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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Romance of the Condor Hero

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The newest remake of The Condor Heroes, The Romance of The Condor Heroes will air on Dec. 3. Out of the three Condor Trilogy this one is probably my least favorite. Of course this is a remake done by Yu Zheng, the same producer that did the mess Swordsman (2013) so we know the story will have some rather drastic changes to it. 

While I am quite curious about this remake I am a bit gun shy from being burned by the Swordsman remake. (Come on! One of my favorite hero ends up becoming a spineless AND two-timing jerk. The scary MALE villain becomes one of the most unforgettable awesome female character. So... yeah... messed up.) 

The Chinese net citizens has been having a field day on the question if Michelle Chen was miscast for the goddess like heroine. I will have to admit that she doesn't quite fit my personal image of the heroine, but I have been pleasantly surprised many times by how an actor or actress can make me accept him/her as my ideal image of a story character. Poor Michelle Chen has taken so much criticism for taking this role so I really hope she can make this role her own. 


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