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Monday, November 3, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 23 Drive By Recap

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Chant of the hour: Finally!!! Actually, I am a bit surprised we got the kiss so early. 

The sight of Daddy Cha and Mrs. Ko chummy together is more than Kang Shim and Dal Bong can handle and the two siblings forms a united front of "No woman for Daddy" towards their father. A bit speechless at how fast the rumor has traveled, Daddy Cha assures his two kids he is not on a look out for a girlfriend.

Daddy Cha gets a surprised visit from Kang Jae who actually acts quite calm about Daddy Cha's dating rumor and even tells his father to go ahead and date ... with the condition that Daddy Cha turns over all his assets to his kids' name. Seriously, that has to hurt when you realize your kids is already eyeing your money just waiting for the day you die. 
President Moon surprises both Tae Joo and Eun Ho with a personal visit to Tae Joo's home. In a somber tone, President Moon tells Tae Joo not confuse comfort between work partners with love... like he did with his mom. Wow, didn't see that coming.

Turns out Tae Joo's mom was also President Moon's secretary. Like Kang Shim, Tae Joo's mom was extremely competent and comfortable to be with. President Moon, heart broken from Madam Baek's betrayal mistakenly thought his dependence on his secretary was love and married her.

With a sincere tone, President Moon tells his son "Don't make the same mistake I did and perhaps produce another son who can't bear to eat with other people." 

Stunned by his father's confession, Tae Joo falls into deep thoughts. 
That surprised me, but I guess everything makes sense now. President Moon! You are even cooler now! 
At the urging of her mom, Hyo Jin meets with Kang Shim to offer her 5 hundred million won to buy her out of the inheritance. Stunned to have so much money within her reach, Kang Shim goes back to work in a daze. 
In the mean time, Tae Joo stands at his office thinking about Eun Ho's advise to him. "If you want to know if your feelings towards Secretary Cha is real or not, then you have to kiss her." 

In the middle of a meeting together, all Kang Shim can think of is the five hundred million won while Tae Joo's mind is filled with prospect of kissing Kang Shim. 
Auntie Cha is dismayed to hear from Daddy Cha that he is actually planning to listen to Kang Jae's request and turn over his assets to the kids. Fearing Daddy Cha would be left in destitute, Auntie Cha asks her brother to reconsider but he assures her he has made up his mind.  
Daddy Cha has another run in with Mrs. Ko who sends him away with a scarf as a gift. 

Arriving home, Daddy Cha sheepishly looks at the tofu store mutters "Okay, Okay" and take the scarf off before he walks into the door. I am assuming he is saying that to his deceased wife? 
On the night of their mom's death anniversary ceremony, all three siblings are mired in their individual personal affairs while Daddy Cha sits alone missing his wife.  
Feeling bad that Dal Bong has never had a birthday celebration because that is also the day of his mom's death anniversary, Seo Wool convinces Eun Ho to throw a surprise party for him. 

Face glowing from his happiness to have a real birthday for once, Dal Bong asks Seo Wool for a special birthday gift - a kiss. Actually it ended up being a quick peck, then a real kiss. 
Startled to hear from Kang Shim that she is missing her mother's death anniversary ceremony to help him with an emergency work audit, Tae Joo offers to take Kang Shim home. 

Arriving at Kang Shim's house, the two starts to bid farewell to each other, but suddenly Tae Joo starts to pour out his heart to Kang Shim.

Tae Joo, muttering to himself "I don't think it will take a kiss to figure out my feelings after all." 

Kang Shim looks at Tae Joo with puzzlement at his nonsensical words.

With a confident smile, Tae Joo tells Kang Shim "You say there is not even one in a hundred percent of a chance? Then I will raise it one percent at a time." Melt. So cool. 

In the privacy of her front yard, Kang Shim holds her pounding heart and wonders... 
Kang Jae comes home from his drinking meet with the hospital VIPs and finds Kang Shim still in a daze from Tae Joo's confession.

The two siblings walks into the house fully expecting a tongue-lashing from Auntie Cha. Never shy in the tongue-lashing department, Auntie Cha delivers the expected sermon and more. 

