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Saturday, November 8, 2014

What Happens To My Family Episode 24 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Tae Joo! The whole world has gone mad, can we just have more scenes of you? 

Episode 24
Watching a news report about the increase cases of parents suing their kids, Young Sul remarks to Auntie Cha that parents should never sue their kids. With a sour tone, Auntie Cha replies "Maybe they all have kids like Kang Jae." 
Wook Tak shows up at the tofu store to tell Daddy Cha that he should take some more time to consider suing his kids and Wook Tak himself will also consider the matter as well. 

Dal Bong chooses the worst timing to burst in and tell Daddy Cha how grateful he is that Daddy Cha is giving him the inheritance early.  
Kang Shim arrives to find Tae Joo has already done all the cleaning of his office and has even bought her favorite coffee for her. 

Standing outside with the coffee Tae Joo bought for her, Kang Shim can't help but give a little smile when she remember Tae Joo's declaration of "I will make us possible one percent at a time" the night before.
Wook Tak calls Kang Shim to try to discuss Daddy Cha with her, but Kang Shim hangs up on him before he can finish talking. 
Feeling on top of the world just thinking about the large amount of inheritance that is coming his way, Dal Bong can hardly stop gloating as he offers to buy half of the restaurant from Eun Ho AND turns down the chef's offer to be his personal assistant. 
Upset over all the harsh words Kang Jae said the night before about her family mooching off Daddy Cha, Auntie Cha decides to give her son-in-law all her savings and to finally move out on their own. 

Young Sul marches over to Daddy Cha and tells him what her mom has decided. When Daddy Cha assures that he will smooth things over with Auntie Cha, Young Sul refuses his offer, instead she demands that Kang Jae and Kang Shim kneel to Auntie Cha and offer up their apology to her mom. 
On their way off work, Tae Joo tells Kang Shim that in his strive to "Up their chance one percent at a time" he has decided that eating with his family is the first change he has to make. Stunned to know that Tae Joo is going as far as forcing himself to eat dinner with his family, Kang Shim again gives a small smile before she catches herself and tells herself to snap out of it. 
Daddy Cha summons Kang Shim and Kang Jae home. The three siblings happily goes home thinking Daddy Cha is ready to discuss the inheritance matter but instead, Daddy Cha demands that Kang Shim and Kang Jae apologize to Auntie Cha for what happened the night before.

Feeling attacked, Kang Shim and Kang Jae defend themselves and eventually Kang Jae ends up pouring out his true feeling that as much as Aunti Cha keep asserting she has suffered for their sake, the three siblings has also put up with a lot by by having Auntie Cha and her family imposing on their home. 

Shocked to hear Kang Jae's words, Auntie Cha and Young Sul begins to wail loudly.
Things quickly spins out of control when Daddy Cha starts to yell at Kang Jae and tells the two siblings to not ever dream about taking his house or store from him. In fact, Daddy Cha tells them "I will even take it with me to hell."
Kang Shim and Kang Jae is ready to give up the whole inheritance business but Dal Bong is still whining about needing the money desperately. 

Always one to make things worse, Hyo Jin offers up the suggestion that each of the siblings set aside some money from their inheritance to give to Auntie Cha in hopes that this will pacify Auntie Cha and allow the inheritance deal to go through.   

Kang Shim goes to Young Sul and her husband to tell them about the three siblings' willingness to give Auntie Cha money. Young Sul's anger quickly dissipates the moment Kang Shim mentions the money. However, Young Sul's husband reminds Kang Shim a very important question that she has not considered "You guys will still have enough money after the government takes 30% of the inheritance for early withdrawal?"  
Opposite from the tension in Kang Shim's family, Tae Joo's family is one of contentment now that both Tae Joo and Eun Ho is sharing dinner with their parents. 

Wook Tak meets with Kang Shim and tells her just enough to let her know that he knows everything that is going on in her family but stop short of actually telling her that Daddy Cha is thinking about suing them. 

Wook Tak does admit that he sees Kang Shim's family problem as an opportunity for him to talk to her but Kang Shim storms off and refuses to have anything more to do with him. 

Watching Kang Shim's leave, Wook Tak mutters "I guess normal talking is not still not possible." 
This guy is starting to creep me out. 
Dal Bong finally tells Seo Wool the whole matter and Seo Wool looks at at him in shock. Beating Dal Bong with a pillow Seo Wool asks "How can you think to take someone's livelihood from them. This is what your father has worked for all his life. Is this really all that you can amount to? I am really disappointed in you Cha Dal Bong."

Seo Wool goes to the tofu store to comfort Daddy Cha but ends up overhearing Daddy Cha and Woo Tak agreeing on going forward with the lawsuit. 
We have a time jump of two weeks. The three siblings each receives a court document detailing that their father is filing a lawsuit against them for being unfilial. At the same time his kids are getting the shock of their life, Daddy Cha turns on the radio and dances to the music. 


I am speechless. What?! I knew from the synopsis of this show that Daddy Cha would sue his kids some point in the story but the way the writer have written this is kinda ridiculous. 

