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Sunday, November 16, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 27 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Tae Joo, you are such a dork, but why do I think you are an adorable dork?

Episode 27
Ready to beat the jerk that broke his daughter's heart to a pulp, Daddy Cha nonetheless allowed Woo Taek to plead his case. Kneeling in front of Daddy Cha, Woo Taek has no elaborate excuses other than he could not forget Kang Shim. 

Daddy Cha is ready to fire Woo Taek as his lawyer, but Woo Taek assures him that he is the only lawyer for Daddy Cha's case. (or the only one that would even take it.)
In a huff, Kang Shim packs her bags and leaves her house. Without anywhere to go, Kang Shim and Dal Bong ends up going to the sauna for the night. 

Kang Shim asks her cousin Young Seol to bring her tablet from home to the sauna for her. However, once Young Seol receives a phone call from Tae Joo, she gets the idea to send Tae Joo to the sauna to deliver the tablet for her. 

Shocked to see Tae Joo at the sauna as well, Kang Shim tries to avoid him but fails miserably. A man ready to try anything for his lady, Tae Joo dons the sauna outfit for the very first time in his life.  
After parting from his siblings, Kang Jae decides against going home and spends the night in his office. In the morning, Kang Jae's ex-girlfriend brings him coffee and admonishes him "Be happy, at least act happy so I can move on." Why isn't this lady one of the main characters?? She is so much cooler than Hyo Jin. 
Furious to find out that Tae Joo has ignored her warning and invested in Eun Ho's restaurant anyway, Madam Beak barges into Tae Joo's office. Kang Shim tries to stop Madam Baek from interrupting Tae Joo's important meeting, but Madam Baek just ignores her. 

After Madam Baek orders Tae Joo to back out of Eun Ho's investment, Kang Shim follows her out of the office to give Madam Baek a piece of her mind. With a very firm attitude, Kang Shim tells Madam Baek to stop barging into Tae Joo's office anytime she feels like it, and to stop bringing family issues to work. Watching the cat fight from afar, Tae Joo and Chairman Moon hides behind a wall. 
Moved to see Kang Shim sticking up for him AND interpreting Kang Shim's action as a sign she likes him too, Tae Joo tells her "Let's date. Secretary Cha. " 

Calmly, Kang Shim replies "I will never date someone who calls me Secretary Cha. Never."
Nodding with understanding Tae Joo calls out "Kang Shim."
Ha! So awesome. 
Still in shock over Dal Bong's anger and his insistence that she goes to Eun Ho's side, Seo Wool spends the whole day alternating between panic and zombie like state. Seeing Seo Wool's depressed air, Eun Ho quickly goes to Dal Bong and asks "Are you really broken up with Seo Wool? Then I can be with her right?" I am sure that breaks some bromance law somewhere. 
Upset and worried about how Kang Shim and Dal Bong is faring on their own, Daddy Cha gives Woo Taek an ultimatum that he has 24 hours to get the two kids to move back or else. 

Woo Taek comes up with a plan to invite both himself and Miss Ko to dinner at Daddy Cha's house in order to rile up Kang Shim's anger. Falling right into Woo Taek's plan, Kang Shim calls up Hyo Jin to be her back up in her fight to chase Miss Ko away. 

Thanks to Tae Joo who stationed himself right outside of Woo Taek's door, Woo Taek ends up missing the whole dinner.

Despite Woo Taek's absence though, Daddy Cha's plan still goes flawlessly. Thinking she has won a hard battle, Kang Shim proudly moves back into her room. (After paying Daddy Cha a monthly fee for staying there.)
Interestingly, Miss Ko who seems to be acting all along to help Daddy Cha out also makes a curious remark. 
Putting a heavy winter coat that she got for Daddy Cha around him, Miss Ko remarks "It's cold and your immune system must have weakened." 

After a pause, Daddy Cha asks "Do you know something about me?"
Miss Ko just smiles a mysterious smile and bids Daddy Cha goodnight.
Daddy Cha goes back into the house to find Hyo Jin is determined to use all her power to convince him to drop the lawsuit against Kang Jae. 

Kang Jae arrives in time to hear Hyo Jin's pleading for him and tries to drag Hyo Jin away. In the midst of Kang Jae and Hyo Jin's struggles, Daddy Cha drops a bomb ... again. Looking at Hyo Jin, Daddy Cha asks "Can you live here?"

Looking at the two kids' stunned faces, Daddy Cha clarifies "If you can live here for just three month then I will not ask Kang Jae for the compensation money and I will also drop the lawsuit after that time." 


Interesting... I guess this will force Hyo Jin to really cut some apron strings. I do wonder how Kang Jae feels about Hyo Jin. At his own admittance to Kang Shim, he certainly didn't marry Hyo Jin out of love (or even like) but could he actually fall in love with a girl who is so drastically different from him. We have already met two of Kang Jae's exes and both of them are sharp as a whip... the extreme opposite of Hyo Jin. So it begs the question if Kang Jae can really fall in love with someone like Hyo Jin? Of course, Hyo Jin up to this point still can't give any reason either why she even like Kang Jae.

As far as the lawsuit goes, it still puzzles me but I will admit that it's starting to bother me a lot less now as the plot is starting to focus on the family interaction again.  

I am also loving how Tae Joo and Kang Shim's relationship is progressing. I love how one track minded Tae Joo is and is obvious that Kang Shim's wall is starting to fall fast under Tae Joo's persistence. 


  1. Because Tae-joo is an adorable dork! Hahaha!

    I'm still on the fence about Miss Ko. I want her to be nice but something about her seems shifty to me.

    1. Ha, someone thinks the same as me! She seems shifty too me too... but I can't quite figure out why. Maybe because she seems so unusually forward? Or is it her really eclectic taste in coffee?

  2. Thanks for the synopsis...i like the couple Kang Shim and Tae Joo

    1. Your welcome! I do love the pacing of Kang Shim and Tae Joo's relationship.