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Monday, November 24, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 29 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Tae Joo, Tae Joo... so many funny shots of you, which one do I use?
Episode 29
Other than Kang Jae, the whole family gathers to agree on the settlement terms. While both Kang Shim and Dal Bong agrees to the terms, Hyo Jin drops the bomb that she came to the house without telling either her family or Kang Jae. 
Furious that Kang Jae failed to bring Hyo Jin back home, Madam Kwon decides to personally grace Daddy Cha's home with her presence.

Madam Kwon arrives in time to interrupt Miss Ko giving Daddy Cha a hand warming bag. Without mincing words, Madam Kwon orders Daddy Cha to send Hyo Jin home or she will call the police. Unlike his usual apologetic manner, this time Daddy Cha firmly sticks to his guns and tells Madam Kwon "Is not three years, just three month. I think I have the right to at least ask for that much." 
In a huff, Madam Kwon prepares to leave, but stops when Miss Ko stops her by calling her name. Surprised, Madam Kwon looks at Miss Ko and after a pause she calls out Miss Ko's name as well. Obviously shaken by Miss Ko's presence, Madam Kwon jumps into her car and takes off. Miss Ko laughs at seeing how nervous Madam Kwon was at seeing her. 

Ha, my opinion of Miss Ko has just improved a whole lot! Weird or not, we got to keep her around if she can topple Madam Kwon off her pedestal. 
Kang Jae tries again to forcefully take Hyo Jin back home but fails yet again much to the displeasure of Hyo Jin's parents. 
Eun Ho finally gets the long awaited date with Seo Wool but the only reason Seo Wool went on the date was to find out how to get Dal Bong to stop being angry with her. Despite Dal Bong acting like he doesn't care about Seo Wool going out with Eun Ho at all, he is still annoyed when he sees Hyo Jin orders Seo Wool around like a maid. 
I really am having a hard time liking Hyo Jin. 

Dal Bong's patience finally runs out when he sees Hyo Jin telling Seo Wool to clean her room for her. Totally unable to understand why Dal Bong is angry, Hyo Jin wonders out loud if Seo Wool is just a village girl who is living for free at the house then she should be expected to help out. Getting more upset by the second, Hyo Jin asks why Dal Bong is getting angry at her over a total outsider. Outraged, Dal Bong yells back "She is not an outsider! I am going to marry her!" 

Stunned silence all around and Dal Bong tries to make a quick exit but Seo Wool stops him and asks "Dal Bong... you are going to marry me?" 
I guess we are going to have to wait until next week to figure out what Dal Bong's answer is. 
The next morning, Daddy Cha finally gets his long awaited morning breakfast with Kang Shim, Dal Bong and his daughter in law. Over breakfast, Daddy Cha reminds Kang Shim that her first marriage meet is that day and in order for the date to count she needs to spend two hours with the man. 
Kang Shim's first date turns out to be none other than Wook Tak. Infuriated to find herself sitting across from Wook Tak, Kang Shim storms off. 

Wook Tak catches Tae Joo spying on them and taunts him by telling him that Daddy Cha considers him as prime son-in-law material. 
Kang Shim storms back home to confront her dad. "Why would you rub salt on my wound like that?" 

Daddy Cha explains to Kang Shim that is due time she faces Wook Tak and get over her past. 
Thinking over Daddy Cha's words, Kang Shim decides to try again and agrees to go out with Wook Tak. Watching from afar, Tae Joo is shocked to see Kang Shim agreeing to go out with his arch enemy. Thinking back to Wook Tak's words that Daddy Cha considers him as his future son-in-law candidate, Tae Joo decides to take matters into his own hand.
Storming up to Kang Shim, Tae Joo declares "You can't go anywhere. I won't accept it! I don't want you to!"  
Not amused by Tae Joo's declaration at all, Daddy Cha asks "Who are you? As far as I know, I don't know you. Who are you?"

Taken back, Tae Joo stutters "Um... that..."
Even less pleased with Tae Joo's response, Daddy Cha yells "WHO ARE YOU?!"


Oh, my goodness. I wonder how Tae Joo will answer Daddy Cha's question. This is obviously the crux of the problem, who exactly can Tae Joo be to Kang Shim. As her boss he doesn't have the right to interfere in her affair but since he doesn't have any plans to marry does he have the right to present himself as Kang Shim's potential suitor? 

I am quite curious how Miss Ko knows Madam Kwon. But any woman who can make Madam Kwon lose her cool is awesome in my books.   


  1. Thank you for the recap!

    Tae Joo is so silly and his antics is so cute. I hope he will be part of the 10 blind dates.

  2. Tae Joo made this episode for me, he's hilarious.

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