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Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 30 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Oh, Madam Kwon... Why did you ever change? You were so much cooler before!
Episode 30
Without any thought, Tae Joo rushes out to stop Kang Shim from leaving on a date with Woo Taek. Recognizing right away that Tae Joo is the same man who claimed to be a complete stranger to Kang Shim the last time they met, Daddy Cha chases Tae Joo away by telling him "With one glance of you I can tell that you are petty, narrow minded and tiring to be around with."

Stunned to hear Daddy Cha's description of him, Tae Joo walks off in a complete daze.
Back to Dal Bong's angry retort to Hyo Jin that he will be marrying Seo Wool when he saw Hyo Jin treating Seo Wool like a maid.

Jumping into Dal Bong's arms, Seo Wool is extremely happy to hear Dal Bong's confession. However, Dal Bong pushes Seo Wool away and explains that he only said marriage in his anger towards Hyo Jin.

Dumbfounded, Seo Wool listens as Dal Bong further proposes that they will keep the pretense (of their plans to get married) for three month since that's how long Hyo Jin will be at the house.

Madam Kwon does some digging around and finds out that Miss Ko killed someone. Madam Kwon sneaks back to the tofu store just in time to see Miss Ko having a cozy tea break with Daddy Cha again, Miss Ko catches Madam Kwon spying on them and the two women have a show down. In a flash back we see the two women facing off each other the same way back in the days, except back then they ... let's just say they were the extreme opposite of the refined ladies.

 Miss Ko "Does your husband know of your past life?"

 Madam Kwon "I heard you killed someone at the last hospital you worked at? Does my in-law knows that?"

 Miss Ko seems a bit shaken but then retorts back with a cold smile "Do you want to be killed too?" Ha ha! I take back everything I said about these two women. Let's keep them around, they are too hilarious.
Things are not going well for Hyo Jin at all. Auntie Cha gives Hyo Jin the task to prepare the once a week family dinner. Without anywhere to turn to, Hyo Jin calls her mom who agrees to help Hyo Jin after she remembers Miss Ko's threats that she should let her daughter stay at Daddy Cha's home or else all her past will be revealed to her daughter.

 Armed with lobster and an adjumma helper her mom sent her, Hyo Jin begins to prepares a western meal for the Cha family. Unfortunately the whole dinner hits a major snag when Hyo Jin finds out that there is no oven in the Cha family kitchen.

 Seo Wool saves the day by making a seafood ramyeon, much to Hyo Jin's displeasure. Seo Wool and Hyo Jin's has their own show down that ends with Hyo Jin crying to Kang Jae that his family has all taken Seo Wool side to oppress her.
Fed up with Dal Bong's inability to admit his feelings, Seo Wool calls Eun Ho right in front of Dal Bong's and agrees to start dating him.
After dismissing her mother's question if her increased appetite could possibly mean pregnancy, Young Sul confirms Auntie Cha's suspicion.
Not wanting to go home to an empty house now that Madam Baek has left the house in order to get him to give her a position in the company, Chairman Moon goes to Tae Joo's house for dinner.

However, Tae Joo is too depressed from Daddy Cha's words to eat. Chairman Moon counsels Tae Joo that his short comings can also be his best assets and if he wants to dissolve a misunderstanding then he has to fix the very thing that caused it in the first place. Remembering his repeated avoidance in clearly introducing himself to Daddy Cha, Tae Joo takes off to the tofu store.


An hour of show downs! I totally loved the face off between Miss Ko and Madam Kwon. THAT was hilarious! That short scene made all my annoyance with both women fly away. I can't wait to find out what Madam Kwon's "past" really is.

I also had a good laugh at Hyo Jin's dinner presentation. I didn't realize Hyo Jin was suppose to be food stylist. Did anyone else catch that before? I have never seen her do more than follow her mom around so it surprised me she actually has a skill.
So it looks like Miss Ko actually knows the truth about Daddy Cha's illness, since she saw the report by accident in the doctor's office. Anyone out there know what the picture on the right mean? Stomach cancer? I have no clue so do drop a line for the rest of us if you know. 

I am secretly hoping that Daddy Cha's illness won't be fatal... but with the way they keep pushing the three month deadline ... sigh. 


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