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Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 28 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Wow! Kang Jae is actually human... once upon a time?! 

Shocked to hear Daddy Cha's condition that if Hyo Jin agrees to live at the house with Kang Jae for three months then Daddy Cha will stop the lawsuit, the three siblings starts to wonder if maybe their father is not trying to get money from them after all. 

Despite Kang Shim and Dal Bong's urging, Kang Jae refutes any possibilities of moving back home with Hyo Jin.

The next morning, Kang Jae tells the judge to go ahead and move the lawsuit into the court room since settlement seems impossible. However, the judge firmly tells the three siblings that he has no intention of moving Daddy Cha's case to court but is willing to spend as much as time as it takes to hold hearings until the two sides can come to a settlement. 
Curious to find out if Daddy Cha also has separate conditions for Dal Bong and Kang Shim, the two brothers meets with Wook Tak to find out what Daddy Cha's terms are. 

Wook Tak informs the two brothers that the three siblings has all agree to do the following for three months: 1. Eat breakfast with the family. 2. Eat a Saturday night dinner together. 3. Call Daddy Cha at least once a day. 

There are also separate conditions for each of the three siblings:
Kang Shim: Go on 10 marriage meets within three months.
Kang Jae: Come with Hyo Jin to live at Daddy Cha's house.
Dal Bong: Give Daddy Cha 1000 Won/month for three months. 

Thanks to Young Seol, Tae Joo finds out right away about Daddy Cha's condition for Kang Shim. Concerned right away, Tae Joo pesters Kang Shim to know if she is going to accept her father's condition or not. 
Frustrated with Tae Joo's pestering, Kang Shim pours out all her frustration at having to deal with the lawsuit. In response, Tae Joo drags Kang Shim into his office in attempt to lend her his shoulder to lean on... purely as a "human being to another human being." Surprisingly, Kang Shim agrees but the moment she lays her head on Tae Joo's shoulder Tae Joo's heart starts to beat so wildly that he has to jump away from her. 
After calming his heart back down, Tae Joo talks Kang Shim into trusting him and give him another try at the leaning thing. Kang Shim hesistently leans her body towards Tae Joo and the two finally pulls off ... umm... a leaning hug? 
Eun Ho sees Dal Bong contemplating how to meet all his various financial obligations and still pay Daddy Cha the allowance he asked for. Dal Bong perks up when Eun Ho tells him about the money award the restaurant is putting on for menu development that just happens to match the amount Daddy Cha asked for. 

Before Dal Bong runs off, Eun Ho informs him of the pending date he has with Seo Wool. At Eun Ho's pressing, Dal Bong admits that his self loathing to have Seo Wool always seeing him at his most useless state is what finally made him push Seo Wool away. 

Dal Bong leaves and passes Seo Wool in the hallway without paying her heed. Frustrated that her relationship with Dal Bong is not getting better despite Eun Ho's promise to help her, Seo Wool can only nod with uncertainty when Eun Ho assures her that things are getting better. Hmm... I fear for our Seo Wool's mental stability. Who in the right mind would ask the guy who is chasing you to help you get back together with another guy... and actually trust that he is helping??  
Kang Jae obtains a video recording from Wook Tak as part of the lawsuit evidence Daddy Cha submitted. Unable to figure out what the video recording would be the three siblings (and Hyo Jin) watches the recording together. 

In the recording three younger version of the three siblings each happily wish Daddy Cha a happy birthday and promises to pay Daddy Cha back 100 times to thank him for all he has done for them. At the end of recording, left alone with the camera, Kang Jae sheepishly tells his father "I love you" and "Thank you for sending me to medical school."
The next morning before everyone is suppose to meet in front of the judge again, Dal Bong approaches Daddy Cha and promises to do his best to win the menu development at the restaurant in order to pay Daddy Cha back with the prize money. After some posturing, Daddy Cha agrees to settle with Dal Bong on the matter of the lawsuit. 

Next is Kang Shim's turn to try to get her father to reduce the number of marriage meet from 10 to 7. Not falling for Kang Shim's pleading, Daddy Cha starts to walk away. Giving in right away, Kang Shim agrees to the 10 marriage meets. Daddy Cha laughs heartily to finally get Kang Shim agrees to his condition.

To make Daddy Cha's happiness complete, Hyo Jin shows up in a taxi with her luggage in tow to declare her intention of living at Daddy Cha's house for the next three months. 


Whew, I am glad the lawsuit is wrapping up. I was really afraid that it was just going to keep going for another ten episodes. 

I quite like how the writer used the video recording because it showed us that the kids are really good kids at heart and they just got too focused on themselves. I especially like how they had Kang Jae shyly thanking Daddy Cha for sending him to medical school at the end of the recording, it really showed that Kang Jae was not always so selfish. 

As far as Hyo Jin is concerned, I am wondering where they are taking her character. She has obviously grown up a bit by trying to stop live under her mother's thumb, but her core personality is so ... well, unlikable. She is that one person you can like in a general "I love all human kind" sort of way, but you would be hard pressed to want her as a best friend. But maybe three months away from her mother and in Daddy Cha's house might make her likable after all. 

I am obviously really loving how Kang Shim and Tae Joo's relationship is going and I can't wait until the next episode when I can see Tae Joo go crazy over Kang Shim's mandatory marriage meets! 


  1. I hooked on this show. I've been binge watching What Happens To My Family for a week!

    From what is currently happening in the show, I can help but go back to the scene where the doctor discussed the test result of Daddy Cha. I think he is sick and that he wants to straighten the lives of his kids. I'm assuming that the doctor gave him 3 months to live (I hope I'm wrong). Hence, the timeline of each conditions. Since his kids does not listen to him, I guess that he filed the lawsuit to scare his kids and make them do things that he wants to happen in their lives.

  2. Kang Jae wasn't always the cold emotionless statue that he is today. Who knew?

  3. I'm surprised with Kang Jae past self, is it too late for him to come back to that? i hope not.
    and Dal Bong should be more thankful to Seo Wool, he got his job back because of her, i wish HE was the one running after her and not the other way around. Also, Hyo Jin was so rude to Seo Wool, even if she didn't say anything "wrong" but the way she said it was uncalled for, since SW knows the family longer than her.

    Tae Joo remains adorable, Kang Shim must be made of steel for not falling for him already.

    Thanks for the recap!