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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 9-10 Mini Recap

Question of the hour: How come it seems life is easier in prison than out?

So far, it has been easier and makes more sense in terms of the recap for this story to do a brief summary of what is happening with each of the characters. The show mixes them up through out the hour of course and it flows quite well in the show but it just makes better sense for me to group them together.

Our three girls finally gets to leave prison and leaves poor Young Guk with three new cellmates who ... let's just say they don't look like the friendly kind. 

Mi O
The very first thing Mi O does is to go to where her son Gwang Taeng is. In a flash back we find out that in exchange for providing medical care for her dad and a lawyer to defend her, Mi O had to sign an agreement letting Do Jin think that she has aborted the baby and left the country. 

Without any place to go, Mi O helps out at the orphanage in order to stay there while she tries to figure out her next step. It just so happens the Shinwa group of rich ladies decides to visit the orphanage as their service project and Mistress Cha finds Mi O and Gwang Taeng. 

Mistress Cha warns Mi O again to stay away from Do Jin and offers to set her up comfortably. Anger by Mistress Cha's attitude, Mi O wonders out loud how Mistress Cha who has been through the same thing as her (has a child out of wedlock) could possibly be the first one to persecute her. 
Set on finding a powerful daughter-in-law, Mistress Cha puts pressure on Do Jin to accept a daughter from another powerful family, despite Do Jin's belief that the woman is completely psycho. 

Poong Geum
Ready to pick up where she left off with the chaebol heir of Shinwa group, Poong Geum lets Wol Han know she is back from "New York". In the mean time, Poong Geum ends up moving right into the same boarding house as Wol Han. In fact their rooms are next to each other. That night, Wol Han and Poong Geum yells at each other through the walls when Poong Geum takes an issue with the disturbing sounds from Wol Han's racey videos. 
That weekend, Wol Han and Poong Geum with the respective pretenses meets for dinner. 
This couple is perfect for each other!

Bok Nyeo
Due to her falling sick on the day the girls got out of jail, Bok Nyeo was not able to see her girls when they were discharged. However, since the girls promised to meet each other again at the last day of the month, Bok Nyeo is also waiting for that day. 

Things are going quite well between Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon who seems to have no qualms of piling on the affection on Bok Nyeo.

Woo Seok  
Despite being told repeatedly by Woo Seok that he is just not interested in a relationship, Joo Hee is still doggedly waiting for Woo Seok to change his mind.

Mistress Cha finds out from Chairman Ma that he is looking at Woo Se favorably as his son-in-law. Mistress Cha makes a phone call and informs the mystery listener "I didn't have him in my plans, but it looks like we might be able to use him to our advantage."  

So curious... 
While Woo Seok might believe his heart is completely dead, but his action sure tells a different story. Woo Seok gets downright huffy when his subordinates laughs at how Soo In's flower was planted in a milk carton. 

When Woo Seok catches a glimpse of Soo In coming out of Shinwa, he chases her all the way to the bus stop before losing her. 
By chance, Woo Seok comes across Soo In's letter to him and re-reads it with a smile. With a puzzled expression, Woo Seok wonders why he keeps on worrying about Soo In when the baking class is already over and they probably won't see each other again. 

Soo In
After some prodding from Mistress Cha, Chairman Ma meets with Soo In to offer her a large sum of money. Without any hesitation, Soo In refuses the money and asks Chairman Ma for an apology instead. Without an ounce of remorse, Chairman Ma tells Soo In that her crime of dirtying the Ma family with her presence and creating a divide between father and son is such an unforgivable crime prison was not enough of a payback. 

Soo In finds a job at a bakery with a boss who has no problem with her ex convict status and even allows her to sleep in a room inside the bakery.  
The "nice" boss however, turns out to be a crazy guy who thinks he is doing Soo In a great favor by liking her and tries to force himself on her one night. Soo In fights off her boss and in the process hits him over the head with a baking paddle. 

When the boss wakes up in the emergency room, the first thing he does is to tell the police that Soo In was trying to steal the bakery's money and he was only hurt from trying to stop her from leaving. 
Soo In finds herself in a locked cell once again. 
With no family to turn to, Soo In gives the police Bok Nyeo's number to call. Woo Seok ends up picking up the phone when the police called and rushes to the police station right away. 

Woo Seok calls "Moo Soo In."
Looking up with a complete surprise, Soo In replies "Teacher?"


Awesome! Woo Seok finally found Soo In! That poor boy has been moping around long enough. Of course it makes me laugh that for someone who keeps telling Joo Hee that he is never going to fall in love again, he seems to be doing just that at a rather fast pace. 
I am pretty curious about what Mistress Cha is planning. By the way, is anyone else wondering if Woo Seok is Bok Nyeo's son? According to the story, Bok Nyeo's husband and son both died in the fire she got framed for but I wonder if her son didn't die after all. 


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