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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 7-8 Mini Recap

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Episode 7
We pick up from Episode 6 where Soo In loses control from seeing her "family" that conspired to send her to prison. Interestingly, Bok Nyeo also recognizes Chairman Ma and Mistress Cha.

When Soo In, Bok Nyeo and Poong Geum get back to the prison, they see that Mi O's baby is being sent away. Gathering around Mi O, the three woman comforts her.

The next day, Woo Seok couldn't help but be bothered when he hears that Soo In has been sent into isolation for her outburst towards her in-laws.

Woo Seok shows up to visit Soo In at isolation and gives her a bag of pastry as her "homework". As an encouragement, Woo Seok tells Soo In that the pastry has all of her friends' sincerity for her.
Touched that Woo Seok would actually take such trouble to comfort her, Soo In remarks "I guess you are a good guy after all."

Back at home, Woo Seok looks out the window at the chilly night and wonders if Soo In feels cold in isolation.
Joo Ran (oldest daughter) is caught in a compromising scandal with a man much younger than her. Fed up with his wife's infidelity and Chairman Ma's condescending attitude towards him, Joo Ran's husband decides to leave the Ma family.
Both Mistress Cha and Yi Moon gets a phone call informing them that Bok Nyeo is on the list for early release (Christmas pardon). After hanging up the phone Mistress Cha mutters to herself "I guess Shim Unni will be entering into the plan early." So curious... 

Bouncing off the wall with excitement that Bok Nyeo is being released, Yi Moon quickly renovates a room in his house from top to bottom in preparation for Bok Nyeo arrival.

The night before Bok Nyeo is released the four women cries and vows they will always be a family to each other.

Early next morning, Yi Moon eagerly whisks Bok Nyeo away from her home of thirty years and offers Bok Nyeo a job at his place that also includes room and board of course. Awe, so sweet. 

Episode 8
The double whammy of his wife's scandal and Chairman Ma's deriding words sends Won Jae (Joo Ran's husband) to Soo In and presents a plan for them to work together in order to get their revenge against Chairman Ma. With a firm refusal, Soo In tells Won Jae that while she is determined to have her revenge but doing it by proving Chairman Ma coerced her to sign over her stock is not the route she wants to take.  
With Bok Nyeo gone, Young Guk (Bok Nyeo's arch enemy) becomes the three girl's new cellmate. 

Bok Nyeo goes home with Yi Moon and receives a warm welcome from Woo Seok and his daughter. 
Without Soo In's cooperation, Won Jae resorts to threatening Chairman Ma with the evidence he holds on how Chairman Ma framed Soo In. Surprisingly, instead of retaliation, Chairman Ma gives in and gives Won Jae a promotion. Curious to why Chairman Ma would be so kind as to promote Won Jae, Mistress Cha inquires Chairman Ma his reason for doing so. A fairly tipsy Chairman Ma laughs heartily and tells her that is all a set up. I guess now is Won Jae's turn to get framed. 
After some serious thinking, Soo In decides to ask Woo Seok to teach her how to make bread seriously so she can attain her baking certificate. 
Soo In "Baking is going to be what I put my hope on from now on."

Citing Soo In's disrespect towards the pastry buns (when she threw buns at Chairman Ma), Woo Seok refuses Soo In's request. 

However, after some insistence on Soo In's part, Woo Seok finally relents and asks her to write a self reflection promise and mail it to him. Ha, are we doing the letter routine like Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo? 
Complying with Woo Seok's request, Soo In writes a rather concise note that really says only two things 1. She will not use her baking to harm others. 2. She will not be a baker that is cold and picky like Woo Seok. 

Woo Seok laughs after reading Soo In's letter which draws his subordinates' attention "Chef you are so happy. Is that a love letter?" Ha! So cute.  
Bok Nyeo meets with Mistress Cha to request a meeting with Madam Ma (the one that suffers from Alzheimer) but Mistress Cha doesn't respond too kindly to her request. 

In their conversation we find out a few interesting clues. 1. All three women knew each other 30 years ago. 2. Mistress Cha actually had a serious boyfriend at that time. 3.As hinted by some other conversations, Chairman Ma probably used some unsavory means to force Mistress Cha to be his mistress. 
Soo In's hard work pays off and she successfully attains her baking certificate. 
On Woo Seok's last day of class, all the class members does a dance to send him off with style while Soo In laughs on the sideline. 
This episode ends with all three girls getting released on the same day. 

Yeah!!! They are all out! While the set up story was enjoyable to watch, but I am eager for the girls to start their new life. Okay, I will admit it. I am eager to have our two leads to have more interaction with each other. 
I just love how feisty Soo In is in her interaction with Woo Seok. Soo In always comes off so mild mannered and soft but she is definitely not that when she is with Woo Seok. Soo In really is an intriguing character because while she embodied all your usual K-drama kind heroine traits but you can also see steal and ferociousness underneath it. 

I am pretty curious about Mistress Cha and her plans for Chairman Ma. It makes so much sense now we know she didn't become Chairman Ma's mistress out of her own willingness. Seriously, how much worse can Chairman Ma get?  But, he does have some guts to make an enemy out of someone that lies beside him every night. You know what they say about women with a grudge...  


  1. Chairman Ma is a truly horrid person with no redeeming qualities. Ticks me off that the writers will probably go the usual kdrama route and redeem him in the end.

    1. I sure hope they won't just glaze over his crimes at the end. But I guess you are right that K family drama likes to do that.