Offended by Auntie Cha's scorching words that he is just plotting after his father's money, Kang Jae storms out. 

Kang Shim chases after Kang Jae to try to convince him to go back, but Kang Jae ends up venting all his anger right in the hearing distance of everyone. 

Hearing Kang Jae's harsh words of "Fine! I am going to cut off all my association with the Cha family, and let father go live in bliss with Auntie," Daddy Cha sobs in silence. 
In the morning while Daddy Cha sits in a daze in his store, Wook Tak shows up with his usual greeting "Still a day without any need for litigation?" I sure hope all lawyer doesn't greet people like that. Imagine what a mortician's greeting would be... 

With a pause, Daddy Cha first hesitantly then with conviction "I am going to sue Cha Kang Shim, Cha Kang Jae and Cha Dal Bong."

Stunned, Wook Tak "You are going to sue..."

Daddy Cha "Yes, I am suing my kids."


Hmm... that was kinda surprising. I wonder if next week we will have a flash back to tell us more of what happened between Daddy Cha and his kids to explain this sudden decision to sue his kids. I don't quite buy that our big softy Daddy Cha would be so quick to sue his kids over what has transpired so far. 

Sure, Kang Jae is a big jerk all of the time, Kang Shim is pretty selfish when it comes to her father and Dal Bong is just young and thoughtless but to the point of taking them to court?? Wouldn't it just be easier to disown Kang Jae, kick Kang Shim and Dal Bong out? Plus can a court really judge who is right and wrong in this case? 

The kids are selfish jerks... but Daddy Cha raised them that way. Auntie Cha... Well, I am not sure what Auntie Cha and her family's beef is. They all act like they have been so mistreated but they have been staying at Daddy Cha's house without paying anything for years. Of course, Auntie Cha could argue she has also worked tirelessly for the family but that just makes them even right? I don't know, is this just the western side of me talking?? 

I can't judge Auntie Cha's motive, but her daughter and son-in-law are definitely more concerned about their own welfare when it comes to the house transfer than Daddy Cha's rights. Daddy Cha is nice to let them stay at his house for free, but as full grown adults (with a child no less), they have the responsibility to support themselves.  

I do have a problem with the three siblings' assumption that Daddy Cha's assets should be theirs. My own view has always been "just don't leave me with debts, then you can do whatever you want with your money" when it comes to inheritance but I wonder if most people holds my view. However, I will admit that I totally understand why the money would be such an attraction to Kang Shim and Dal Bong since it could really change their life but I think all those two needs is just a good talking from our trusty Seo Wool to set them right. Kang Jae, on the other hand, needs a divorce and a good beating regardless if it sets him right. 


  1. Thank you for your recap!

    I'm very surprised at Daddy Cha too! Although I do think all of the kids deserve it. In fact, I can't wait to see what happens. The least the kids could have done is to at least say they're busy and will be back late. As much as I like Dalbong, and feel happy for his birthday celebration, I'm upset he forgot about his mother's death anniversary.

    I hate Kang Jae - when will the writer make him at least a little bit relatable? He wants nothing to do with his family...except take all the inheritance. Seriously? Seriously?! A completely superficial and one-dimensional character, with absolutely no character development.

    1. The whole time Dal Bong was having his party I kept thinking that is just not like Seo Wool to not think about the Daddy Cha being all alone for the ceremony. It's kinda of a plot hole I am trying to overlook. The writer has made Seo Wool such a conscientious girl I have a hard time believing she would not have thought to remind Dal Bong to get home on time. Of course she was busy kissing...

      I agree with you about Kang Jae being an one dimensional character. I am quite puzzled why the writer chooses not to use his character better, or even Hyo Jin for that matter? It's kinda like the writer has used up all her creativity on all the other characters and just gave up when it comes to Kang Jae and the Kwon family?

    2. "Of course she was busy kissing... " this made me laugh.

      Yeah, Hyo Jin is really disappointing. She's almost 30 but still clings to her mom like a little puppy dog. She has no mind of her own, except to hanker after an emotionless rock.

