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Saturday, November 1, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 22 Drive by Recap

Chant of the hour: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! 
With all three siblings home for dinner, the atmosphere in the Cha family is going great... until Kang Jae brings up Madam Kwon's suggestion that Daddy Cha get rid of the tofu store and build a building on it instead. 

Highly suspicious of Kang Jae's sudden interest in Daddy Cha's welfare, Dal Bong and Young Sul both wonders what is Kang Jae's real motivation behind his suggestion. Kang Shim tries to assure Dal Bong that Kang Jae has only their dad's best interest at heart, but Kang Jae freely admits that he is also considering the matter from an inheritance point of view. 

Kang Jae's reasoning seems logical, but Kang Shim and Dal Bong can't help but feel uncomfortable with the whole situation. 

Madam Baek finds Eun Ho and Seo Wool at the restaurant and takes the chance to tell Seo Wool to stop wasting her time with Eun Ho since there is no possibility between the two of them. Always honest, Seo Wool assures Madam Baek that she is not in a romantic relationship with Eun Ho, but goes on to remark that if Madam Baek keep tying her son to her apron then other people will think him as a mama's boy. (I luv Seo Wool.)
Seo Wool goes home to find Dal Bong waiting at a street bench for her. Ready to lean on Dal Bong for support Seo Wool asks "Friend, can you lend me your shoulder?" As the two discuss Eun Ho and Madam Baek, they all the sudden realize how close they are... and... closer... closer... BANG, the friend chicken restaurant door slamms open and the two jump apart. So close yet so far away!!! 
Tae Joo calls his Young Sul helpline to figure out what is going on with Kang Shim and Woo Tak but their phone conversation is cut short when Young Sul sees the object of their discussion together. 

Young Sul charges over to warn Woo Tak away but he just casually tells Kang Shim "let's have beer together sometime and reminisce the past as our side dishes." (That's kind of a straight translation. But you get the idea.)

Furious to hear that his betrayal from 14 years ago is just a some drinking conversation to Woo Tak, Kang Shim with one smooth move, throws her coffee right on Woo Tak's face.
Dal Bong and Shi Woo catches the restaurant manager and chef loitering outside, wondering why the restaurant is still operating smoothly despite their absence. Dal Bong drags the two men back inside and sheepishly the manager and chef goes back to their job. 

Eun Ho assures everyone that the restaurant will operate smoothly now, but in a flash back we see Madam Baek giving Eun Ho an ultimatum "I will only give you a month to finish up everything here before I sell off this restaurant. I am not going to give up. You are going to go work at the company." 
Tae Joo meets with Woo Tak and Tae Joo ends up punching Woo Tak when he starts describing in detail of the level of intimacy between him and Kang Shim. After watching his son's uncharacteristic action of punching another man out (and shaking his hand like a little girl), President Moon sits in his office deep in thought. 
Completely angry at Kang Shim for rejecting him over a jerk like Woo Tak, Tae Joo whines at Kang Shim and forbids her from meeting Woo Tak again. 

Walking ino his office, Tae Joo is surprised to see that Eun Ho has overheard everything he said to Kang Shim while waiting for him. With a smile, Eun Ho asks "Do you want my help?"

Apparently Tae Joo is feeling desperate since the next time we find the two, Eun Ho is in Tae Joo's house touching all his precious belongings. 
Ready for a merry-go-around? Daddy Cha pours a bucket of water by accident on an attractive lady who turns out to be the same woman Auntie Cha had wanted to set him up on a blind date a while ago. Hyo Jin arrives at the tofu store just in time to see the whole "drama like" scene and tells her mom about Daddy Cha's new woman. 

Madam Kwon is convinced the woman, Mrs. Ko is only after Daddy Cha's money and sends Hyo Jin scrambling to Kang Jae. Surprised by this sudden news, Kang Jae calls his other two siblings for an emergency meeting. 
To Daddy Cha's great surprise, Mrs. Ko comes by to share coffee with him. Auntie Cha and Young Sul sees the "date" and happily shares the news with Dal Bong and Kang Shim. 
The brother and sister charges to where Daddy Cha and Mrs. Ko is chatting away happily in front of the tofu store. With a loud voice and through gritted teeth Kang Shim asks Daddy Cha "Can I see you for a moment Dad?"


Poor Daddy Cha, I think a world of hurt is about to come his way. As much as I like Kang Shim and Dal Bong, they sure can be knuckleheads when it comes their dad. Kang Jae, on the other hand, just seems to be a jerk no matter which way you look at it. 

 Anyone else curious if Eun Ho and Tae Joo would end up living together? It sure looks like Eun Ho was checking out Tae Joo's place as a possible place to crash. And with his mom so intent on controlling every aspect of his life, Eun Ho just might need a safe place to hide. 

I wonder if this Mrs. Ko will stick around or not. I am afraid she might just be a plot device to get the siblings united to take away Daddy Cha's store. With Woo Tak's constant hint of lawsuits I wonder if this whole thing will eventually escalates to the court. Of course I can't see Daddy Cha treating Woo Tak as nicely once he finds out that he is Kang Shim's ex. So maybe the whole lawsuit thing is just my imagination.  


  1. Thanks so much for the recap!!!

  2. Kiss, kiss, kiss! Dal-bong and Seo-wool's almost kiss was cute and hilarious.

    I feel bad for Daddy Cha. I really wish the kids would leave him alone if Ms. Ko is going to stay. They don't give him enough attention when he needs it, but then get huffy and nosy when they should give him space.
    Sigh, I think your thoughts about the lawsuit are more or less correct. Hopefully the writer will make it entertaining and not melodramatic.