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Monday, November 10, 2014

Rain's Next C-Drama "Diamond Lover"

11:23 PM Posted by ninja , 2 comments
Remember this from My Lovely Girl? Ep 15 when he is watching Se Na sleep.
There is a drama god after all. Starting in Dec. Rain will start shooting his new C-Drama "Diamond Lover" (this is a straight translation of the Chinese name 克拉恋人 ) with Tiffany Tang (唐嫣 popular C-Actress) who by the way was also in his new C-movie "For Love or Money" although she is not the female lead there. 

Rain will play the hero, a perfectionist chairman of a diamond company who believes in coldly calculating all the costs before making a decision.  

The heroine play by Tiffany Tang is an ugly ducking who fight through various obstacles and her own inferiority complex to become a shining diamond.  

Doesn't exactly sounds like a refreshing story line and C-Drama are really a hit or miss kinda of affair BUT I am still quite excited for it. 

The good news is that the director of this drama will be the same one that directed the Taiwanese Fated to Love You and few other famous T-Dramas, so this show should be in good hands. 

A side note: China media is reporting that Rain will be paid 60 million Won. (I am assuming that is per episode. If I calculated right, that is about $55,000 US Dollar). In case you are one of those strange people that like math, this drama will be 40 episode long. 

I am not sure why the TV station feel the need to explain, but they are citing Rain's popularity in China as the reason for the high pay. (I looked up several other China celeb and it doesn't seem particular high to me. It's on the higher end but certainly not unreasonable.) Even though My Lovely Girl didn't do too well in Korea as far as ratings go, but it did plenty well else where in Asia and it certainly helped Rain's name become popular again in China. 


  1. Umm, actually he's receiving 6 Billion won for the entire drama which 5.5 Million US bucks roughly. The reason the production needed to explain that was because thats the pay of A-listers in China and way more than anyone would ever receive in South Korea. Anyway, just thought I should clarify that. Really excited for the drama!