      Hyo Jin and Kang Jae are a waste of screen time. I guess the writer just wanted Daddy Cha to have 3 children because it seems like a nicer number than 2.

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  3. I understand KJ reasoning. He thinks the new woman in his fathers life will get all his cash if they marry since dad is a softy. I do not agree but understand him. Auntie Cha is freeloading busy body. She is either source or instigator of most of the issues. How many situations would have ended peacefully without her presence?

    I can understand SW being a little selfish for her BF. He never had a happy birthday. No one has said even though Mom died we are still glad you were born. In this case Dad is selfish one. Does he not think his wife would want her son birth to be ignored?

  4. Agreed with KJ's reasoning - but he's being such a hypocrite. First, he wants nothing to do with the family, wanting to disown Daddy Cha for not being able to help him achieve success. Now, even though he is endowed with a hospital, he comes back hankering after Daddy Cha's inheritance. Then screams at Daddy Cha again.
    Such a bore, honestly.

    At least Auntie Cha cooks and cleans? Haha, and her son-in-law is quite helpful, since he runs the chicken place. But yeah, she's too garrulous for anyone's good.

    I think it's become a family tradition to celebrate the Mom's birthday, so Daddy Cha has naturally forgotten about celebrating Dalbong's birthday. Also, he probably misses his wife a lot, so it's easy to forget about Dalbong's birthday. I don't blame him.

  5. I've long since dropped the show and subsist on these recaps / reviews. It's the horrific writing that has my brain go into a pre-stroke shutdown and, when I reawaken to whatever irrelevant bs that follows, I only have the vaguest memory of what anyone was saying.

    Ita with everyone. Kang Jae is an utterly detestable character, laughably bad. BUT HE IS HOT. EYE CANDY. He serves his purpose. That said, I would rather peel all the skin off my face than watch another scene with him or the Kwon family that tries to establish any character history or empthy.

    Ever conscientious Seo Wool neglecting Daddy Cha for his son's birthday when she knows about the death anniversary (a huge deal). Why? BC REASONS.

  6. If you think the writing is so terrible then why even bother reading the recaps? Why not give up on the show entirely?

    To be honest, the show has been superb in the past 20 episodes, with only a few hitches here and there. Two examples I can recall off the top of my head are Kang Jae's first love and "son", both of whom I assume will pop up again later as a makjang plot device, and maybe the aunt's daughter's gambling debt, since it was seemingly swept under the rug by the writer. 120,000,000 Won isn't exactly a small sum.

    The only time the writing really took a sharp nosedive is in the latest episode, where the Dad sues his kids out of the blue.. or almost. Sure, his kids really crossed the line this time, but it's too hard to believe that the soft and mild-mannered dad would resort to this, especially when the writer essentially spent 20 episodes solidifying his character and convincing us that he will bend over backwards for his kids no matter their demands.

    Let's just hope that this abrupt swing in the plot will be better developed and handled well in the upcoming episodes. Personally, I am rather confident that the writer knows what he/she is doing, because it is clear they had a clear idea where the story is going and are not just writing this as they go along. It's pretty apparent this is the case, as I revisited the first episode recently and there is a conversation about Ms Go (the "gold digger" that appears in this episode and the previous) between the aunt Cha and dad Cha, where the former is trying to set the latter up for a blind date with. Moreover, the official synopsis of this show mentions that it's a story about a single father who gets tired of his good for nothing kids and sues them, so we kinda new that was the central plot in this k-drama. In fact, I'm surprised it took half the series' length before it happened.

  7. It's kind of like some bizarre car crash, you can't look away (or stop from reading the accident reports).

    It was precisely the writing week after week, like it was being made up as they go along or the day of right on set just before a scene that made me drop the show. It is exactly 20 eps of building up the father to be his childrens' butt monkey that is hard to believe, there had to be some breaking point, esp with all of Kang Jae's metric tonnes of bs and ceaseless spoiled brat routine. He has a serious case of ' the world owes me cause my dad is poor even though I'm a super successful doctor who still lives with him and i still want all his money'.

    Kang Shim and Tae Joo are the only saving grace of grace of this show. They spared no expense with character consistency and kdrama logic on these two.