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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 3 & 4 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Is the mistress as bad as she seems? 

Chariman Ma drops the bomb that he is naming Soo In (the heroine) as the next chairman, much to everyone's surprise. 

Soo In tries to protest using her lack of ability to handle the job, but her father-in-law tells her "If I give the position to any of my other family, then it will result in a crisis that would tear this family apart. So, couldn't you help me with this?"

Happy to finally have her father-in-law recognize her as a member of his family, Soo In quickly agrees to become the Chairwoman. 
Our hero Nam Woo Seok goes to visit Chairman Ma who gets a big laugh that the kid his company sponsored during his school days has forgo the business world and has instead chosen to be a pastry chef.

 Ma Joo Hee (Chairman's ma's youngest daughter) uses the opportunity to convince Woo Seok to come work for her dad. 
It just so happens the day Wook Seok visits the company is also the day of Soo In's inauguration. The law of K-drama in full effect, on the public staircase, Wook Seok sees Soo In bending over in the process of taking her stocking off. Right away, Wook Seok angrily asks "No matter how much of a hurry you are in, you should not urinate in public places." Ha! Can this guy stop jumping into conclusions? 

Embarrassed, Soo In turns around to try to explain herself and both of them jumps in surprise recognition. Realizing is that guy again, Soo In doesn't even try to explain herself again, but hurries away to her inauguration. 
Overwhelmed with the amount of new stuff she has to learn, Soo In nevertheless works herself to the bone trying to be the best Chairwoman she can be. Smiling at her effort, Chairman Ma just casually tells her not to try too too hard.

Chairman Ma's family is at first furious over Soo In's new position but pretty soon everyone starts to figure out things might not be what it seems. 

Mistress Cha is the first one to give Soo In a cryptic warning "Don't be too quick to trust people." while Soo In's sister-in-law Joo Ran also let something equaling puzzling slip in her anger "Don't be so happy with yourself, you are just a target." 

Soo In gets an unpleasant surprise at the office when the police comes to haul her away for illegal stock manipulation.

Ma Joo Hee realizes right away that her father has set Soo In up as the escape goat and asks her dad if he really is going to let Soo In take the fall.

Calmly savoring his new tea, Chairman Ma tells Joo Hee "You can't make rice cake without getting flour on your hand, and you can't slaughter a cow without getting blood on you. Plus, Joo Hee, your sister-in-law is someone who could become someone ten times more scarier than me."
And that's why you decide to get on the lady's bad side even knowing she could become 10 times more scarier than you? Send that same lady to jail so she could have nothing to do but plot for revenge? 
The rest of the Ma family shows up in a hurry to show their good side to Chairman Ma now that the inheritance is up for grabs again while Soo In tries to hold onto a slim hope that her father-in-law will come rescue her. 

Once Chairman Ma puts on a show and gets Soo In to sign over all her company stocks (her husband left to her) back to him, he shows her his true color. "There are many kinds of dogs. They are hunting dogs the master send out, and there are dogs that should have been content to squat at home."

Stunned, Soo In tries to protest that she has never once tried to get her hands on Shinwa but Chairman Ma only coldly tells her "Just stay quietly and when you come out, I'll give you enough compensation for you to have a nice life." 
At the final judgement, Soo In is found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. As Soo In is being led away by the guards, she runs back and screams "You set me up from the very beginning. I will make all of you pay for this!!"

Time for the other three women. Their story were interspersed throughout the hour of course, but I have put them together for the ease of the recap.

Back in the prison, and feeling sure that she has no place out in the real world anymore, Shim Bok Nyeo turns her chance of parole down. 
Park Yi Moon, (the hero's father-in-law)waits anxiously for Bok Nyeo's letter and gets huffy like a young lad when Woo Seok (Hero) teases him about having love letters. 
Completely in her element now that she is back in prison, Bok Nyeo even gets in a feud with another prison lady. 
Yi Moon visits the prison and angrily asks Bok Nyeo how she could turn down her chance of parole without any consideration of those who waits outside for her. Omo omo, is that an confession? 
An interesting side note is that Mistress Cha took the time to visit the same exact spot that Bok Nyeo visited when she was out. Hearing that someone that looks like Bok Nyeo came by, Mistress Cha makes a phone call and finds out Bok Nyeo was just out on a temporary release.
Interesting, she was looking at the place with a somewhat melancholy expression I wonder how she knows Bok Nyeo.   

Seo Mi O pleads with Ma Do Jin (Mistress Cha's son) to save her and the baby by marrying them, but caving under his family pressure, Do Jin still took Mi O to the abortion clinic. 

Mi O starts having morning sickness on the operation table and taking that as a sign from the baby, she runs out of the clinic. 
Furious over Mi O's refusal to have the abortion, Mistress Cha decides to buy up the land Mi O and her sick father's house sits on. Hearing from her landlady that Shinwa group is the one that bought the land, Mi O charges over to Do Jin's office.

In the midst of their argument Mi O accidentally stabs Do Jin. Mistress Cha rushes to the police station to where Mi O is after she made sure Do Jin is no longer in danger and tells the police to persecute Mi O to the full extent of the law. 

Things are heating up between Poong Geum and Tak Wol Han (Ma Family's driver) after Wol Han punches a drunken man to resuce Poong Geum from the man's unwanted advances. 

Poong Geum is still under the mistaken impression that Wol Han is a director in the Shinwa group and Wol Han is happy to let her keep that illusion. 

Just when everything is going great for Poong Geum, the police finally catches up with her and hauls her away. 


I am wee bit addicted. This show has a lot of promise to fulfill my makjang cravings. Awesome evil villain you can hate without any reservation - check. Promising hero- check. Interesting side characters - check. Plucky heroine(s)- check! 

It took four episode to set up, and for a 36 count show that's not too bad. Now that our heroine has finally have her dream of belonging to her husband's family dashed to pieces, I can't wait to see her transformation. 

I am a bit curious about Mistress Cha. At first she seems like your usual side villain character but so far she has been the only one in the Ma family to take the time to warn Soo In not just once but twice. (First time is to tell Soo In to think about how to get out of the Ma family with enough money now that her husband is dead.) Of course, Mistress Cha is too selfish to actually help Soo In by risking her own neck, but still, I think I caught a few traces of pity when she looks at Soo In. 


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