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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Episode 8-9 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Puzzles!!! How can I get so many answers that just brings out more questions??
Dying with the burning desire to know why Dong Chi thinks the killer is a prosecutor, Yeol Moo bursts into Dong Chi's room with the declaration "I can't wait anymore!" Not one to miss any opportunity to tease Yeol Moo, Dong Chi chases Kang Soo off by telling him that he should make himself scarce when a woman comes to find his hyung with the declaration of "I can't wait anymore."

Dong Chi takes Yeol Moo to the office and shows her all the files he has collected over the years. However, it all just begs the question of why would a prosecutor go to all that trouble to hurt a little boy?
Prosecutor Lee Jang Won is stuck at work with his assistant, Gwang Mi going over a case that Director Moon specifically ordered him to look into. Jang Won meets with a man who is accusing several bigwigs of corruption by allowing an unqualified man to be hired into a big elite company. Short on patience, Jang Won tells the man to stop blaming other people for his own lack of effort and dismisses the case.

The accuser follows Jang Won to a dance club and while Jang Won is busy talking to Gwang Mi (who just happens to be partying at the same club) the man takes off with Jang Won's bag that contains several of his case documents.

Knowing full well if those case documents were to leak out then he would certainly lose his job, Jang Won has no choice but to go begging the accuser for the documents' return. The man refuses Jang Won and tells him that he will only return the documents if Jang Won starts investigating the corrupt officials.

Jang Won goes to Dong Chi for help who just happens to have some information handy on a few of the bigwigs Jang Won needs to look into.
In the mean time, Director Moon goes to a dinner with some high level officials and one lawyer who goes the extra length to put a box of bribery in Director Moon's trunk.
The next morning, Director Moon takes the time to question Kang Soo casually about his family... specifically his parents.
Dong Chi takes Yeol Moo to his father's house and while the two is waiting for Dong Chi's dad to show up, Yeol Moo takes the opportunity to ask Dong Chi to look into Han Byeul's case.

With a sly smile, Dong Chi replies "I can't do it for free..."
Yeol Moo "Then do you want money?"
Dong Chi "I want your heart. Let's date."

Dong Chi's dad shows up before Yeol Moo can anwser.
Dong Chi finds a box containing the pair of shoes he found at the crime scene and hand is to Yeol Moo saying "It's Han Byeul's"

Opening the box, Yeol Moo looks at Dong Chi and says "These are not Han Byeul's." WHAT??!
The scene cuts to Kang Soo waking up from a nightmare in bed whiling gasping desperately for breath.

Episode 9
Yeol Moo apologizes to Dong Chi for spending so much time hating him when all this time he was only a witness and a witness of a completely different crime than Han Byeul's for that matter. 

Dong Chi laughs the apology off and says "At least this way it made you remember me all this time."

As the two talks, Dong Chi brings up a vital question "Are you sure that child in that burnt down building was Han Byeul?" It finally dawns on Yeol Moo that without an autopsy they really couldn't be sure it was Han Byeul that died. 
In case you didn't catch it at the end of episode 8, the show cuts to Kang Soo again showing him having flash backs of drowning in water. 
That night while Kang Soo stares after Yeol Moo like a lost puppy, it finally hits Dong Chi that Kang Soo might like Yeol Moo after all. 

Dong Chi asks Kang Soo straight out if he likes Yeol Moo. Not shying away from the question, Kang Soo admits his feelings. Smiling at Kang Soo's answer, Dong Chi gallantly tells Kang Soo they will just compete and see who wins out in the end. Before Dong Chi leaves though he does make sure one important thing "This is not going to end with you not wanting to see me anymore right?" 

Kang Soo "Of course not, Hyung is still hyung."
Dong Chi "It's okay then."  

Later that night, Dong Chi goes over the notebook on Han Byeul's case with Yeol Moo while making sure they are in full view from Kang Soo's window. Kang Soo spies on Dong Chi and Yeol Moo and complains to Chang that Dong Chi is doing this on purpose. 
After running around all day trying to chase after his lost documents, Jang Won is surprised to receive a delivery at the office containing all his documents. Realizing the man never meant to use the documents to threaten him for long since he mailed it the same day he took it, Jang Won can't help but starts to have some respect for the struggles of those who works so hard but receive so little in return.

Jang Won goes drinking with Gwang Mi and suddenly steals a kiss from her. Gwang Mi slaps Jang Won right away, but then pulls him back for another kiss by saying "If you are going to do it, then do it properly." Ha, she is so sassy.  
The next morning the whole team meets with Director Moon who all the sudden changes his tune and encourages everyone to spend time chasing the corruption cases. Suspicious right away of the Director's sudden change, Dong Chi tells him that "I just don't like to be a pawn for the fight between the big people" Director Moon however, tells Dong Chi that if he won't walk away from a case just because it benefits certain bigwigs then he just needs to smile and do his job. 
True to his promise to Yeol Moo, Dong Chi starts investigating Han Byeul's case again. Kang Soo is also called in to help but when Kang Soo sees the description of Han Byeul wearing a yellow coat and Han Byeul's birth date, he quickly excuses himself and runs home. 

Kang Soo goes home and pulls out a box containing a child's yellow jacket. 
Director Moon receives an envelope from the lawyer that tried to bribe him the last time. (He returned the money the last time). The envelope contains a document detailing an adoption and a news clipping of an accident years ago. Director Moon meets with Chang Gi (Kang Soo's neighborhood ajusshi) and hands him the envelope. 

While Kang Soo is at home asking his grandma "Who am I?" Director Moon is asking Chang Gi "Who is Kang Soo?" 

In a flash back we see the same accident that a younger Director Moon and Chang Gi was involved in. A woman was hit by the car Chang Gi was driving and a young boy wearing a yellow jacket gasp with horror. 


Oh, my so much information but I am still so confused. 

  • Is Kang Soo actually Han Byeul?? 
  • Who did Dong Chi actually save? 
  • Did Chang Gi actually killed someone? 
  • How is Director Moon involved in all this? Is this guy actually good or bad? 
All those big mysteries aside... 

Why did Dong Chi all the sudden pause when he was about to touch Yeol Moo's head and sits back with a somber expression?? Does Kang Soo liking Yeol Moo as well putting pressure on him? He doesn't seem like the type to back down from a competition so is there something else that makes him feel like he all the sudden can't approach Yeol Moo? 

So many questions ... but it's so awesome! 


  1. while a prosecutor could be a persecutor; a persecutor may not necessarily be a prosecutor.

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