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Friday, November 14, 2014

Pride & Prejudice Episode 2 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: What's up with the paper?? The mystery is killing me. 

Episode 2
If you guys remember, we left episode one with Yeol Moo searching through Dong Chi's things very thoroughly. 
In a flash back we find out that Dong Chi is actually the one who through relentless pursuit gets Yeol Moo to go out with him and is finally rewarded when she asked "What is your name." (From their previous conversation, Yeol Moo would only ask Dong Chi for his name when she becomes interested in him. Yeol Moo promises that day will never come, but she obviously changed her mind.) 

Just when Dong Chi finally gets Yeol Moo to ask for his name, things all the sudden takes a strange turn when Yeol Moo accidentally finds a torn piece of paper sandwiched in the middle of one of Dong Chi's book. With shaking hands, Yeol Moo looks at the paper and back at Dong Chi who is off taking a phone call in disbelief. Yeol Moo's look of disbelief deepens when she also sees Dong Chi's business card showing that he is a prosecutor. Fumbling around, Yeol Moo takes off without any warning to Dong Chi. Back from taking his phone call, Dong Chi realizes something is terribly wrong by the way Yeol Moo took off. 

Dong Chi chases Yeol Moo to a traffic cross stop but is halted by the crossing cars. Yeol Moo standing at the other side of the street turns to look at Dong Chi with tears running down her face. A bus pulls up hiding Yeol Moo's figure and by the time the bus pulls away Dong Chi has lost sight of her. Such an awesome scene. 
The office brings in an accused, Chang Gi who just happens to be a neighborhood ajusshi that both Dong Chi and Kang Soo knows extremely well. Chang Gi decides to offer a big tip to the prosecutor office to help them catch a drug lord but backs out at the last minute. Deciding to push ahead without Chang Gi's help, Yeol Moo pretends to be a buyer and ends up getting herself dragged away by a drug dealer by mistake. 
Dong Chi and Kang Soo was able to apprehend the drug dealer in the end, but Dong Chi who was obviously distressed by having Yeol Moo gone missing tells her "Stop disappearing, alright?!" 
That night when Dong Chi and Kang Soo get back to their boarding house they find Yeol Moo causally sitting there drinking a beer. With a confident smile, Yeol Moo tells Dong Chi "Let's live together." 


The mystery is really killing me. What was that piece of paper that shook Yeol Moo so much? It's obvious that the two leads still likes each other even if they are out for revenge. I don't think Dong Chi is too serious about the revenge part, but I think Yeol Moo might be serious about hers. 


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