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Saturday, November 15, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 26 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: I guess is really us against them? 

Episode 26
Finally the three kids meet their father in court. Under the questioning of the judge, each of the three kids has little to defend themselves against their father's accusation. 

The tension escalates when the kids find out Miss Ko has found her way to Daddy Cha's tofu store again. In a battle mood, Kang Shim calls Miss Ko out for inciting her father to file a lawsuit against his own children. Instead of denying Kang Shim's charges, Miss Ko chews Kang Shim out for greedily plotting after her own father's money. 

Watching Miss Ko intimately takes Daddy Cha's arm, Kang Shim can only cry in her frustration. 
I don't like this lady. I feel like the writer might want me to like her... but she just seems kinda weird.
Hyo Jin, never helpful, messes things up again by offering Daddy Cha the amount of compensation money he demanded from Kang Jae in the lawsuit. 

After hearing Daddy Cha's refusal of the money, Kang Jae gets even more furious when Hyo Jin mentions "But my mom said..." 
Angrily, Kang Jae yells at Hyo Jin "Do you always have to talk about your mother? Can't you think for yourself??" 

Madam Baek shows up at Tae Joo's office to ask him not to invest in Eun Ho's restaurant. Obviously not agreeing with Madam Baek's way of controlling her son, Tae Joo takes Kang Shim to Eun Ho's restaurant for a tasting of the restaurant's dishes before he makes up his mind about the investment. 
Without any warning, Chairman Moon shows up demanding to know if Tae Joo and Kang Shim is having a secret date. Just when Tae Joo and Kang Shim are grappling from answers, Eun Ho shows up to save the day by asking Chairman Moon to join them for the tasting. 

Dal Bong loiters around Eun Ho's restaurant much to Seo Wool's joy. Hardly containing her excitement, Seo Wool tells the chef about Dal Bong's presence. The chef nonchalantly meets with Dal Bong and finally allow Dal Bong to come back to work after some graveling from him.  

Excited to have Tae Joo all but agreeing to invest in his restaurant, Eun Ho grabs Seo Wool for a hug. Dal Bong watches Seo Wool in Eun Ho's embrace and remembers back to what the chef told him. 
Dal Bong meets Seo Wool right outside of the house and tells her that he knows how she set the whole thing up with chef in order to "make me into a person." Brimming with emotion, Dal Bong tells Seo Wool to stop making him into a pitiful person and just go to Eun Ho's side. 
Hmm... I guess Dal Bong does have the right to be angry. I think anyone would be, but then Seo Wool did in essence saved his job as well... 
The three sibling each struggling with how tiresome their life has suddenly become end up drinking together.

When Kang Shim goes home and find Wook Tak having a cozy little visit with her father, the volcano finally erupts. After hitting Wook Tak on the head with a purse, Kang Shim screams "Do you know who this guy is?? He is that jerk that abandoned me 14 years ago."

Stunned to hear Kang Shim's confession, Daddy Cha nevertheless still puts up an uncaring fascade. However, once Daddy Cha makes his way out of the door, he beelines for Wook Tak's office. Grabbing Wook Tak's lapel, Daddy Cha yells "Do you want to die?!" 


That's more like it! Thank heavens for Daddy's Cha's reaction. I would have lost all faith in him if he didn't want to beat the guy who made his little girl a mess for 14 years. Honestly, I am really not sure what Wook Tak's deal is. Suing your ex doesn't seem like a rational way of getting her to come back to you... does it? 

I am a little torn about Dal Bong's anger at being played by Seo Wool. I kinda took it as a matter of fact that Seo Wool had the right to "teach" Dal Bong a lesson, but when I watched Dal Bong's outburst I all the sudden thought "wow, I guess if I was in his shoes I would be angry too." 

Hmm... I am truly torn. Does Seo Wool have the right to "train Dal Bong as his girlfriend? We always jokingly mocks that girls have to train their men... but is that really how a respectful relationship should be built on? Of course we know Seo Wool has the best of intentions but still... 

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  1. I have a feeling that when the chef told Dal Bong about the setup, Dal Bong was in fact thankful, and when he saw Eun Ho embracing Seo Wool, he decided that she deserved someone who could provide and love her better than himself, so he forcefully cut himself away from her by using her "help" as an excuse that she was overstepping her boundary.