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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pride & Prejudice Episode 1 Drive By Recap & First Impression

Pride & Prejudice: Every synopsis of this show says something to the effect of "A group of prosecutors coming together to fight for justice and truth."

Ninja's synopsis to Mama Ninja: So mom! Get this, the girl who is the new trainee prosecutors ends up working with the chief prosecutor whom she dated before. They obviously still likes each other but there is some unresolved issues since they both seem to think they have the right to seek revenge on the other person.

What?? No, no, that's just a bad poster of the hero. Of all the shows I have seen him in, he looks the best in this one.

Mama Ninja: But (Insert about 50 words here)
Ninja: Yes, yes, the hero is cute... Okay, it is a crime show, but it only takes a small part of the hour and plus the cases are interesting anyway...

Mama Ninja: But (insert about 100 words here).
Ninja: Stop worrying about the poster! He is cute in the show I promise.

Airs: Monday & Tuesday
Episodes: 20

Episode One
Our heroine, Han Yeol Moo (Baek Jin Hee) stands frozen in the middle of the pedestrians crossing as she watches the hero, Koo Dong Chi (Choi Jin Hyunk) laughing flirts with a woman.

Snapping herself out of the shock of seeing Dong Chi, Yeol Moo casually walks past him to join the crowd of employees going to work.

Catching sight of Yeol Moo, Dong Chi quickly catches up to her and starts a banter with Yeol Moo

Dong Chi "Imagine my surprise when I saw your picture on the prosecutor trainee list."

Causally, Dong Chi asks "Did you become a prosecutor because of me?"
Just as causally, Yeol Moo answers "Yes."
Surprised, Dong Chi asks "Why?"
Yeol Moo "For revenge."
Completely puzzled now, Dong Chi "You were the one that did me wrong."
Yeol Moo "If you think carefully, you did me wrong as well."

Yeol Moo meets her fellow colleague and receives a some what lukewarm welcome.

Dong Chi is the chief prosecutor of the office and Yeol Moo ends up working in the same room as Dong Chi. Dong Chi remarks that Yeol Moo will be very uncomfortable if they have to pretend they don't know each other since she will have to use respectful speech towards him all the time, but Yeol Moo dismisses the idea and informs Dong Chi that she specifically requested this particular office because she knew he would be here.
Our very first case of the show is a guy who is accused of going around the neighborhood exposing his private part to unsuspecting women.

The pervert ajusshi insists that he is innocents and even has an alibi that he served a customers just a short time after the time of the "exposure".
Not missing a chance to extract his revenge, Dong Chi sends Yeol Moo on a sprint through various routes the pervert ajusshi could have taken to make it from the scene of the crime to the stationary store he worked at.
Yeol Moo finds a child witness who they first assumed had been sexually abused by the pervert ajusshi but after the child's goes missing a few hours later, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo realizes it was their other witness (the customer who bought something from the pervert ajusshi) - the child's teacher that is the true abuser.

The teacher and the pervert ajusshi are questioned, but both uses the other as an alibi. In a deadlock, the prosecutor has no choice but to let the two men go.
Yeol Moo is indignant to see the two men being set free, but quickly finds out it was a trap that Dong Chi has set up with Director Moon (the director over their team of prosecutors) to see if the teacher would lead them to the missing child.

Fortunately, following the teacher after he was released from custody does give the police a clue where the child is and they were able to rescue the child before she was crushed by garbage. (The child was abandoned in a dumpster and was in danger once the dumpster was transported to the dumping field.)
Both criminal gets hauled back in and the pervert ajusshi tries to do his "flashing" towards Yeol Moon. In a quick move, Dong Chi's investigator, Kang Soo quickly shields her from any unpleasant sights.
Ooohhh... Is this an awesome second lead we are meeting? 
The pervert ajusshi being ... well, a pervert, tries to asks "she likes it right?"

Dong Chi "I actually asked her in private before, and she said it was kinda small." (He is referring to the last time the pervert flashed himself in front of Yeol Moon)

Kang Soon, deep in his "saving the damsel" role, stays with both of his arm over Yeol Moon even though the danger is passed.

Dong Chi gives a very pointed look at the intimate position Kang Soon and Yeol Moon is in, smirks and walks away. 
Ha, I luv him. 
Apparently, Dong Chi and Kang Soon lives in the same boarding house (the grandma there cooks three meals for them. Where can I sign up for one those boarding house?) and both men relaxes with beer in their hands. 

Kang Soon asks Dong Chi "How did you guys meet?"
After a pause, Dong Chi realizes who Kang Soon is asking about.
Kang Soon "We met through a traffic accident."

In a flash back wee see Yeol Moon runs into Dong Chi's car as she pulls herself away from a crying woman begging her to not take the bag of baby stuff she is carrying away. 

Yeol Moon jumps into Dong Chi's car uninvited and with tears in her eyes asks him to take her away. 
Dong Chi "My heart just started to thump, you know?"

Kang Soo "I know." 
Hmm... you guys think Kang Soo knew Yeol Moon already and maybe even has a crush on her? 
Back to Yeol Moo who circles back to the office after bidding Dong Chi and Kang Soo goodbye to search through Dong Chi's desks. By the way Yeol Moo is searching through every nook cranny it's obvious she is looking for something very specific. 


VERY promising! I LOVE the interaction between the two leads and the mystery of what caused their mutual belief they have the right to extract revenge on the other. Through out the first hour, Dong Chi with his talk of Yeol Moo confessing her feelings to him made me assume Yeol Moo was the one that chased Dong Chi around, but the flash back surprised me since it looks like Dong Chi was the first one to become interested. 

I was glad the criminal cases were "normal" (you know the kind that doesn't take Sherlock Homes with fighting skill of Batman to solve) but still intriguing to watch. 
I was also happy that while director Moon came off kind of odd and full of himself, he seems like an extremely capable leader. 
As for Kang Soon... I am waiting patiently to find out how he knew the heroine and what she did to make his heart go "thump!" 

So many mysteries so far about our leads and even those surrounding them. The greatest thing? I am REALLY intrigued.  


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