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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 5-6 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Is prison really like perpetual school? 

Episode 5
We are finally back where we started in Episode 1 where Soon In faints. Soon In wakes up in the infirmary and cries "why didn't I just die?"

Still wallowing in her shock of being betrayed by every member of her "family" Soo In refuses to eat and just sleeps.
Late one night after refusing meal after meal, Soo In finally gives in to her hunger and start eating the food her cellmates has saved for her.

Bok Nyeo (the oldest member among the foursome) wakes up and hands Soo In a glass of water after Soo In chokes from eating too fast. With tears running down her face Soo In cries "I am like an animal. How can I still eat under the circumstance."

Fuming at Soo In's words Poong Geum yells "What are you saying about the rest of us here? Don't you think every woman in here has a fire burning in their heart. The fire burns by the injustice of life threatens to consume them. Don't you think every woman here has to tend to that fire carefully in case it over runs?"

Poong Geum's words sinks into Soo In's heart and for the first time since she entered the prison she starts looking at the women around her.
Bok Nyeo's arch enemy corners Soo In and gangs up on her. Furious to see Soo In getting beat up, Bok Nyeo yells "How dare you touch my child!" and jumps into the fight with Poong Geum. Stunned to hear Bok Nyeo's words Soo In quickly jumps into the fray when she sees Bok Nyeo and Poong Geum are outnumbered.

The women gets hauled into the prison director's office and any anger between the women quickly dissipates when the director threatens to put them in isolation.
Like a kid learning the rule of a school for the first time, Soo In looks with amazement as the women pulls out all stops to get the directors to go easy on their punishment.

The director offers the women two choices. Join the new baking class or go sit in isolation. All the women quickly chose the first option.
Waiting for their baking teacher to show up, the two gangs starts to fight again when Bok Nyeo drops a bomb that her arch enemy actually used to work at her house as a cleaning lady. 

Embarrassed to have her past exposed like that, Bok Nyeo's arch enemy grabs a bowl of flour to dump all over her. Seeing Bok Nyeo in danger, Soo In starts a tug of war with the woman and... our hero Woo Suk walks in just then.

Episode 6
True to the K-Drama karma, Woo Suk has a full bowl of flour dumped right over his head. Wiping the flour off his eyes, Woo Suk sees the perpetrator is non other than Soo In. "Why... way are you here?" 

Soo In doesn't answers him, but Woo Suk remember right away from the talk of Soo In being in prison when he visited Chairman Ma.  
Faced with a class of female inmates who doesn't hold back from teasing the young handsome teacher they found in their midst, Woo Suk soon feels like a sheep in a wolves' den. 
Between having her cellmates sticking up for her when she got bullied and seeing the various struggles the other women face in their own lives, Soo In starts to gain her ability to smile again. 
Joo Hee (Soo In's youngest sister-in-law and the one who has a crush on our hero as well) gets the idea from Woo Suk's prison class to use the women inmates as part of their work force as a way to cut cost and garner positive publicity for Shinwa. Unfortunately, the prison Shinwa used happens to be Soo In's. 

Faced with almost all of her betrayer right within arms reach, Soo In loses control and start throwing pastry buns at Chairman Ma.  

Story progression on the other three women:
We find out from the fight between Bok Nyeo and her arch enemy that Bok Nyeo seems to have came from a well off family. 

The first picture actually belongs to Woo Suk's story line, but I am putting it here because I am taking a wild guess that the picture is Bok Nyeo's husband and the little boy is Woo Suk. Woo Suk receives a mysterious letter that sends him on a wild chase to a far away orphanage but once there he finds no clue on the identity of his birth mother. What Woo Suk doesn't notice, but the camera points out to the viewer is a picture of a man and a little boy hanging on the orphanage wall. 

Since we are just putting out wild guesses here, I wonder if Mistress Cha is the one that keeps sending Woo Suk those mystery letters. Whenever she looks at him there seems to be a softening of her eyes. Not the kind of longing a mother would have, but still someone who seems to know him. 

After Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon (Woo Suk's father-in-law) parted unhappily last time, Yi Moon has be sulking at home. However, one sweater knitted by Bok Nyeo personally soon makes Yi Moon all sweet and happy again. In fact Yi Moon was so happy that he volunteered Woo Suk as the new baking teacher for the women's prison on the condition that Bok Nyeo would be one of the student. 
Mi O's little boy is growing up fast and Mi O is worried sick about the day when her baby will be sent away when he turns 18 month old. Things takes a turn for worse when Mi O finds out her father has passed away so her baby now might have no where to go other than an orphanage.

While his son and Mi O is suffering in the prison, Ma Do Jin (the dad) can't help but reminisces all the good time he had with Mi O. After re-reading a written declaration supposedly from Mi O saying she has receive compensation money and have aborted the baby Do Jin tries to talk himself into forgetting Mi O. 
Poong Geum pines after Wol Han who she still think is a director at Shinwa. 

Wol Han receives a letter from Poong Geum apologizing for her sudden disappearance since she had to make an emergency trip to U.S. (aka prison) and asks Wol Han to wait for her return in one year. Happily, Wol Han hugs the letter and promises that he will waits for Poong Geum. I can't wait for these two to figure the truth out. It's going to be hilarious.  


This is such a well done drama. The heroine is naive but you can see the steel that is hiding beneath. I think Chairman Ma might just be right that Soo In can turn into someone much scarier than he is but I think she will still remain true to her goodness. 

Speaking of Chairman Ma, I like him too as a villain. Here is villain you love to hate, but you can see he has weakness and emotions just like rest of us so in a way he is even scarier because he represent what each of us can become if we let greed take over. 

I am also intrigued by the mysteries too. I have a feeling all the mysteries are somehow tied together and is starting to wonder if all things will end up pointing at Chairman Ma as the ultimate villain,  

My favorite part of course is the interaction between our two leads. There really is not much going on in the romance department yet, BUT the awareness is so there! 
Woo Suk showing In Soo how to hold a whisk properly
Obviously I don't think either of the two leads like each other in anyway...yet. In fact they might dislike each other more than anything, but the awareness is there and the two are quite aware of each other's presence. And that is my favorite kind of romantic beginning. 


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