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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Epsiode 7 Mini Recap

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We rewind a little back from the end of Episode 6 with one extra line from Dong Chi that makes the kiss a lot more sense ... not that there needs to be any logic for kisses mind you.
Dong Chi "If I was the culprit then there is one thing I couldn't do. Do you want me to show you?"
And that's how we ended up with the kiss.

Taking the kiss in full stride, Yeol Moo responds by asking "Was my brother scared?" 

Yeol Moo concedes that Dong Chi might not have been the killer, but there is no doubt that he was there that day, so her only other conclusion is that he ran away when he could've helped. That is the only explanation she could come up with for him not coming forward as a witness in her brother's case.

Dong Chi has no answer for her except those big sad puppy eyes.
With both drug dealers in custody but neither talking, Director Moon sends Dong Chi in to talk to the female drug dealer, Song Ah Reum. 

Soon, Dong Chi was able to get Ah Reum to trust him by promising he will give her protection. Ah Reum writes down four really prominent names on a piece of paper and at the same time the other drug dealer has hired the most expensive (and the most corrupt) lawyer in town. Dong Chi and Director Moon starts to get a feeling that both drug dealers are involved with very important people. 

Director Moon gets a mysterious call from someone important and soon the drug dealers are handed off to another department. Frustrated that he just broke his promise to Ah Reum, Dong Chi goes to Director Moon only to get rake over the coals for not respecting his superior's order.  
Kang Soo gets exonerated for his part in the drug transporter's death and goes home to warm welcomes. After a bath with Chan (the little boy), Kang Soo is in the middle of drying Chan's hair when Yeol Moo walks in. 

Yeol Moo with a natural ease puts a towel on Kang Soo's head and drys his hair for him. Quite unmoved by Yeol Moo's gesture and her concern for him Kang Soo can only shyly thank her. Dong Chi walks in to see the threesome together and jokingly asks Kang Soo if he is happy because it seems like they are a family together. 
I wonder if Dong Chi can tell that Kang Soo likes Yeol Moo or not? Is seems kinda weird if he doesn't know already since his observation skill is so good. Of course you think Yeol Moo could've figured out by now too. 
The next morning, Director Moon sweeps through the prosecutors' office and make them gather up all the backed up cases. Pointing at the extremely tall pile of cases, Director Moon orders everyone to not go home until they have finished all the cases. 

Dong Chi plays along until he finds the earliest chance to skip out with Yeol Moo and Kang Soo to investigate Ah Reum's case again. 

Director Moon of course finds out right away where Dong Chi has gone, but instead of getting mad he happily explains to his investigator that he really wanted to know what's behind all those important names. Investigator Yoo asks "So why didn't you just tell them to work on it?"
Director Moon "If I tell them to work on it, then I have to take responsibility for it."  
All that yelling for show?? What a fox. 
Dong Chi and Yeol Moo's investigation sheds some light on the suicide case of the girl that was found dead in the public restroom. (Okay, I know it sounds like we were working on a drug case, but they are working on the suicide case first which involves the drug dealer Ah Reum because the two women were good friends.) Thanks to cooperation from Ah Reum, Yeol Moo was able to retrieve the victim's diary which has a detail account of sexual harassment from her boss. 

Furious over what the girl's boss did to her, Yeol Moo tells the girl's father of the abuse and vows to take the man to court. Patiently, Dong Chi tries to convince Yeol Moo that she will need more evidence if she is going to have any hope of winning the case. However, before Yeol Moo and Dong Chi can gather more evidence, the girl's dad comes back and tells them he has accepted the compensation money the boss has offered his family.  
Back at home, Yeol Moo can't help but feel both hopeless and useless in her role as a prosecutor. 

After a pause, Dong Chi slowly confesses "Your brother was very scared. I have been really sorry for a very long time. The culprit disappeared... completely. I was scared that no one would believe me and I was afraid I would be caught in a web. That's why I become a prosecutor because I am the only one who saw, the one who remembers."
Yeol Moo "Did you find the culprit?"
Dong Chi "No. But one thing I am sure. The one who killed Han Byeul is a prosecutor." 

Well, That's a bomb. I didn't quite expect the killer to be one of their own. I am pretty happy though of how Yeol Moo's attitude towards Dong Chi is slowly changing. 

I have been pleasantly surprised at the pacing of this show. The mysteries intrigued me right off the bat in the first few episodes and they have been quite good at revealing just enough to satisfy but still keep me dangling along. 

Of course doesn't it feel like there are mysteries EVERYWHERE you look? I am even curious about who and what Prosecutor Lee (the one prosecutor that always tries to skip out early) is texting on his phone! 


  1. I'm interested in possibly watching this drama... however I'm more drawn to Korean melodramas. What genre is Pride and Prejudice??

    1. It has quite a bit of suspense and crime in it, however the romance part of it plays a really central part in each episode and the chemistry between the two leads are really good. What are your favorite k-melos?