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Friday, November 21, 2014

Pinocchio Ep1-4 First Impression

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Synopsis: The story centers around our two leads' foray into the broadcasting world and their struggle to remain true in a career that relies on deception.

 Choi Dal Po (Ki Ha Myeong)
After losing his whole family due to reporters using his own family's tragedy as a way to create sensationalism , Dal Po thought he would avoid the broadcasting world at all cost but he ends up becoming the a year reporter when In Ha decides to be one.
 Choi In Ha
A daughter of a famous reporter, who has Pinocchio Syndrome - meaning she will hiccup whenever she lies. Estranged from her mom for the last ten years, In Ha's dream is follow her mother's step.
 Seo Bum Jo 
A first year reporter who despite his rich background follows In Ha into the broadcasting company because he has been receiving In Ha's text for years. (In Ha thought she was texting her mom, but it was Bum Jo instead.)
First Impression

OH, my, very very sad... BUT really well done. It was truly heartbreaking to watch Dal Po's family fall apart.

The pacing of this show so far is great and even though the first two episodes are set ups but one just can't help but be drawn right into the story. The two leads kinda has a Romeo and Juliet relationship in that In Ha's mom is the main reporter that is responsible for Dal Po's family tragedy. Dal Po falls in love with In Ha but obviously also has a wee problem with the fact In Ha is his enemy's daughter.

I am really liking the story set up, conflict and the chemistry between the two leads. If there is one thing that I feel is kinda weak is the second leads. Granted, we haven't been given a lot of time to get to know them yet, but they just feel kinda weak right off the bat.


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