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Friday, November 14, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Episode 3-4 Mini Recap

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Episode 3
Just when our team of prosecutors is ready to work on their big drug case, Director Moon's boss shows up with an unpleasant edict for the team to hand over the drug case to the drug team...unless they can come up with their own budget to do their sting operation.
Back at the boarding house, the ever helpful Kang Soo gets all flustered by Yeol Moo's closeness while fixing an outlet in her room. The boardinghouse gramma chases both boys out of Yeol Moo's room and forbids them to enter her room.

The next morning, Yeol Moo refuses Dong Chi's offer to ride to the office together. When the two meet each right in front of the office their usual bantering starts again.
Yeol Moo "Why don't just chase me out?"
Dong Chi "Are you kidding? Thanks to you, I am having a ball lately."
It's Yeol Moo's turn to get all flustered. 
Yeol Moo receives a case involving the death of a little girl in an orphanage. Everything seems to point to the little girl's death as a simple accident, but little inconsistencies keeps nagging at Yeol Moo. 

During the investigation, Yeol Moo meets the girl's little brother who is also at the orphanage. The little boy triggers a series of flash back of Yeol Moo's own little brother and the traumatic past of her brother's death.

Seeing the little boy makes the case personal for Yeol Moo, so when Director Moon orders her to immediately close the case as an accident, Yeol Moo loses control and goes head to head with the director.

Dong Chi chases down Yeol Moo and tries to figure out why she is getting so emotional involved.
Yeol Moo "No one ever remember those children except their mom and their family. Do you know my brother's name? His name is Han Byeul!"

Hearing Han Byeul's name trigger something in Dong Chi and he races back to his office. Unlocking the very drawer that Yeol Moo couldn't open the other night, Dong Chi pulls out a file that has Han Byeul's name on it.

Episode 4

Always extremely quick in connecting the dots, Dong Chi figures out that Yeol Moo has been searching for the brown torn piece of paper she has seen in his law book that made her leave so suddenly four years ago. 

The next morning, Dong Chi delivers the torn piece of paper right into Yeol Moo's hand and asks "This is what your were searching for in my desk the first day you were here. Now that you have it, does it change anything? What am I to you now?" 

Yeol Moo just numbly looks at the paper in her hand. Not getting an answer from her, Dong Chi orders Yeol Moo to get her mind back on the case at hand. 

Dong Chi and Yeol Moo finds a surveillance tape of the little girl seemingly sleep walking like the orphanage director claimed. Not finding anything to substantiate misconduct on the orphanage director's part, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo is just about to give up on the case, when the little girl's father happens to see the tape and realizes the little girl is using sign language to say "Help Me!" 
From there, the team is quickly able to figure things out and apprehend the orphanage director for abuse and for causing the death of the little girl. 

Yeol Moo's persistence in this case earns her a begrudging respect from Director Moon. However, Yeol Moo finds out despite how much pressure Director Moon was putting on her to dismiss the case, Director Moon was also the one who secretly gave her some confidential materials to help her with the case.  
Yeol Moo goes back home to find her mom already there. The mother and daughter gets into another fight when Yeol Moo tries to get her mom to accept that her son is gone and will never come back again. Driving a nail into Yeol Moo's heart, Mama Han yells "It was your fault! If you had let Han Byeul follow you to school, he wouldn't have died!" 
A tired Dong Chi comes home and calmly Yeol Moo hands him back the torn piece of paper he gave him AND another piece that matches it. 

Yeol Moo "You studied well." (The paper was a report card) 
With his hands shaking a bit as he held the two matching pieces of paper, Dong Chi replies"I was going to studying medicine."
Yeol Moo "I see. But... why did you kill him?"

With one swift move, Dong Chi flips over the papers and in a child's hand writing "Save Me" is written on it. 
Dong Chi looks at Yeol Moo with shock and hurt in his eyes. 


Well, I guess we know why Yeol Moo didn't keep dating him now. Boy, the girl sure has been plotting for a long time for her revenge but I wonder if she really believe Dong Chi is the killer.  I do feel bad for Yeol Moo. If she really believes Dong Chi is the killer then she must hate herself for being attracted to Dong Chi even knowing what she knows. 

Obviously our hero is not going to be the killer, but he must feel some sort of responsibility or he wouldn't have changed his vocation choice from medicine to being prosecutor. Moreover, it looks like he is still looking into Han Byeul's case on his own, judging from the case file that he kept locked up in his drawer. 

Can I just take a second to lament the hard choice one faces as a viewer when I am presented with an awesome male lead AND a cute puppy like second lead?! It doesn't help when the cute puppy can fight like Bruce Lee and looks so cool doing it too! 

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  1. i cannot stand the girl character, she's way too extreme