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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Episode 5-6 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: How can you the trust that face?!

With one single question of "Why did you killed my younger brother?"from Yeol Moo, Dong Chi can only stares at her in stunned silence.
Yeol Moo "Did you kill him?"
Dong Chi "No. What are you going to do now?"

With no idea how to answer Dong Chi's question, Yeol Moo turns and goes back to her room in a daze.
Back in his own room, Dong Chi becomes immersed in his memory of what happened on that fateful day. An excited young Dong Chi goes to his father's work place (a factory) to show his dad his report card, but instead of his dad he finds a strange man. The man forcefully sends Dong Chi away by tearing his report card in half and throwing the two pieces of paper in different directions. Yeol Moo's brother, held hostage by the man writes a "Save Me" note on the half of Dong Chi's report card he picked up and showed it to Dong Chi from where he was being held.

When the man tries to drown Yeol Moo's brother, Dong Chi saves him. However, in his hurry to get away Dong Chi slips and falls unconscious from the impact. When Dong Chi comes to, the little boy he held in his arm was gone.
The next day, Yeol Moo and Dong Chi revisits the elephant in the room again - is Dong Chi the killer or not? It becomes apparent that both Yeol Moo and Dong Chi know there is no evidence to pin Dong Chi down as the killer... at least any that would hold up in court. 
Yeol Moo admits that she knows full well that she has virtually nothing on Dong Chi. "I know, I know it all. But step by step, I still came this far. Why? Do I look pathetic?"

Dong Chi "No, You look hurt." 
Emotional crisis aside, is time for a new case. Dong Chi and Yeol Moo goes to a crime scene where a woman was found dead hanging in a public bathroom stall with a yellow scarf. 

Shaken from her first crime scene and still unsettled from her show down with Dong Chi, Yeol Moo has nothing to say when Dong Chi chides her from being unfocused. Patiently, Dong Chi teaches Yeol Moo what to do and tells her to sharpen her skills if she wants to catch her criminal. 
Dong Chi, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo works on a sting operation and ends up cornering what they thought was a Chinese drug transporter. The drug transporter starts wielding a knife wildly.

In the midst of the struggle, Kang Soo ends up falling into the ocean with the drug transporter. Kang Soo surface right away in the water, but a pool of blood spreads from the other guy. 

In the ending scene with see Kang Soo standing in front of Chang Gi (his neighborhood ajusshi) and sobs "I killed someone." 

Episode 6
Soon, the police comes to take Kang Soon into custody. 

Back in the office, Director Moon is having a yelling feast over how messy of a situation they have gotten themselves in. Turns out, the drug transporter probably died from his heart giving out not from trauma but the media will have a field day with the death anyway. 

When Director Moon finds out that drug transporter also had a cracked rib he goes off on "Did you not know drug dealers have weak bones?! They break with the slightest push. Not chasing them is the basic knowledge. Even if you don't chase them, half of them will fall on their own."
Ha Ha! We should put that on a drug campaign poster.
Angry over how ready Director Moon is to push Kang Soo out as the scapegoat, Yeol Moo gets into an argument with Dong Chi. 
Dong Chi "Can't you trust me?"
Yeol Moo "No, I can't trust you."
Dong Chi "Why? Because I could be your killer?"
Silence from Yeol Moo.
Dong Chi with a snicker "Are you vicious or are you crazy? You spend whole day with a criminal, making eye contact with him and talking to him while being sober. Is that possible? Put a hand over your heart and try to figure it out. Am I a criminal to you or not?" 
Director Moon checks up on Dong Chi who is working through the night on Kang Soo's case. Dong Chi laughs when Director Moon asks "how are we going to get our Kang Soo out?" It's so funny that he only seems to ever show his cards to Dong Chi and hides all of them from Yeol Moo. 

Director Moon goes to the parking lot and finds Chang Gi already there waiting for him. Chang Gi meekly tells Director Moon that he will do whatever Director Moon needs. Director Moon with a evil laugh comments on how he has found Chang Gi's achilles heel in Kang Soo. 

In a flash back from Chang Gi we find out that Director Moon and Chang Gi actually knew each other years ago. In the flash back we see Chang Gi driving late at night with Director Moon and hits a woman with his car. 
The next morning Yeol Moo finds Dong Chi asleep at his desk. With a easy manner, Dong Chi teases Yeol Moo but Yeol Moo is not amused.
Yeol Moo "Even if I put a hand on my heart it still says you are the criminal."
Dong Chi "Isn't that what you want to believe or all your effort to catch me will be in vain. I know how you feel, but just stop so you are not sad anymore." 
Yeol Moo "How can I stop? I can't prove you are the killer but I can't prove you are not either? So how can I stop?"
In a strange turn of events, the dead drug transporter ends up being a serial killer that the police have thought to be dead and his death is connected to the death of the woman in the public bathroom. Piecing the puzzles together, the female drug dealer Yeol Moo bought the drugs from in ep 2. surfaces as the link between the two death. 

Dong Chi believes the female drug dealer is the killer but Director Moon believes another rival drug dealer is the killer. Without hesitation, Yeol Moo supports Dong Chi in front of the director. 
Just when Dong Chi and Yeol Moo is off running to apprehend the two different drug dealers, the female drug dealer surprises everyone by turning herself in. 

With the cases solved, and Kang Soo proven innocent Director Moon practices his press conference speech in his office when his boss casually walks in and gets him to agree to let her do the press conference instead. In return, Director Moon's boss agrees to call in favors to get Kang Soo released quickly. 
With both drug dealers in custody, Yeol Moo and Dong Chi meets back in their office. Finally with time to ask the vital question that has been weighing on her mind, Yeol Moo asks "So why is Song Ah Reum (the female drug dealer) the killer?" 
Dong Chi "You don't even know the reason and you said "yes" to the director? You got guts." 
Yeol Moo "You said she was the culprit."
Dong Chi "So just because I think she is the one so you think so too? You said you don't believe me?"
Yeol Moo "I am not vicious or crazy. Is just... I am wavering."
Dong Chi "So you are just going to keep wavering? I do have evidence that I am not the culprit. Do you want to see?"
With a firm determination, Yeol Moo takes two steps towards Dong Chi. 

And Dong Chi kisses her.


Alleluia! I thought the kiss would never come. Every time those two ends up in the same room I just want to lock them in a room together. Of course I am not sure how the kiss would stand up in court as evidence.., but whose complaining. 

I am surprised how many secrets was revealed to us as the viewer in this episode. I thought for sure they will drag out the mystery if Dong Chi is the killer or not... but I guess we couldn't really have Dong Chi kissing Yeol Moo if we didn't settle that question first. 

Of course, the answer only brought more question like what did Yeol Moo's brother saw that got him killed or even why didn't the man kill Dong Chi while he was at it? 

I do feel bad for Yeol Moo who seems so eager to hold onto the one possibility that she could avenge her brother's death but on the other hand she can't help but trust Dong Chi with her heart. However, I feel even worse for Dong Chi whose failure to save a little boy changed his whole life and even loses him the girl he likes. 


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