just come off wrong since President Lee turns out not to be jerk, in fact he seems to care a lot about his wife but now the wife seems to be the one having a little side romance? The whole thing just kind of detract from the story, so most of the time I just chose to have amnesia when it comes to their scenes.  
It was a nice feeling to watch Jae Young's business fail and to have him admit that Hyun Wook has succeeded both as the president of AnA and as a composer. I am not sure how I feel about Hyun Wook talking Hae Yoon into giving Jae Young an opportunity to work with AnA again. That just seems to be a poor business practice to take back someone who has stabbed you in the back repeatedly and who by the way still doesn't seem to feel any remorse about it. But oh, well. I am starting to be convinced most writer has a soft spot for their villains. 

All in all, My Lovely Girl was a really enjoyable watch for me. It didn't pull any surprise punches and I didn't expected any. I went in expecting a good old K-drama romantic tale with all it's pit falls and that's what I got.  


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