In all actuality, Daddy Cha's three kids are often thoughtless and guilty of ignoring their dad's needs BUT nothing in their dealings so far merits a lawsuit. Most of their issue could be avoided if Daddy Cha just tells his kids what he is feeling honestly instead of relying on his sister to go crying and complaining for him while he sits hiding in his room. No wonder the kids doesn't like Auntie Cha when she has always been the one to complain to them about things she really has no place to talk to them about. 

If Daddy Cha really got a wake up call from his doctor because of some illness then it makes even less sense why he is wasting precious time dragging all his kids through the mud by filing a lawsuit against them. Way to leave a legacy to your kids by being the father who is willing to sue them instead of just talking to them. 

Moreover, I don't understand Daddy Cha's ground for the lawsuit. He tells Wook Tak that he wants to get back all the sacrifice he has done for his kids in monetary value. However, how does that reasoning even make sense. His kids didn't ask to be born in to this world, so do they now owe him for every diaper and morsel of food that he chose to give them? As a child, should his kids have sign a contract saying if you buy me this toy I will repay you with interest so many years later? If we follow that reasoning then does the kids now have the right to sue Daddy Cha for every knee scrape and emotional scars in their life? 

The irony is that if we follow where Daddy Cha is going with his reasoning then Kang Jae actually has a reason to hold a resentment towards him for not providing the best circumstance for him to compete in the world. If a parent is going to expect payment for all the care they provided to their kids then shouldn't the kids have the right to the best of everything money can buy since there is no reason to feel beholden to their parents as long as the whole thing is just a monetary transaction.  

Professor Kwon telling his wife to get a different hobby than land development. 
The only bright spot in this whole mess is that the lawsuit is going to blow up right in the face of Madam Kwon. She thought she was doing so well in plotting for Kang Jae and her family's sake but now her son-in-law's is going be a laughing stock for being sued by his own father thanks to her. 

ps. I was surprised to find out that Madam Kwon really had no ulterior motive than being interested in the land development. I always thought for sure she had some grand evil scheme but turns out she just really like buying land. 


  1. Thank you for the recap, once again!
    What a strange turn of events! After watching the episode, I was honestly quite disgusted with the way the situation has progressed. I have lost some of my sympathy for Dalbong and Kangshim; it is sad the way they are so greedy for their dad's money, and how they have no consideration for Daddy Cha. Agreed with how Daddy Cha's behaviour is extremely antithetical to how he is portrayed throughout the earlier episodes. He even defended his children when they're not around, and never ever seemed upset with them. A lawsuit?! Simply unreasonable - the writer should get some sense. I'm guessing that he didn't plan the story properly, and is at a loss at how to turn the situation around since he wrote the synopsis about the father suing the children. Transition is noooot smooth, dude. I hope the next few episodes will make more sense.
    I'm guessing Seowool is disgusted with Dalbong as well. This may be a big chance for Eunho ;) despite the kiss. Love complication! Although I'm sure that in the end, our OTP Dalbong and Seowool will get together.
    Only salvation of this episode: Taeju and Seowool. Taeju - so awfully cute! - makes me stay with the drama, especially after this episode :)

    1. Tae Joo has totally step up his level of cuteness which is SO welcomed when everything else is just so depressing.

  2. Thanks for the recap! I enjoyed the drama until this part of suing the children.. it's so weird..but staying for KangShim and TaeJoo. :)

    From the beginning I always thought the Dad character was a bit odd..I never like his character, and having him suing his children made it more weird.

    1. I feel a bit detached about Daddy Cha too even though I feel like the writer wants me to feel his pain with him but I am just not quite there with him. For example when I see his kids ignore him instead of feeling bad I just want to yell "Be a dad and go tell them to shape up!" Or when Auntie Cha is screaming at his kids while he is crying inside his room I just wants him to go outside and do his own talking instead of relying on his sister to be the bad guy.

    2. That is how I feel too! I like when he was drunk and got angry with his kids.. like finally but then he went back to his softy self. Geez.

  3. i dont see why daddy cha cant sue his own children . his children are selfish and greedy when it came to money that they dint even think of their father welfare. they are complete jerk, luckily auntie cha was staying in their house to knock some sense into their head, and i hope the lawsuit will teach them a lesson

    1. I read your comment this morning and spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why I have such a problem with the lawsuit since I do agree with you that for the most part the kids are selfish and greedy (although I would ague they are probably no more greedy and selfish than most of us on our bad days) but still in my gut the lawsuit just felt so unreasonable. Anyhow, I came up with a few reasons and since they are long I have included them in my Ep 25 recap so let me know what you think.

  4. "...turns out she just really like buying land. "

    Hahahaha I know right? All the havoc caused just because a bored rich housewife has an odd hobby. But the way you put it made me laugh too hard.

    1. I was totally shocked that it really was just a hobby to her. Wasted all my speculation on what grand evil plans she had.

    2. Was about to say my two cents re-Madam Kwon's sinister motives in your Ep 25 recap but I just kind of wanted to read first your Ep 24. Now this. LOL!